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The Smalls Film Festival 2014

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Every year in September The Smalls celebrates the work of its talented global community with The Smalls Film Festival. Now in its ninth year, The Smalls began in 2006 with an exhibition of short films screened on Apple's then newly released video iPod. The festival has evolved into a 5-day programme of screenings, masterclasses and panel discussions, dedicated to exploring short film, digital media, and creative ideas, with some of the industry's leading professionals

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The Smalls Film Festival 2014

  2. 2. VENUES 1 FESTIVAL HUB + PANEL EVENTS LITTLE WHITE LIES 71A GALLERY 71A LEONARD STREET LONDON EC2A 4QS 2 SCREENINGS + PARTIES (E2) STUDIO SPACES (OLD ST ENTRANCE) 1 KINGSLAND ROAD LONDON E2 8AA STAFF Anna Granger Director Kate Tancred Managing Director Nia Childs Festival Producer Kate Fagan Communications and Project Manager Charley Packham Event Coordinator Design by Arielle Gamble www.ariellegamble.com TWITTER.COM/THESMALLS FACEBOOK.COM/THESMALLSFILMS #SMALLSFF2014 MONDAY 1ST SEPT 12:00-5:00 19:00 TUESDAY 2ND SEPT 12:00-5:00 6:30 6:30 7:45 7:45 WEDNESDAY 3RD SEPT 12:00-5:00 6:30 7:30 7:45 8:45 THURSDAY 4TH SEPT 12:00-5:00 7:30 8:00 FRIDAY 5TH SEPT 7:00 5 18 5 6 11 11 7 5 12 12 8 9 5 13 10 18 FESTIVAL HUB + SHOWCASE – Little White Lies Gallery OPENING NIGHT PARTY – (E2) Studio Space FESTIVAL HUB + SHOWCASE – Little White Lies Gallery DOCUMENTARY PROGRAMME – (E2) Studio Space THE EVOLUTION OF 4K – THE LUMIX GH4 CHALLENGE – Little White Lies Gallery WONDERFUL WOMEN: A CELEBRATION + UNDERWIRE’S TIME OF THE MONTH – Little White Lies Gallery ANIMATION PROGRAMME – (E2) Studio Space FESTIVAL HUB + SHOWCASE – Little White Lies Gallery FILM LONDON + CREATIVE ENGLAND- FUNDING FOR SHORT FILMS – Little White Lies Gallery BBC THREE AND THE FUTURE OF NEW BRITISH COMEDY – Little White Lies Gallery DRAMA PROGRAMME – (E2) Studio Space COMEDY PROGRAMME – (E2) Studio Space FESTIVAL HUB + SHOWCASE – Little White Lies Gallery THROUGH THE LENS: WORKSHOP WITH PANAVISION – Little White Lies Gallery MUSIC VIDEO PROGRAMME + PARTY – Little White Lies Gallery THE SMALLS AWARDS + CLOSING GALA – (E2) Studio Space programme highlights SHOREDITCH HIGH ST SHOREDITCH HIGH ST MOORGATE LIVERPOOL ST GREAT EASTERN ST OLD ST OLD ST SHOREDITCH HIGH STREET STATION RIVINGTON ST RIVINGTON ST 1 2 LEONARD ST NEW INN YARD
  3. 3. Throughout the festival, there will be a space for filmmakers to network, have meetings and browse the Smalls Film Festival 2014 programme. The Smalls have iPod and iPad devices set up every day, filmmakers will be able to grab a coffee, VitaCoco or tickets to our events and hang out. Panasonic Lumix G will also be on hand, showcasing their latest 4K technology and offering advice and tips to budding filmmakers. The hub is fee and open to everyone, so make the most of the Smalls Film Festival and head on down! LITTLE WHITE LIES, 71A GALLERY 71A LEONARD STREET, LONDON, EC2A 4QS 2014 has been another fantastic year for The Smalls. From hitting a milestone of 10,000 registered and active members to being accepted and completing one of London’s top accelerator programs. I think it’s safe to say the wheels are in motion for further growth and success in the years to come. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with both new and the long term supporters of The Smalls and on behalf of the company wish to thank you for choosing to create and tell wonderful stories with us. KATE TANCRED, Managing Director, The Smalls This year Smalls filmmakers have been commissioned to make TVCs, music videos, short films, and video content for brands excited to get fresh ideas from a pool of creative talent. We have created a surrealist macabre short film for Hendrick’s Gin, a tongue-in-cheek homage to Chinese smut for Soho House’s Dirty Burger, a short doc about an eighty year old man who climbs trees in Hampstead Heath for London Live and much more. KATE FAGAN, Communications and Project Manager, The Smalls The Smalls Film Festival has moved to East London for the first time in 9 years. Being in the creative hub of London has allowed us as a festival to explore new places and new ideas, which are reflected in our programme. With 5 days of incredible films from exceptional talent, as well as an industry programme designed to equip filmmakers with the tools they need for their career, we’re really looking forward to our biggest and best festival yet. NIA CHILDS, Festival Producer, The Smalls THE SMALLS FESTIVAL HUB + SHOWCASE 4 5
  4. 4. ALICE & THE GIANT EMPTINESS (DANNY LACHEVRE, AUSTRALIA, 3:40MINS) Alice & the Giant Emptiness is a contem-porary tale about a young girl living with the burden of disadvantage, who overcomes a negative self-image and the taunts of classmates to live a life full of possibility. WINE, WOMEN & COGNAC (LOUIS MASFIELD, US, 5:00MINS) Frank is a retired elderly man who missed out on experiencing the world he felt he was meant to know. A bitter old man, Frank created a fantasy world in which he was a man of international success. Wine, women and cognac were his imagined vices, and in his fantasy, he was an urbane socialite, mingling with dignitaries, scholars, and the European elite. Only through newly formed friendships and newly found love does Frank begin to come to terms with his life and the possibilities in his future. M'AIDEZ (JESSE TURNBULL, US, 08:27MINS) A stop motion animated short that follows an astronaut stranded in space. What will happen as his oxygen, body, and mind begin to dwindle in the infinite void? M'aidez is filmmaker Jesse Turnbull's first movie. MEANWHILE (STEPHEN MCNALLY, IRELAND, 05:15MINS) A five minute animated short film, blending CG 3D and 2D drawn animation techniques, Meanwhile follows four characters traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations. Meanwhile uses bold colour schemes and fragments of narratives to examine empathy in urban insularity. CLAUDE & THE DRAGON (ABRAHAM BUCKOKE, UK, 3:39MINS) Claude And The Dragon is a mysterious romp through a quirky tabletop world. Inspired by Alice in wonderland and fable of George and The Dragon. YOUTH LAGOON- RASPBERRY CANE (STEPHEN MCNALLY, IRELAND, 06:40MINS) The Official music video for "Raspberry Cane" by Youth Lagoon. OVER DINNER (MARCUS ARMITAGE,UK, 02:37MINS) A family’s last dinner before one member leaves to join the Army. The reality of the situation begins to break in through the four surrounding walls. FORGOT (STEPHEN MCNALLY,IRELAND, 05:14MINS) Forgot is a short film about memory, emigration, longing, twee Jesus, cocktail sausages and children’s daytime television. TICKETS £7 AUNTIE GANGA (ASMITA SHRISH, UK, 12:07MINS) How are ex-Gurkha soldiers living and what difficulties are they facing in UK after moving here in old age? Auntie Ganga explores how important a community actually is for one and without it where would we be. THE PORT (RORY STEWART, UK, 17:00MINS) 'The Port O' Leith' is one of Edinburgh's most infamous pubs with it's own distinct traditions fueled by the stories of its tight-knit regulars. 'The Port' is an intimate and lively study of the community that makes up one of the last true 'locals' in Edinburgh. LAND: EARTHSHARING.ORG (YONI HIGGSMITH, UK, 09:48MINS) What is Land? Short film featuring Londoners in places that they live, work or are otherwise connected to and offering personal thoughts about Land. Made in collaboration with EarthSharing.org to drive the conversation about Land and what it means to people. STREET ANGEL (STELLA SCOTT, UK, 03:45MINS) Street Angel follows an angel-card reader through London as she looks for connections and people who need guidance. The film blends the hyper-real with the familiar, offering us a new perspective on our everyday realities. ANALOGUE PEOPLE IN A DIGITAL AGE (KEITH WALSH, IRELAND, 13:00MINS) It is the day of the analogue to digital switch-over of television transmission and as the analogue age draws to a close, eight men sit in an Irish bar battling to remain relevant in the digital world; the TV in the corner a harbinger of this technological future. TICKETS £7 official selection screening DOCUMENTARY official selection screening ANIMATION 6 7
  5. 5. official selection screening DRAMA RUSSIAN ROULETTE (BEN ASTON, UK, 5:00MINS) London seems a little less lonely when Lucy meets a libidinous cosmonaut on chat roulette... CUDLR: THE APP THE WORLD EMBRACED (TOBIAS MARTIN HUGHES & JULIAN BELVEDERE, UK, 04:37MINS) Tinder, Grinder & then there came Cudlr. Esmeralda Hix was the Mark Zuckerberg of cuddling. Here’s her story. PASSING BY (PALLE NODELAND, UK, 08:23MINS) Passing By tells the tale of Thomas the human statue, who more than anything, wants to find that someone special. The only issue is how do you find someone in a city that just passes you by. Its a story about love and the lengths we go to fight for it whilst trying to stand completely still. ROBOT LUV (DAVID NGUYEN, UK, 2:20MINS) A lonely inventor tests the functions of his robot woman. INHERITANCE (MATT HOUGHTON, UK, 2:08MINS) What's better than a unicorn? A film about a young man and his new obsession. VOODOO (DAN GUEST AND MATTHEW KENNEDY, UK, 7:07MINS) A story of a long distance couple who send each other a voodoo doll in order to enjoy a magical massage, but then a misunderstanding leads to violent escalation... GRACE UNDER PRESSURE (JEN MOSS, UK, 09:45MINS) Grace is going nowhere fast. Disaffected and drifting aimlessly through life, she is the black sheep of an otherwise spectacularly successful family she has taken great pains to distance herself from. When Grace gets invited to a reunion she can't get out of, she turns to her friend Laila for guidance. ON LOOP (CHRISTINE HOOPER, UK, 05:00MINS) Four in the morning, crapped out, yawning. ORANGE CHARLIE (BENJAMIN BEE, UK, 01:17MINS) Orange Charlie is looking for a friend. Is all lost, or will he meet that special someone? HELP POINT (ANDY MARGETSON, UK, 12:32MINS) In a world that is more and more about social networking and online dating – the everyday concept of boy meets girl becomes something rarer and more special. Especially when you’re stuck in an airport car park. TICKETS £7 KERBY (NATE CAMPONI, UK, 10:42MINS) A scatty, annoying young kid named Kerby spends his time intimidating the lady behind the bar in his dad's old local boozer, leading to a finale that is as humorous as it is bizarre. Tense, surreal and tongue in cheek, Kerby is a riveting character study that pulls no punches. PRETTY BITCH (REBECCA COLEY, UK, 08:00MINS) Pretty Bitch is about a young girl’s quest for revenge. A story about She, Him and Her. The main character tells her story from a detention centre and reveals the backstory that led to her committing an horrific crime. PASSENGER (ED RIGG, UK, 13:52MINS) A couple. A commute. The Tube. A stranger. Passenger is a perspectives film set in the heart of London which forces us to think about our own situation and our own future. When faced with someone whose story is wildly different from our own, how do we relate? How can we relate? How should we act? THE FOLLOWED (ZAK KLEIN, UK, 12:51MINS) In a support group for women who have been stalked, a young dancer describes being followed by a strange fan; a fan who believes she is not all human. Minutes into her testimony she finds he has followed her into the very room. TWELVE (GEORGE WATSON, UK, 14:35MINS) Twelve, set in 1980, tells the story of Jodie, a middle aged woman who, after receiving a mysterious phone call is forced to reveal a long buried secret to her husband Stuart, a secret that will change their lives forever. PIG THE DOG (MAXY BIANCO, UK, 03:00MINS) Pig the dog is a glimpse into the life of a strange young lad called Del, who haunts the desolate hinterlands of his home town with his pet dog Pig, spending days drifting and hunting a rare delicacy that thrives in this most unlikely of locations. TICKETS £7 official selection screening COMEDY 8 9
  6. 6. official selection screening MUSIC VIDEO PATIENCE (JONAS GRIMELAND, NORWAY, 04:11MINS) The film follows a young man in a small town in Norway. He struggles to balance the responsibility of a younger sister and the wish of living life as a normal teenager. CASH & DAVID – PULSE (JAMESWILLIS, UK, 02:27MINS) Pulse sees a lone wolf take to the streets, possessed in his own internalised dance battle. As an irresistible guitar line spirals around heart-popping beats and wispy Middle Eastern hums, our protagonist is confronted by the voices in his head: the girl he wants and the men who try to stop him. LIVING BY THE SEASIDE (RUTH GARDINER, UK, 05:27MINS) A short film inspired by the music of The Grand Gestures. DISCLOSURE – F FOR YOU (BEN & ROSS, UK, 04:07MINS) With infectious energy from the duo’s music as a backdrop, the video moves from silhouettes to sci-fi hyperdrive projections, as shards of light cut through a pristine soundstage. It’s more an experience than a video, a taste of what Disclosure has brought to dance floors on both sides of the Atlantic. FUJIYA & MIYAGI – ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS (JULIAN TARDO & GAVIN WILLIAMS, UK, 04:03MINS) A couple of zoned-out scientists work on their after-hours robot head, bringing it slowly to life. They are, in all likelihood, making giant leaps. But all we see is their concentration and boredom, maybe the real business of science. OISIMA- EVERYTHING ABOUT HER (MATTHEW THORNE, AUSTRALIA, 03:20MINS) Exploring the deconstructed nature of electronic music through the deconstructed Japanese dance form “butoh”. Butoh is a style of modern Japanese dance performance that was created in response to the ‘Hibakusha’; the “explosion effected people” of the post-atomic war Japanese culture. It typically involves the performer using their face and body to create grotesque imagery, and often deals with deeply taboo topics in extreme or absurd environments. JE T'AIME DANS LE NOIR (EMILY DACCARETT, US, 05:16MINS) Je t’ai Aime Dans le Noir was inspired by the love affair between french Icon Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin. We follow two lovers in their spontaneous and erratic road trip and learn one desperately wants to capture their love forever while the other’s free spirit can not be contained. BLONDE – FOOLISH (DAVIS SILIS, UK, 03:19MINS) The idea behind this music video for Blonde is all about what happens when you lose yourself to summer love. You know that feeling, when all of your senses get pushed to the extreme. Everything you see, touch, hear, feel and taste is way more intense, and the rest of the world around you almost stops making much sense. But it doesn’t matter, because you’re in love. TICKETS £7 THE EVOLUTION OF 4K: THE LUMIX GH4 CHALLENGE 6:30PM Tuesday 2nd September Little White Lies Gallery 4K technology is constantly evolving, enabling filmmakers to shoot a better, faster image. Panasonic Lumix G invited Smalls filmmakers to create a film using their brand new Lumix GH4 camera. The winning filmmaker will be joined by a panel of experts who will demystify and shed light on the exciting developments of 4K technology. PANEL Nick Driftwood Driftwood Productions: Lumix GH4 Ambassador Stuart Morgan Stuart Morgan Productions TICKETS £5 WONDERFUL WOMEN: A CELEBRATION 7:45PM Tuesday 2nd September Little White Lies Gallery Join The Smalls as we celebrate the achievements of some of the fantastic female filmmakers in the industry. As well as showcasing some great films from the likes of Nowness, Underwire and our very own Smalls filmmaker, the panel will discuss the opportunities for female filmmakers today. This event is followed by a free networking event from Underwire. PANEL CHAIR Nia Childs Festival Producer, The Smalls Jessica Sarah Rinland The Smalls filmmaker Chloe Trayner Festival Producer, Underwire Avi Grewal Commissioning Editor, Nowness Natalie Samson Awards & Special Projects Projects Producer, WFTV Lucy Campbell Filmmaker Karen Cunningham Director, Pop-Up Films TICKETS £5 UNDERWIRE’S TIME OF THE MONTH 8:45PM Tuesday 2nd September Little White Lies Gallery Underwire join The Smalls for their regular Time Of The Month networking event. Come down for a free drink and a chat with filmmakers and industry delegates to celebrate the start of the festival. This is a free event, RSVP required. TICKETS FREE RSVP guestlist@thesmalls.com INDUSTRY PROGRAMME Day 1 10 11
  7. 7. INDUSTRY PROGRAMME Day 2 FILM LONDON + CREATIVE ENGLAND FUNDING FOR SHORT FILMS 6:3OPM Wednesday 3rd September Little White Lies Gallery Finding funding for short films is a mine- field for independent filmmakers. With so many schemes to pick from, it can often be difficult to know where to begin. Film London and Creative England are two of the biggest film funding bodies in the UK, and are joining The Smalls for an informative discussion on their latest schemes; Film London’s London Calling scheme for those in the city, and Creative England’s iShorts scheme for regional filmmakers. PANEL CHAIR Charlie Phillips Deputy Director, Sheffield Doc/Fest Josic Cadoret Talent Development Coordinator, Film London Peter Parker Development Executive – Talent, Creative England Nour Wazzi Director TICKETS £5 BBC THREE AND THE FUTURE OF NEW BRITISH COMEDY 7:30PM Wednesday 3rd September Little White Lies Gallery Following the move of BBC THREE from broadcast to online, there has been much debate on the merit of both TV broadcast and on-demand digital channels and what this means for the future of new British comedy. Our panellists will be discussing this and comedy in the digital age, what broadcasters and online commissioners are looking for and the proliferation of comedy branded content. PANEL CHAIR Jonathan Wakeham Gregor Sharp Executive Editor, BBC Comedy Commissioning Iain Coyle Commissioning Editor, UKTV Kayleigh Llewellyn Comedy Writer (more info) Ben Bond Creative Director & Co-founder Hoot Comedy TICKETS £5 INDUSTRY PROGRAMME Day 3 THROUGH THE LENS: WORKSHOP WITH PANAVISION 7:30PM Thursday 4th September Little White Lies Gallery Join Panavision for practical workshop exploring optics and the importance of selecting the correct lens for your film. The session will begin with a discussion on what to consider when preparing a shoot, the various aesthetic qualities that can be achieved and how this can inform storytelling and narrative. There will then be the opportunity for attendees to handle the equipment provided by Panavision and get practical, hands-on experience. PANEL Tony Samuels Technical Marketing, Panavision Richard Mott Cinematographer Steve Annis Cinematographer TICKETS £5 12 13
  8. 8. WHAT WE DO The Smalls is a digital platform designed to showcase and discover the best in independent filmmaking. Since 2006, The Smalls has been supporting and promoting filmmakers both online and offline. As well as giving Smalls members the technology to network and profile their films and themselves as professionals, we work with our partners hosting interactive film events that give filmmakers relevant industry training, networking and exposure opportunities. Our aim is to grow and develop professional opportunities for our filmmaking community doing what they love: developing creative ideas and making films. PITCH ROOM Pitch Room is The Smalls' online commissioning platform that connects brands searching for short film/video content with our talented filmmaking community. This year Smalls filmmakers have been commissioned to create short films, TVCs, music videos and more for the likes of Heinz, Universal Music, Hendrick’s Gin, Soho House and London Live, to name a few. THE SMALLS FILM FESTIVAL Every year in September The Smalls celebrates the work of its talented global community with The Smalls Film Festival. Now in its ninth year, The Smalls began in 2006 with an exhibition of short films screened on Apple's then newly released video iPod. The festival has evolved into a 5-day programme of screenings, master classes and panel discussions, dedicated to exploring short film, digital media, and creative ideas, with some of the industry's leading professionals. THE SMALLS FILM FESTIVAL 2014 judges ANIMATION JURY Chris Tidman, VP, Global Acquisitions, Shorts International James Mullighan, Artistic Director, Cork Film Festival Nag Vladermersky, Director, London Independent Animation Festival Will Becher, Animator, Aardman Animation COMEDY JURY Gregor Sharp, Executive Editor, BBC Comedy Jonathan Wakeham, Programmer, LoCo – London Comedy Film Festival Kate O’Hara, iFeatures Project Manager, Creative England Matt Rook, Commercial Director, Channel Flip Miriam Bale, Film Critic DRAMA JURY Adam Woodward, Deputy Editor, Little White Lies Ally Gipps, Producer, Warp Films Catherine Bray, Editor, Film4.com Nick Driftwood, Director, Driftwood Productions Rob Garvie, Marketing Executive, Panavision DOCUMENTARY JURY Al Brown, Head of Video, Vice Hussain Currimbhoy, Programmer, Sheffield Doc/Fest Luke Moody, Film and Distribution Manager, BritDocs Patrick Hurley, Distribution Manager, Dogwoof MUSIC VIDEO JURY Avi Grewal, Commissioning Editor, Nowness Cynthia Okoye, Agent, Curtis Brown Sam Greenwood, Talent Agent, Curtis Brown 14 15
  10. 10. Opening Night Party 1st September at 7:00pm Join us as we celebrate the opening of The Smalls Film Festival 2014. There’ll be free drinks and music, and you’ll hear from the Smalls team about what to expect over the course of the festival. TICKETS £5 Awards 5th September at 7pm Every film that is screened as part of the Smalls festival is in competition, and the winning film from each category, as decided by a jury of industry professionals, will be awarded: • £500 • A camera hire package from Panavision worth £10,000 • One year's free subscription to Little White Lies magazine • An illustrated award by James Dawe of Top London Agency Pocko TWITTER.COM/THESMALLS FACEBOOK.COM/THESMALLSFILMS #SMALLSFF2014 18