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Scrum anti patterns More to unlearn than learn

Scrum anti patterns More to unlearn than learn

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Scrum anti patterns More to unlearn than learn

  1. 1. SCRUM Anti-Patterns More to Unlearn than Learn
  2. 2. Agile Consultant Anuj M Ojha A Certified Agile practitioner and transformation consultant who helps organizations deliver value to customers and businesses, through team coaching and mentoring, effective collaboration, facilitation and continuous improvement practices Certifications Experience 13+ years of experience with relevant agile experience of 11+ years and have trained 12000+ participants & coached 125+ teams on agile practices & implementation techniques. Have been to various geographies to deliver consulting services. My special area of interest has been bringing in business agility, appropriate mindset & enriching Culture. It all starts from no process to some process which helps teams & companies in being their own better version by healing their broken processes and other aspects. Educational Experience_ • Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science Areas of Expertise Business Agility, Agile Coaching (Leadership, Business Stakeholders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Development Team members, Agile in Distributed Teams & at Scale, Agile Engineering Practices (Pair Programming, TDD, BDD, ATDD & CI) Organisations I have worked with_ ServiceNow, McKinsey, Verifone, Honeywell, Fidelity, SAP Labs, Sourcebits, Dell, Dell EMC, Nets Norway, Maersk, NEC Technologies, Tesco, Reliance JIO, Reliance ADA, Ericsson, Orange, L&T Infotech, Gemalto and many more.
  3. 3. © Benzne. All rights reserved 3 About Us Stability is a flux “Lotus is a an extension of that same concept of equilibrium, of beauty amidst chaos, it is self regenerating, self existent, continuously reproduced from its own matrix, each petal opening is progressive unfolding of our path to end state, negotiating the murky, muddy waters to realise ones own potential.” “Benzne aims to enable organizations and individuals in their journey to constantly innovate and reinvent themself, to help them be agile, open, looking forward to accept change, continuously evolving and yet be in equilibrium, to somehow be in a state of constant flux and yet be stable, much like a Benzene ring.”
  4. 4. I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. - Bruce Lee
  5. 5. Topics to cover Starting with.. Q&A Done! About Agile Scrum Master Product Owner Event specific Artifacts Learning board
  6. 6. Year Incidence Who’s Who? 80 years ago IIDD - Iterative and Incremental Design and Development Developed by Dr. W. Edwards Deming Early adopters : DoD, NASA, US Airforce Late 1940s Lean & Kanban Founded by Toyota & Kanban is articulated in software development environment by David J. Anderson in 2005 with other colleagues Lean s/w development by Mary & Tom Poppendieck 1976 Time for movement in agile Tom Gilb argued evolutionary development of adaptive development iterations that provided rapid results & more frequently visible benefits. Mentioned in his book Software Metrics 1980s-90s • Spiral Model • Rapid prototyping, • RAD (Rapid App. Development), • RUP (Rational Unified Process) Developed in response to traditional methods like Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method and other Waterfall models Spiral Model developed by - Barry Boehm RAD developed by – James Martin RUP developed by – Rational S/w Corp. 1995 Scrum (formally introduced) Initial idea by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka Formally introduced by – Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland & others 1996 XP – Extreme Programming Developed by Kent Beck at Chrysler corp. 1997 FDD – Feature Driven Development Developed by Jeff De Luca at United Overseas Bank, Singapore 2001 Agile Manifesto 17 developers met to develop 4 essential values & 12 principles
  7. 7. Ref: Agile Alliance subway map
  8. 8. Potentially Shippable Product Increment Review No Changes in Duration or Goal Retrospective Team Daily Scrum Meeting Product Owner Input from End-Users, Customers, Team and Other Stakeholders Product Backlog Refinement Scrum Master SCRUM FRAMEWORK Product Backlog Sprint Backlog Sprint 1-4 Weeks 8 9 10 11 12 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Scrum Team Sprint Planning Meeting Team Selects How Much To Commit To By Sprint’s End 7 1 2 3 4 5 6
  9. 9. Topics to cover Starting with.. Q&A Done! About Agile Scrum Master Product Owner Event specific Artifacts Learning board
  10. 10. Scrum Master Master of Scrum I know the truth. I don’t know what is the problem but the answer is Scrum I know.. The certifications I have done & ‘good english’ I speak Clerk Master Only good with booking meetings, writing MoMs and you won’t miss the Alarm clock I am the POWER. Make me a temple Superior than all. Manipulates all to win the conversation & curtained with fakely supreme Agile knowledge My powerful friends Socialise with people to get in their good notes. Biased & power hungry. Only Facilitator With lack of problem solving skills and no eagerness to learn, you end up doing just facilitation Anti Waterfall For any justification, they will blame waterfall, other models and frameworks. My line gets bigger when I demean the other lines
  11. 11. Scrum Master Aggressive Lacks patience and complains often. Gets anxious easily and a poor listener Bigotry Intolerant towards those who holds different opinions (or not follow the scrum guide as doctrine) Self-organizing is you-care-not-me Asking team to find solution by themselves doesn’t mean they don't need guidance Paisa Power Punter You think that Agile will help you in getting promotion, good money but not-convinced Agile works and see it as a fashion to adopt. Only I solve the problem Actually Not. You help team in getting their problems solved. And will approach others to also get the team’s problem solved Das Experiment Misunderstanding of role and power impacts project success & team’s moral
  12. 12. Topics to cover Starting with.. Q&A Done! About Agile Scrum Master Product Owner Event specific Artifacts Learning board
  13. 13. Product Owner Product Owner What? Without understanding the trait you find yourself lost in this new role and just surviving with instructions of scrum master and coach. Actually Not an Owner You are busy enough to be available, You don’t understand requirements well from stakeholder I talk & you write stories Treats Development team as assistants. While both PO & Dev Team together understands the requirements as team exercise & then PO updates the backlog Over-confident PO Couldn’t handle the frequent changes & hence causes change in sprint scope, incomplete stories and add to confusion Abhimanyu Knows how to write stories or talk about requirements but don’t know how to accept or validate the stories Translator Only passes the words of client but do not do any prelim research to identify value
  14. 14. Product Owner I talk only about BUSINESS VALUE Technical or Solution Architects should be best friend of PO who can help them along with Development team to vet the requirements and justify them ‘Work’ is what I understand It is often tough to explain the technical debt, spike, engineering practices like refactoring, TDD and others which are important Mr./Mz Executive Don’t know how to test the product. Don’t know how to present to customers. Too classy to be approached Lacks Vision Don’t understand the concept of themes, epics, incremental outcome and also prioritization Micro-work Owner PO can’t interfere in sprint backlog and the tasks assigned to individuals Busy Bee Not reachable
  15. 15. Topics to cover Starting with.. Q&A Done! About Agile Scrum Master Product Owner Event specific Artifacts Learning board
  16. 16. Sprint Planning ‘sprint’ over Value creation Many teams have forgotten why they have started sprinting? Was it a scam or intent? Blindly believing velocity & capacity Team should vet their commitment by presenting the way they will accomplish sprint goals Over-committing Many scrum teams rarely achieve what they commit. Somewhere we need to add slack time Leads assigns the work Leads are expected to probe over solving the problems and also assigning to development team Ignoring the Inputs of SPM There are 4 inputs: Product backlog, retrospective, Review feedbacks, past performance Work = Only stories Technical debt, refactoring, technical tasks and so many other things are needed which may not impact client directly PO come unprepared & at times absent Development team end up assuming requirements
  17. 17. Daily scrum Jira tickets over sprint goals “Yesterday I was doing the work on this ticket, today I will work on this ticket & tomorrow……” SM decides who talks next SM usually becomes TaskMaster and ‘controls’ standup meeting First thing in day Intent is to meet each other once in every 24 hours at the time which is convinient to all development team members In meeting rooms Availability of meeting rooms are always a challenge. It should happen in open area & possibly near Dev team location Daily Status Update Report Meeting All reports to Scrum Master & look at him/ her and Scrum Master finds pleasure in such gesture I am always Genius Be it anyone who speak, the GENIUS always interrupts and let you know that YOU MISSED THIS ‘It starts when we all show up!’ No, it starts when it is supposed to start at the fixed time. It’s our responsibility to show-up on time & come prepared Silo Not Team My tasks, My problems, My dependencies and its all about me..
  18. 18. Backlog Refinement Anything but Grooming We get lost in our loops of technical discussion and confused unprepared PO Dumping Zone PO sends the requirement to the team and let team struggle to find the gibberish requirements Scrum Guide Slaves - No grooming Refinement is a necessity where the feedbacks, new learnings and other changes could be discussed Task level estimations Grooming is just to create awareness and check our confidence. Or we found any risk or dependency Accidental Meeting Its booked in advance. PO need to come prepared for this event and shouldn’t make it as an accidental meeting Mini Review Refinements are at times used for checking the interim progress of sprint which is not right
  19. 19. Sprint Review Washing dirty laundry in front of all The chain is strong as its weakest link. Complaining about your teammates not good Selfish Credit Eaters “When it's good, it's due to ME and the bad is always by THEM” QA gives the demo Anyone in team can give the demo including PO also Coming unprepared We should ensure the review experience must be awesome. Invitees confirmed, infra checked & did dry-run Defending, Selling, Promising None should happen. Intent is to explore the increment & cater feedbacks to fail or succeed faster Out Of Scope, OOS, OOS .. Though the feedback is out of scope but we need to focus on PROBING PPT over Product It needs to be functional walkthrough to get feedback from experience not to showcase our ppt skills
  20. 20. Sprint Retrospective Blame Game We should focus on process improvement over pointing fingers No Retro or 15 min Retro Retro helps us in inspecting our process and we need to sit over issues to find the ways to solve Sorry! Its private It’s only scrum team who participates. Strictly on invite. Talkers Talk Not opening up anyone will not help us in identifying the areas of improvement. One should speak their opinion Only Problems Collect the problem. Discuss. Vote. Find ways to improve. Psychological Safety The little birds whispers private chats to outsiders to get the attention
  21. 21. Topics to cover Starting with.. Q&A Done! About Agile Scrum Master Product Owner Event specific Artifacts Learning board
  22. 22. Product Backlog (PB), Sprint Backlog (SB), Product Increment Backlog contains only STORIES Backlog contains work items which could be of any type Velocity over Increment Development team members are judged over velocity achieved. Product is paralysed with technical debt & poor quality No Documentation Agile said working software over comprehensive documentation Agile = Ignorance is Bliss In the name of agile, we avoid doing homework, change sprint backlog Sprint Voodoo Finishing the stories/ tasks over creating an evolving integrated Increment Fixed S|C|T but AGILE Fix two out of the three - Scope, Cost & Time. Mostly, negotiate on Scope
  23. 23. Burndown chart Dream come true!
  24. 24. When one door closes, another door opens … When one anti-pattern is resolved then another gets opened.. Be conscious
  25. 25. Topics to cover Starting with.. Q&A Done! About Agile Scrum Master Product Owner Event specific Artifacts Burndown Chart Learning board
  26. 26. THANK YOU www.Benzne.com Anuj M Ojha