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Mums questionnaire

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Mums questionnaire

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Mums questionnaire

  1. 1. Name:Mandie Wales Age:43 Gender:Female The Project – Opening Scene Audience Feedback 1. Please listbelow, yourexpectationswhenwatchingahorrorfilm. 2. Were these expectationsmetduringthe openingscene?If yes,pleasecommenthow andto whatextenttheywere effective. 3. Specifically, whatelementsof the openingscene attracted,satisfiedorentertainedyouasa viewer? 4. Do youbelieve thatyouare the intendedaudience forthe product? Whatotheragesand gendersdoyouthinkthismediaproductwouldattract/appeal to? Some sceneswithdarkness,woodsetc Eerie /suspense music Seriousfaces Suddenshotsof mysteriousobjects/peopleappearing Some silence Villain/Monster/Supernatural All of my expectationswere met. Darknessinthe woods Good scary musicinthe woods Maskedface appearing–jumpyscene Silence duringflashphotos Door slammingwithsoundseffects Photostakenbyactor actuallyappearingonscreen – puttingthe audience inthe scene. Dark, isolatedscenesinthe woods Suspense music Yes I thinkIam part of the intendedtargetaudienceandIwouldthinkanybodyoverthe age of 15, male and female wouldalso be appealedtoandcateredfor.
  2. 2. Name:Mandie Wales Age:43 Gender:Female 5. Basedon watchingthe openingscene,wouldyoufeelsatisfiedbywatchingafull length version? Definitely,if itwasto continue withthe grippingstoryline andscaryconventions.