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School Yoga Prospectus

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Through the power of Therapeutic Yoga we help children find their own
possibilities and abilities because it is not what they cannot do, it’s about everything they can. Special Yoga Foundation offers several solutions to schools by delivering special yoga practice to children with challenges, disabilities and learning difficulties. For more information contact jess@specialyoga,org,uk

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School Yoga Prospectus

  1. 1. Special Yoga Foundation CIO Registered Charity no. 1163374 Bringing Therapeutic Yoga to children in SEND and Mainstream Schools Special Yoga Foundation Schools Programme
  2. 2. Special Yoga Foundation CIO Registered Charity no. 1163374 | www.specialyoga.org.uk Special Yoga Foundation exists in order to serve as many children with special needs as possible through the medium of yoga. All children can benefit from the therapeutic services we provide – a conviction born from working with thousands of special children throughout the years and witnessing the profound and far reaching effects that therapeutic yoga has on the lives of every child it reaches. “We consider all children special and know that no label can define or limit a child’s potential for positive change.” ~ Jyoti Jo Manuel
  3. 3. Sri Lanka LondonRussia The Mission of Special Yoga Foundation is to reach as many children with special needs as possible throughout the UK and worldwide with our therapeutic yoga programme. To develop greater awareness around the benefits of Special Yoga’s holistic approach to the many challenges that children with disabilities and learning difficulties face, and to deliver Special Yoga practice to children worldwide. All Children Are Welcome All Children Are Special All Children Are Perfect OurMission OurVision
  4. 4. We support individuals with a wide range of conditions including: • cerebral palsy • down’s syndrome • autistic spectrum disorder • attention deficit disorder / hyperactivity disorder • epilepsy • mainstream physical, mental, behavioural and developmental challenges Special Yoga Foundation is a centre of excellence which provides unique Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness practitioners and training in schools for teachers and carers; also in other institutions such as orphanages and the NHS, including any other people who may come into contact with children with special needs. We also offer 1:1, group sessions, and training for special practitioners at our centre at Portobello Dock, or within the local area. More information: info@specialyoga.org.uk What We Do
  5. 5. Yoga is an ancient practice harmonising mind, body and spirit At Special Yoga Foundation, we see innumerable benefits on all levels of the child’s wellbeing. Over the years, many studies have documented the impact that yoga and mindfulness has on the wellbeing of all who practice. When the child learns to manage their stress through therapeutic yoga, it creates the optimum state for sustainable positive learning and change. Therapeutic Yoga includes practical techniques of movement, balance, relaxation, working with the breath, sound vibration, presence and mindfulness.
  6. 6. Some specific benefits include: • Improved teacher/student relationships • Reduction in stress and anxiety • Improved resilience & immune function • Developing the ability to self-regulate across different environments and demanding situations • Developing emotional and physical balance via the ability to relax and release tension, fear and frustration • Improved self-awareness of both body and mind • Improved quality and quantity of sleep • Enhanced sense of wellbeing, calm and peace • Sensory integration • Sensory diet: becoming aware of the effect of food on the body & mind Our programmes are designed to be integrated into ‘Education Provision Maps’ and provide support in student ‘Prioritising Targets’ strategies.
  7. 7. Reinforcing posture to receive learning Improving concentration & behaviour Reducing depression and anxiety Improving flexibility and fitness Improving overall self esteem and mental alertness Through the power of Therapeutic Yoga we help children find their own possibilities and abilities because it is not what they cannot do, it’s about everything they can. These techniques when implemented over time can have significant positive affects on: This gives a model of sustainability for therapeutic yoga within each school. Delivery is through school staff with training and ongoing support from SYF, which ensures successful management of the programme and positive outcomes for students. This is achieved by the practitioner, who provides your therapeutic yoga programme being also your first point of call within SYF. This relationship is based on sharing the same intentions with a solid understanding of the school’s unique values, staff strengths and specific challenges. This relationship enables each session to be beneficial to all who take part. It is the ideal space for students to be invited to move towards their intentions and have their needs met with support. As each student learns to become more independent in their self-regulation they move closer towards their optimal state for learning. Special Yoga Foundation, redefining possible To further maintain sustainability, we also offer support in implementing therapeutic yoga programmes into provision maps; finding evidenced-based practice through our research community and offering an online practitioner support platform. We collect student progression data and Special Yoga Foundation offers a wide range of further CPD opportunities and trainings. Articles have appeared in respected professional journals such as School Psychology Review, Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, Early Child Development & Care, and the International Journal of Rehabilitation & Health confirming the efficacy of Special Yoga for Children with Special Needs.
  8. 8. Package 1 34 – 37 weekly sessions throughout the academic year Our accredited (ASDAN and YAUK) trained practitioners deliver group and 1:1 sessions in the school day throughout the school year for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Emotional and Behavioural Disorder (EBD) students. Programmes are individually tailored to the school’s requirements but average preferred class size is eight with TA support for pupils, where applicable. Class length and sizes are specifically tailored to age and ability appropriate to the class. 1:1 and small specific group programmes can also be offered. Package 2, Collaborative training which offers sustainable Therapeutic Yoga Provision in schools Focusing on sustainability and cost- effective practices, Package 2 offers a collaborative delivery system with an accredited (ASDAN & YAUK) trained practitioner and two staff members. Our practitioner delivers 1:1 and group classes mirroring Package 1 for two terms, during which two staff members from the school attend and assist in these sessions. The two staff members then attend a 7-day training on Special Yoga for Special Children foundation course (7 Days training). These staff members could be a TA, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or teacher. The Special Yoga practitioner continues to support the two staff members by providing on-site and online support and mentoring to the individuals who take over delivering the classes within the school. Package 3 Bolt-on School Inset Trainings We can provide a two and a half hour twilight workshop and a more in depth 1-day inset training for staff. You will learn some of the basic techniques of working with breath, mindfulness and movement. It has been our experience in the wide range of schools that we support, that as the benefits and value of special yoga techniques are witnessed, school staff are motivated to seek out deeper practical knowledge and insights to apply in the classroom. Courses & Training Special Yoga Foundation offers several solutions to schools by delivering special yoga practice to children with challenges, disabilities and learning difficulties.
  9. 9. Accreditation and Endorsement of Special Yoga Foundation Trainings Evaluation Program Understanding the needs of Schools to monitor and evaluate We have easy-to-use evaluation tools for both teachers and practitioners, to help schools provide the data requirements for Education Provision Maps and provide support in student ‘Prioritising Targets’ strategies.  We can also work together with the school on specific evaluation forms and Ofsted requirements.
  10. 10. “Students develop self- management and relaxation techniques to transfer.” ~ SPA School, Southwark “Special yoga contributes towards strengthening the core muscles, better balancing skills, better posture, body awareness and self-awareness.” ~ Jack Tizard School, Hammersmith & Fulham Testimonials “Within the yoga sessions the pupils show greater awareness of the structure of sessions. They have improved memory for the routines taught. They are willing to go to the yoga session and participate well. Most pupils demonstrate that they can find peace within the session and are calm and compliant with instruction.” ~ Manor School, Brent
  11. 11. Contact Details Lead Contact: Jess Taylor T: +44 208 968 1900 E: info@specialyoga.org.uk www.specialyoga.org.uk