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Tracxn Smart Homes Startup Landscape - Feb 2015

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Smart Homes Startup Landscape

Tracxn Smart Homes Startup Landscape - Feb 2015

  1. 1. SMART HOMES Feed Overview Feb 2015 Deal Discovery Made Easy
  3. 3. Deal Discovery Made Easy Smart Homes – Sector Overview • Over $1.4B invested with more than $400M in invested in 2014 • Most active funds: KPCB (Nest, iControl Networks, Dropcam) LSVP (Nest, Peel) Google Ventures (Nest, The Orange Chef Company) Felicis Ventures (Grove Labs, Dropcam) Menlo Ventures (Grove Labs, Dropcam) Sequoia (SimpliSafe, LIFX) Greylock Partners (SmartThings, Camilog) Microsoft Ventures (Chai Energy, Reemo) • Most active incubators: Y Combinator (Wattvision, Senic, Lockitron, Edyn) Techstars (Revolv, WebCurfew, Ube)
  4. 4. Deal Discovery Made Easy Industry buzz “Smart Home Revenues to reach $71 billion by 2018” - Juniper Research, Feb. 2014 [Link] “Security and Control elements of the Smart Home will reveal a service provider opportunity approaching $12 billion by 2018” - Juniper Research, Feb. 2014 [Link] “Google Makes Its Nest At The Center Of The Smart Home” – Techcrunch, Jun. 2014 [Link] “Samsung: Smart homes arriving ‘at speed we can barely imagine’ ” – Cnet, Sep. 2014 [Link]
  5. 5. Deal Discovery Made Easy ~$700M invested in last 2 years, 4 notable acq. • Nest (by Google, $3.2B, Jan. 2014) • Dropcam (by Nest, $550M, Jun. 2014) • Revolv (by Nest, undisclosed, Oct. 2014) • SmartThings (by Samsung, $200M, Aug. 2014) • AlertMe (by British Gas, $100M, Feb. 2015) # Financing rounds Funding in Smart Home startups Notable Acquisitions $415M $261M $294M 784620
  6. 6. Deal Discovery Made Easy Smart Homes – Market map Internet of Things WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY $1.2B SMART CARS INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS INTERNET OF THINGS INFRASTRUCTURE SMART HOMES $93M $1.5B $1.4B $810M Internet of Things Smart Homes HOME AUTOMATION Devices that typically allow remote control and monitoring of various home devices Leeo ($37M), Smart Things ($15M), Lifx ($12M), Revolv ($7M) ~$850M ENERGY EFFICIENCY Devices concerned with monitoring and improving energy efficiency of home devices Nest Labs ($80M), AlertMe ($36M), Zuli ($1.6M), Embue ($1.7M) $168M HOME SECURITY Solutions related to home security such as locks and video monitoring. Alarm.com ($136M), Ring ($5M), DropCam ($47M), August ($10M) ~$400M ~$170M
  8. 8. Deal Discovery Made Easy Model Category Description Illustrative companies Home Automation Multi-purpose home automation devices Smart Things, INSTEON Home Lighting Smart bulbs with Bluetooth or WiFi based control LIFX, Stack Lighting Remote AC Mgmt. Solutions for monitoring and remotely controlling ACs Ambi Labs, ThinkEco Devices Mgmt. Hubs that acts as a control system for home devices Revolv, Peel Monitoring Automated monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity, soil etc. Leeo, Netatmo Home Security Solutions for monitoring various hazards such as fires and intruders SimpliSafe, Thermal Locks Smart locks that require specific user identification August, Lockitron Video Monitoring & Alerts Video monitoring solutions with alarm systems Dropcam, Canary Energy Efficiency Thermostat Smart thermostat with remote control capabilities Nest Labs, Ecobee Monitoring Devices with specific monitoring applications AlertMe, Green Energy Options Summary of key business models
  9. 9. Deal Discovery Made Easy Funding Heatmap: Notable financing in 2014 Internet of Things WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY SMART CARS INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS INTERNET OF THINGS INFRASTRUCTURE SMART HOMES Internet of Things Smart Homes HOME AUTOMATION ENERGY EFFICIENCY HOME LIGHTING Astro LIFX BeON Home Misfit $54M MONITORING Wimoto Tech Wally Homes BleepBleeps Leeo, Roost Keen Home $45M DEVICES MANAGEMENT WebCurfew Ninja Blocks The Ubi ,Reemo Cubic Robotics Peel, Tekoia $55M THERMOSTAT Tado $13M HOME SECURITY VIDEO MONITORING & ALERTS Canary Sentri Ring, Camiolog $16M HOME SECURITY SimpliSafe Seek Thermal $87M
  12. 12. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Automation (1/4) Company Details Funding Investors Vivint Vivint [Provo, 1999]: Vivint is a technology company developing home automation systems, where every piece of technology works together intelligently to enhance safety and convenience, and increase energy efficiency. The Vivint Go! control panel, the base through which all of their other products communicate creates a streamlined network. It connects all of the home’s smart systems such as security, HVAC, lighting, small appliances, video and others. It was purchased by BlackStone in Nov 2013 for $2B. $565M Goldman Sachs SmartThin gs SmartThings [Washington DC, 2012]: SmartThings has created a variety of easy-to-use sensors that can be placed in homes, office, and car. Has opened up its developer tool kit to third-parties and built an online shop where customers could find devices that leverage its technology. The startup is building a platform for developers to connect everyday objects. Raised $1.2M on Kickstarter in Sept 2012. Won the Spark of Genius award at the 2012 Dublin Web Summit. $15.5M First Round Capital, SV Angel, Lerer Ventures, CrunchFund, A-Grade Investments, BoxGroup, Greylock Partners, Highland Capital Partners KoolTechs KoolTechs [Houston, 2013]: Kooltechs offers home protection and device tracking system. The KoolWand acts as a Bluetooth tracker for the user's items, pets or children and warns them when they move out of range. It can act as a fitness tracker as well. Their KoolBridge device acts as a door alarm, warning the user of intruders. It supports voice control of smart devices such as Nest thermostat as well as acting as a remote for the user's camera, music player or smartphone camera. These products can combine to act as a home entertainment control hub. Raised more than $56k on a goal of $50k. $0.1M Lightwave RF LightwaveRF [Birmingham, 2009]: LightwaveRF offers a range of intelligent dimmers, radiator valves, sockets and sensors. These sensors allow the user to control all of their devices through their smartphone app (iOS and Android) through WiFi. It's products are available through Maplin stores, online suppliers and independent wholesalers. Internationally the company now has orders for sample packs in 34 countries. It is also in discussions with potential distributors in India and Australia. Bluesmart Bluesmart [New York City, 2014]: Bluesmart is a Bluetooth-connected suitcase that tracks its own location that offers a variety of features. Features include: self tracking through built-in GPS, a 37W battery for device charging, proximity-triggered lock and built-in digital scales. The Bluesmart companion app tracks position, countries visited, time spent in each, airports visited, total miles traveled, and real-time travel data such time till next flight. Raised $1.366M on a goal of $50k on Indiegogo. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  13. 13. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Automation (2/4) Company Details Funding Investors Viva Labs Viva Labs [Oslo, 2013]: Viva Labs offers products and services for home automation and energy efficiency. Device uses smart algorithms, GPS tracking, video surveillance and intelligent sensors help control and monitor home. Their product mix contains smart plugs to control and monitor the plugged in device. Viva uses GPS and sensors to automatically adjust lights and heating. Offers a smart phone application to monitor and control from outside the home. Ottomate Ottomate [Washington DC, 2013]: Ottomate is a home automation system that allows the user to save on his electric bill all while automating the house. The Ottomate system works by recording the user's schedule during the first two weeks of having set up the Ottobox. After recording the user's schedule for the first two weeks the system will follow the schedule and will adjust it if the user were to make any changes to his/her schedule. The System will record the schedule by tracking which of the Ottomate device is consuming energy. The system turns off everything as the user leaves the house by tracking the user's location with the iPhone or Android app. Zhome Zhome [Hyderabad, 2013]: Zhome, product of Aizyc Technology, is a home automation technology that provides automation solutions based on wireless technology. Various appliances like lights, AC, music security can be controlled by the owners from mobile or iPad, wall switch touch panels. Also offers door locks and sensors that can be deployed and linked to the central security room. Prizm Prizm [Paris, 2013]: Prizm offers a smart hi-fi music player. It connects directly to music services via Wi-Fi and plays music for the user without the need for a smartphone. It can detect the number of people in the room and automatically play music based on the occasion and their common tastes. It can also naturally wake or help the user sleep by changing the tracks and volume as necessary. It's context sensitive music engine operates from the cloud allowing a single transferable profile. Has raised $161k on a goal of $70k on Kickstarter. Webee Universe Webee Universe [Miami, 2013]: Webee is a plug and play smart home automation technology. It allows users to control a wide variety of household items, from televisions and stereo systems to coffee makers and light switches, through the Webee Boss hub and a linked mobile app. Webee also learns from the users' habits, lifestyle and schedule, to automatically suggest ways to save money, make their life more efficient and comfortable. Raised $73k on Indiegogo with an initial goal of $50k. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  14. 14. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Automation (3/4) Company Details Funding Investors KlugKraft KlugKraft [Gurgaon, 2012]: Klugkraft Technologies is a growing brand engaged in innovating Zigbee based automation products and solutions for smart homes. Offers two smart internet connected products, one of them being a Gas leak Sensor ,which monitors for any gas leaks and alerts on the smartphone if there is any alarming condition. Their second offering is Wireless wall switch which can be used to control lighting condition at home wirelessly from anywhere. Clare Controls Clare Controls [Sarasota, 2010]: Clare controls offers a range of home automation solution ranging from security features such as house surveillance, access control, water detection and control, and security integration as well as entertainment routing and control in addition to lighting, climate and pool control. Clare controls can integrate all these solution under a single terminal that allows the user to control or automate all solutions from anywhere via the cloud through the users ios or android device with a user configurable interface. Clare controls also offers a builders partner program to integrate their solutions during construction. iRam Technologi es iRam Technologies [Bangalore, 2010]: iRam Technologies is building machine-to-machine(M2M) networking and communications solutions. iRam's products are targeted towards smart grid implementation, residential automation, environmental monitoring and energy conservation. iRam's smart home products operate over the cloud and can be fitted into existing electrical boxes without any rewiring. Founded by industry veterans with experience in wireless networking. Domocrac y Domocracy [Seville, 2013]: Domocracy offers easy opensource home automation based on Power Line Communication (PLC). Using a single internet connected gateway that communicates to all slave devices via PLC, the devices can be switched on and off, using the companion smartphone application. The device's are user programmable as well. Arduino and Raspberry Pi shields are also in development. Domocracy is a competing candidate at the Bolt accelerator program in Malaga, Spain. Q SmartHom es Ltd Q SmartHomes Ltd [Chelmsford, 2008]: Q Smarthomes specialises in bespoke home technology integration. The company provides its products and services in home cinema, multi-room audio, home security and lighting. Customers can avail dedicated cinema rooms in basements, multi-room audio throughout the home or security through CCTV and door entry systems. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  15. 15. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Automation (4/4) Company Details Funding Investors Garageio Garageio [Columbus, 2013]: Garageio is an Alottazs Labs' product. It is a device that can control as many as three garage doors automatically. Customers can control the opening/closing of door from their smart phone app. Garageio blackbox requires an internet connection for remote usage. Users can give access to the Garagio box to upto 10 people, so they can also control the garage doors. ALYT ALYT [Los Angeles, 2013]: ALYT is a Do-It-Yourself home manager technology product to integrate security, energy management and home automation in a single android platform. All the smart devices and appliances in the home can be integrated with the ALYT kit using standard communication media such as Bluetooth Low Energy, 3.5G Cellular, IR, NFC, DLNA, Wifi etc. Security dedicated sensors are connected through a RF protocol with the central system which makes home security highly efficient. ALYT can be managed by Android iOS smartphones/tablets using apps from ALYT and third party developers. Orvito Orvito [Waltham, 2011]: Orvito designs, manufactures and markets the “Internet of Things” devices. Products include Smart Switch Panel, Video Door Phone, Smart Hub and mobile apps that help in home automation. Orvito maintains its own cloud to store live video feed, customer settings, energy usage analytics. Headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, Orvito with most of the employees working from Hyderabad, India. Nuzii Labs Nuzii Labs [Dubai, 2013]: NUZii contains multiple features. Firstly it can act as a cloud platform (with VPN and TOR support) with the user providing the storage. It also contains multiple sensors such as: a HD Camera, motion detection, air quality and temperature sensor. It can also receive and plays audio wirelessly like Apple AirPlay or a Bluetooth Speaker. It can recognize users by their fitness-bands and smartphones. It also integrates with major smart home appliances and allows remote control such as Philips Hue, LIFX, Google Nest, Lockitron etc. Expected in late 2015. Kickstarter was cancelled (failed to raise $65k goal). INSTEON INSTEON [Irvine, 2005]: INSTEON offers a suite of devices for home automation based on their dual band mesh network technology. Their products include: smart HVAC controllers, wall switches, smart plugs, sensors and a device control hub to control all of these devices. Their products have integration with Cortana in Microsoft's WP as well as special Live Tile support. Sold across multiple stores including Microsoft store and Walmart. Expeteced to have Apple homekit as well. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  16. 16. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Lighting (1/4) Company Details Funding Investors Misfit Wearables Misfit Wearables [Redwood City, 2011]: Makes products and services in the consumer health and fitness space. Misfit’s first product Shine - an elegant personal activity tracker that instantly syncs with smartphone just by placing the device on the screen. Misfit Shine’s proprietary sensor algorithms can track cycling and swimming in addition to just steps. Also sells the Beddit sleep sensor under the Misfit label. Has also announced Swarovski-encrusted Shine wearable devices. They have also launched a wirelessly-connected, color-changing light bulb called Bolt. It supports multiple colors and can work in conjunction with their sleep tracking device like Shine, Flash, and Beddit, with the ability to slowly wake the user up. $63M Horizons Ventures, Khosla Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, incTANK Ventures, Founders Fund, TenOneTen Ventures, Translink Capital, Horizen Ventures, Xiaomi, Jingdong LIFX LIFX [Melbourne, 2012]: LIFX is the smart light bulb which is wifi-enabled, energy efficient, multi-colored bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android. Enables to reduce your energy consumption and save money. Raised $1.3M on Crowdfunding website Kickstarter in Dec 2013. Series A funding investors include Bevan Clark and Guy King. $12M Sequoia Capital BeON Home BeON Home [Cambridge, 2013]: The BeON bulb is a home intrusion prevention system built into LED lighting. After installing, the system learns and replays the lighting patterns while users are away in order to create the impression of the user being at home. The bulb system uses built-in rechargeable batteries to provide lighting in case of power outage. It can also turn the light on in response to a door bell ring as well. The bulbs use Bluetooth LE to communicate with the companion app (iOS or Android) Has raised more than $102k on a goal of $100k on Kickstarter. Received $1.5M in investment from Dangold Investment Corporation. $1.7M Astro Astro [New York City, 2014]: Astro designs and manufactures smart home devices that drive energy efficiency, provide home automation and security. Its first product, Twist, is a high-efficiency light bulb that contains cameras, and speakers which can fit into existing light fixtures. Twist can deliver wireless lighting, wireless audio and wireless camera solutions. $0.4M Winklevoss Capital Management Fabule Fabule [Montreal, 2013]: Fabule offers Clyde a customizable table lamp. It has bendable legs that allow a variety of positions. It offers an easy customization design called "personalities". These involve the addition of a sensor and some code which allow Clyde to perform new actions such as the "alone in the dark" module that allows Clyde to gradually switch on when it detects darkness, acting as a night light. Clyde is also Ardunio compatible. Raised $149k on a Kickstarter goal of $45k. $0.2M HAXLR8R Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  17. 17. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Lighting (2/4) Company Details Funding Investors nuSocket nuSocket [Cambridge, 2013]: nuSocket has developed a modular LED light bulb that extends the function of the light socket way beyond just lighting. Their product nuBulb normally screws in and works like a normal light bulb. Provides a smartphone app to control the brightness and schedule lighting of the nuBulb light. Power backup exists in the bulb itself, providing a 4 hour backup incase of power outage. Low powered device (11W) with luminosity equivalent to a 60W bulb. $0.2M Volatiles Volatiles [Berlin, 2013]: volatiles develops innovative lighting surfaces for living areas. The surfaces have a modular design, display dynamic lighting scenes and interact with the user through integrated sensors. An artificial intelligence adapts lighting automatically to people and situations. The system is operated via the touch-sensitive surface or a smartphone. The first product is built by integrating the system into conventional glass mosaic. Lava Lava [Flint, 2012]: Lava's Ion is a smart lava lamp with 40 multicolored LEDs . It pairs with users smartphone via Bluetooth Low energy (iOS and Android). It has user configurable light displays that can change in case of alerts such as messages, email etc. It can also switch on when the user approaches. It has a built in microphone and can automatically match the music currently playing. It also has an API available for developers. Raised $75k on a goal of $20k on Kickstarter. Stack Lighting Stack Lighting [Cupertino, 2013]: Alba offers a smart bulb designed for home and commercial establishment usage. It has a range of features such multiple color temperatures, motion sensing, intuitive learning and light level detection and adjustment. Based on time of day and ambient light it can adjust light level and color temperature to help match the users habits while conserving power. This adjustment to a users habits serves to improve their quality of sleep and gently waking as well as getting them ready for sleep. Support for Google Nest and Apple Homekit is planned. Techcrunch disrupt SF 2014 finalist. Vocca Vocca [Tel Aviv, 2014]: Vocca designs and sells a smart device that can be used to control lights by voice without any wifi, hub and configuration. The Vocca Light Switch uses Bluetooth LE to connect to an app on the user's smartphone. The Vocca fits in between the original volt socket and the light bulb, and comes equipped with a microphone and a Bluetooth chip. The user can set trigger commands for turning the lights on and off within the app. Raised $65k on Kickstarter as of Aug 18th, 2014. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  18. 18. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Lighting (3/4) Company Details Funding Investors Good Night Lamp Good Night Lamp [London, 2012]: The Good Night Lamp is actually a set of table lamps that you distribute among friends or family. The lamps communicate remotely so that as a lamp is turned on or off by its owner, that action is replicated in the others. The Big Lamp acts as a master. The Little Lamps turn on if the Big lamp is on as well. The Lamps use a dedicated cellular connection with 5 years of global connectivity. Historical data is view able as well. FiveFive FiveFive [Lyon, 2012]: Holi, the first product of French startup, FiveFive, is a phone-controllable smart lamp. It is an aluminium frame that houses 18 individually controlled high-efficiency LEDs. The Android and iOS app gives users a range of static and dynamic color palates to choose from, plus they are free to build their own. Users can utilize the Holi app to create various lighting effects, which can be shared with the entire Holi community. Holi is able to sync with music, changing color with tempo, and it also serves as an alarm clock with a built-in dawn simulator. MiPow [Shenzhen, 2011]: MiPow offers a Bluetooth LED light with integrated speaker. The LEDs can output the equivalent of a 25W halogen bulb, or about 300 lumens, The bulb's color and brightness can be controlled through the smartphone app. The speaker on the bulb can be controlled through Bluetooth allowing the user to play music through most popular apps such as Spotify. Has raised more than $18k on a goal of $10k on Kickstarter. Moores Cloud Moores Cloud [Chippendale, 2012]: MooresCloud's first product, Holiday by MooresCloud, is an intelligent, connected string of festive lights. The lights are controled by an embedded linux system and connected to the owners smartphone or tablet via WiFi. The led lights can change colors based on photos or movement, sync light pulses to music and exploit a myriad of other tricks. The first production run of Holiday lights shipped to Australian and New Zealand customers in December 2013 and North American customers in 2014. Raised $275k on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Emberlight Emberlight [San Francisco, 2014]: Develops Wifi lights that a user can control from his smartphone, tablets and wearable devices. Also automates based on location. The emberlight system goes beyond home automation and will enable you to connect other devices, such as health monitors, to the internet even when your phone isn't around. Currently taking pre orders on their website. Raised $300k in Kickstarter crowdfunding. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  19. 19. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Lighting (4/4) Company Details Funding Investors Innr Lighting Innr Lighting [Amsterdam, 2013]: Innr offers smart home lighting. Users begin with the free online Light Advisor that generates a personalized light plan for their home. It also suggests the combination of devices users should buy. Their solution incorporates Innr LED spots, easy-to-install strips and bulbs and an internet bridge (uses WiFi). With the installation complete, users can set different lighting conditions and moods via the app. Has raised $84k on a goal of $76k on Kickstareter. Nanoleaf Nanoleaf [San Diego, 2012]: Nanoleaf LED light bulbs are an energy efficient light bulb that operates at almost double the efficiency of any other bulb. The bulbs brightness can be adjusted by a standard power switch (no need for changes to the existing power switch) and without the need to connect to Wi-Fi or a smartphone. The bulb uses LED's which helps improve brightness while reducing power draw and wasted heat output. Raised $162k (Sep 3, 2014) and $273k (March 4, 2013) in funding. Raised $192k on Kickstarter on a goal of $30k. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  20. 20. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Wireless Switches (1/3) Company Details Funding Investors Plum Life Plum Life [Austin, 2009]: Plum Life (formerly Ube) allows the user to easily control all the lighting fixture in their house. By installing the module into the light switch, the user can use the smartphone companion app to control their home lighting modules. The user can control a single light, a room's entire lighting system or their entire home's lighting system simultaneously. Unique lighting scenes can be saved. Incubated at Techstars. Raised $307.6k on a goal of $280k on Kickstarter. $1.2M MindoLife MindoLife [Haifa, 2014]: MindoLife consists of control units and a central unit. The control units are installed on the device the user wishes to control (on or off). The control units take commands from the central control unit which issues actions based on the the user's smartphone application. The user can save custom sets of actions for easy reuse. In addition, MindoLife provides a developers API so developers can add more capabilities to the user's devices. Currently under development. Lumos Lumos [Ahmedabad, 2014]: Lumos Automation develops technology solutions in the space of home automation IoT. Its product Lumos Switches offers features such as remote control of home electric appliances over internet, embedded sensors that measure ambient conditions along with electrical conditions to ensure rapid decision making for switches, detailed power analytics for every appliance in home and suggestions for power saving. Also provides a mobile app for users. The company is yet to launch their product. Pert Pert [Hyderabad, 2012]: Pert, a product of Switch Technologies, is a Wifi enabled device technology device that allows users to to control home lights and other electronic devices through a smartphone. Users can view the real- time status of the connected home appliances through the smartphone app. The app also allows for scheduling a timer for the lights and electronic devices. The company is yet to release the device and the website offers a pre-order option for users. Den Den [London, 2013]: Den offers a lighting switch automation system for users. It blends the design of standard switches with minimal wireless control. Switches syncs with the network and can also be controlled by an RF remote as well. The app allows scheduling and monitoring in real time as well. Parental controls to limit use of certain devices is also possible. They also offer Occupancy (turns the lights on/off based on presence) and Ambient light sensors (monitors the levels of light and adjusts the lights accordingly). All of these devices are easy to install without the need for an electrician. Has raised $133k on a goal of $472k in equity crowdfunding on Seedrs (16% equity, pre money valuation of $2.4M, campaign is still live). Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  21. 21. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Wireless Switches (2/3) Company Details Funding Investors Switchmat e Switchmate [Palo Alto, 2014]: Switchmate is a simple, easily attachable home lighting solution. Using magnets or adhesive, the device can be attached to any switch that is a standard toggle switch, a rocker/decora switch or a multi- gang switch. Using a smartphone that is paired via Bluetooth 4.0, the switches can now be controlled by the user. Using an optional hub, the devices can be controlled by any internet capable device. Will be heading for a kickstarter crowd funding campaign soon. Still in development. Inoho Inoho [Bangalore, 2014]: Inoho provides a home automation system containing switch board control module, central hub and a smartphone application. The switch board module sits behind the existing switch to make it connected and be controlled. Users can control all such switches using their smartphone app relayed through the Inoho central hub. Currently they are selling their home systems online on their website. Suitch Suitch [San Luis Potosi, 2014]: Suitch allows the user control their devices via call. Using a smart plug that is connected to the users devices, Suitch is able to control the devices using its cloud connectivity. The user can place a call and suitch will intelligently switch their devices on and off. It can also be configured to take action during disaster alert. Optional cloud services are offered that allow control using Arduino or Raspberry Pi as well as an API for Ruby and Python integration. Awards include NASA Space Apps 2013 Mexico edition and Angel Hack 2013 Mexico Edition. Pluggx Labs Pluggx Labs [Bangalore, 2013]: Pluggx provides a smart switch that allows users to control their room and home lighting /appliances from a smartphone. An easy to use smartphone UI communicates with smart switch via Bluetooth with range upto 30-300 ft. Zcho Zcho [Delhi, 2013]: Zcho makes devices that turn existing home appliances smart through smartphones operated via Bluetooth. Zcho provides an app for the customer's smartphone or tablet that can be used to remotely access the lights, fans and other devices that have loads upto 10 Amperes. Apart from remote operation of the devices, the app also enables people to schedule on and off of the devices at a required time. Zcho provides two devices- Zcho One and Zcho Touch, either or both of which can be installed without altering the existing fittings. Zcho aims at both Indian and International markets for its products. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  22. 22. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Wireless Switches (3/3) Company Details Funding Investors CloverBoa rd CloverBoard [Jaipur, 2013]: Provider of CloverBoard, internet connected switch board for homes that allows users to control fans and lights through a mobile app, switch to energy saver mode by placing the appliance in AUTO mode, notifications of human motion in the case of absence and the option to call police right from the app, scheduling appliances to switch automatically along with smoke/LPG detectors through in-built sensors with notifications on the app. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  23. 23. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Remote AC Management (1/1) Company Details Funding Investors ThinkEco ThinkEco [New York City, 2008]: ThinkEco, based in New York City, is a green technology company founded in 2008 with the mission to a create a cost-effective energy efficiency solution. As a result, they developed the modlet, a self-installable solution that makes it simple to bring energy awareness and device-level energy management to home and office environments. The modlet was launched as a residential product in 2010 and has been available to businesses since then. The modlet platform is now being used by utilities across the nation to manage their peak system loads from room ACs and other loads. $7.3M Jalousier [Varna, 2013]: Jalousier makes a small device that clips onto venetian blinds, automatically adjusting the position of slats according to the lighting conditions, room temperature, changing weather, and time of day, thus saving you time and money. It can also be used with a smart phone and synced with the alarm clock. Sensibo Sensibo [Wilmington, 2013]: Sensibo is a tiny device that connects air conditioners to the internet. It can be used with any A/C that has a remote control. It comes with a free app for iPhone, Android and Pebble. Sensibo are designed to have two parts: one smart hub that connects to the home router, and a Sensibo Pod for each of the air conditioners. Raised $110k on Indiegogo in June 2014. Monolyth Monolyth [Ljubljana, 2013]: Monolyth, a product of Slovenian company Entia, is an internet-connected device for window and wall air conditioning unit, optimizing air temperature and quality. Using multiple sensors and geo-fencing Monolyth will know when the user arrives and creates a comfortable environment prior to his/her arrival. Has the ability to historically track behavior and habits regarding the air conditioning. Also offers developers an open API and plans to integrate the Monolyth into 3rd party systems. Raising funding on Indiegogo as of Aug, 2014. Ambi Labs Ambi Labs [Hong Kong, 2012]: Ambiclimate is an indoor climate optimizing device. Using patent pending algorithms it pairs with the users smartphone and builds a climate profile based on user preferences, indoor climate and the environment. It adjusts the AC directly via infra-red and reduces power usage while personalizing the rooms climate to suit the user. It is compatible with a range of AC's via configuration profile. Winner of Cocoon pitch 2013. Raised $114k on a goal of $25k on Kickstarter. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  24. 24. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Window Shades (1/1) Company Details Funding Investors SerraLux SerraLux [Los Gatos, 2011]: SerraLux offers an active "Daylighting" system that installs easily and harvests daylight from the outside by redirecting it upward and deep into the interior of the room; providing illumination which is then diffused downward for higher levels of natural, glare-free, full spectrum lighting. The device is battery powered with solar charging. It is Bluetooth based allowing control through a companion iOS app. Based on patented technology. Failed to raise it's Kickstarter goal of $100k. Tilt My Blinds Tilt My Blinds [Provo, 2014]: Tilt My Blinds, allows users to close their blinds via a smartphone app, dedicated wall switch, or using the device's light sensor. It works with most popular type of blinds and fits into any existing blinds system. The device comes in two versions: One that uses a chargeable lithium battery, and another that operates off a solar panel. It is controlled via Bluetooth enabled iOS or Android app and can be scheduled. It can be automated using the light sensor based on external light. Raised more than $85k on a goal of $50k on Kickstarter. ShutterEaz e ShutterEaze [Los Angeles, 2014]: ShutterEaze is a retrofittable solution for automating existing interior plantation shutters. The device is easy to install and is controlled and scheduled via the smartphone application on the user's smartphone through Bluetooth (iOS and Android). A new version based on the Zigbee protocol will allow integration with the user's existing home automation system. Has raised $21k on Kickstarter so far. Rise Home Automatio n Rise Home Automation [London, 2014]: Rise is a device that can automate control of a user's window shades (roller type). The device is battery powered and charges through a built in solar charger. It is controlled via a smartphone app (iOS and Android) through Bluetooth. It can also be scheduled based on day or date as well as based on sunrise or sunset. Has raised nearly $10k on a goal of $1.24k on Indiegogo. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  25. 25. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Furniture (1/1) Company Details Funding Investors Stir Stir [Pasadena, 2012]: Stir kinetic desk is aimed at improving the users activity while using the desk. The user presets their preferred heights for standing, sitting and ideal goal for standing height. In active mode the desk will move an inch up or down after an interval, inviting the user to change position and preventing extended periods of sedentary posture. Over time the desk tracks the users burned calories and learns when its best to remind the user to change positions. The desk also has touchscreen controls for direct user input. Other features include 8 built in AC ports and 4 USB ports as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for syncing with other fitness apps. $1.5M MisterBrig htLight MisterBrightLight [Hilversum, 2014]: MisterBrightLight helps users reduce aliments due to constant sitting. The desk sends an alert to its companion smartphone app (iOS only) to let the user when to change position, with the desk's height being adjustable by holding a hand over a sensor built into the top surface. The app can track calories burnt, set goals, earn virtual trophies and share progress on Facebook. The desk also tracks temperature, and oxygen and humidity levels in the air, pushing notifications to the phone suggesting when it's time to open a window to help create a better working environment. Battery backup can be added as well. The LED color on desk can also be changed. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  26. 26. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Smart Kitchen (1/4) Company Details Funding Investors The Orange Chef Company The Orange Chef Company [San Francisco, 2011]: The company offers, Prep Pad, the iOS (iPad 3/iPhone 4s or newer) enabled Bluetooth food scale. Prep Pad provides real-time nutritional information for all raw ingredients and scannable food items. The food scale is the first of its kind, allowing users to visually obtain the full macro and micro- nutritional profiles of ingredients and meals as they create them, while saving to a personal profile. Users also have the option to then share their creations socially via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Evernote. Also syncs with Jawbone Up. Raised more than $46k on a goal of $30k on Kickstarter. $3M Wallflower Wallflower [Cambridge, 2013]: Wallflower provides a device that connects to the user's stove and monitors usage and provides remote control. By installing the system, user's can remotely receive alerts on their smartphone in case they forgot to switch off the stove before leaving their home or in case of children trying to switch the stove on. The user also has remote control allowing them to switch the stove off through their smartphone. Selected to be a part of Microsoft ventures accelerator for home automation. $1M Sereneti Kitchen Sereneti Kitchen [Atlanta, 2014]: Sereneti Kitchen aims to automate cooking in the home kitchen. User's load fresh ingredients into the Sereneti Machine called COOKI (pre cut ingredients are available from Serenti), sync the machine to their smart device (iOS or Android), choose the recipe that corresponds to the ingredients, and cooking automatically begins without any further actions. Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield 2015 participant. Has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of $100k (Has 60 days to go as of early Jan 2015). $0.2M Somabar Somabar [Los Angeles, 2014]: Somabar is automatic cocktail mixing device. Users fill the device pods with the needed ingredients. The user can then select their drink through the app and the Somabar will make the cocktails (typically within a few seconds). Somabar is Wi-Fi connected and app-enabled. The app has thousands of different drink recipes which can be adjusted to fit preferences. Somabar can also suggest new drinks based on the ingredients loaded. Product has received patents. Has raised more than $235k on a goal of $50k on Kickstarter. Has received angel investment from James Brandt and Shaun Arora. SKE Labs SKE Labs [Toronto, 2013]: SKELabs offers smart kitchen products. SKEOne is a hub that syncs with multiple smart tags. These tags can be attached to kitchen items like milk or cereal. When the item is running low, the user can push the tag and alert the hub, which searches local retailers for the same product and can setup home delivery of the product. Preferences can be set via the companion smartphone app. Will be piloted in San Francisco and Toronto in December.The SKEWare product consists of smart jars and bowls and will be able to tell the user nutritional data, measurements etc via the companion app. Expected pilot in late 2015. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  27. 27. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Smart Kitchen (2/4) Company Details Funding Investors Kuvée Kuvée [Boston, 2014]: Kuvée is is developing a WiFi connected appliance (looks a standard wine bottle) that upon inserting a proprietary Kuvée wine cartridge, serves wine a single glass at a time while naturally preserving the remaining wine. The Kuvée appliance also contains a touch screen that upon inserting a cartridge displays the wine’s label, gives consumers access to a broad array of dynamic and interesting content about the wine you’re serving, other wine offerings in the Kuvée collection, and social recommendations for Kuvée wines from drinkers with like taste profiles. Keyway Innovation s Keyway Innovations [Hong Kong, 2012]: The Qi is an automated tea brewing machine that takes care of the 4 key elements in brewing tea; water temperature, brewing time, water flow, and tea leaf expansion. The device uses a unique patent-pending brewing system that allows for a hassle-free automatic brewing process with simple preparation and cleanup. In addition, the Qi teamaker comes in 3 different versions and brew traditional teas, HK style milk tea, bubble tea, floral teas or iced teas. Features include built-in programs for specific tea varieties. Failed to raise it's goal of $85k on Kickstarter. Begins shipping in April 2015. Expected price of more than $130. Palate Home Palate Home [San Francisco, 2012]: The Palate grill is a precision temperature grill. After pairing with a companion app, the user performs a quick setup and the grill will auto adjust using sensors to cook the food item as needed. The only required input is what type of food its cooking and the level of doneness. Variables to cooking time such as weight and composition are controlled via the app. For simple tasks such as frying an egg the Palate grill can be controlled with just the temperature dial. Requires a smartphone or tablet. Under development. Anova Culinary Anova Culinary [Stamford, 2013]: Anova offers a sous vide immersion circulator. It pairs with the users smartphone via Bluetooth. The Anova can heats and circulates a water bath for the user. This water bath is used to cook the item in the sous vide style. The system has a temperature range of 25°C to 99°C and a 12-liter-per-minute pump that circulates the water while cooking and costs $199. Raised more than $1.8M on Kickstarter on a goal of $100k. Dionysus Technolog y Concepts Dionysus Technology Concepts [Spokane, 2012]: The Sonic Decanter uses patented ultrasonic energy to improve a wine's chemical and molecular structure, purportedly giving wine with a better aroma and taste. It reportedly breaks down chemicals like sulfur dioxide, a common wine additive that help preserve the wine. The decanting can take 15 minutes, so users can start the process earlier either via hard buttons connected smartphone app (Bluetooth). Priced at $249. Has raised more than $139k on a goal of $85k on Kickstarter. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  28. 28. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Smart Kitchen (3/4) Company Details Funding Investors Nomiku Nomiku [San Francisco, 2012]: Nomiku is a portable device designed for cooking food in the sous-vide method. Sous-vide normally requires special water baths, something Nomiku aims to simplify. The device has to be placed in the pot of water, after which the desired temperature is set. Once the water is at the desired level, it can be used for cooking a sous-vide recipe. Nomiku raised $750k against a goal of $200k on crowd funding site kickstarter becoming the highest funded food category project. Adaptics Adaptics [San Francisco, 2012]: Drop sells a smart scale that is designed for baking enthusiasts. Using the pre- selected drop recipes in the companion iOS app, users only have to place a mixing bowl on the scale and then select the recipe. The scale will measure the ingredients as they are added and inform the user when the right amount has been added. It can also scale the recipe to the number of servings required. The app can act as a timer and inform the user when the baking time has elapsed via smartphone alert. Android version is due in 2015. Brewie Brewie [Budapest, 2014]: Brewie is a self-contained and automated beer-making system for home. Every step of the process is handled by a computer that monitors and controls each stage. For beginners it eases the process with the use of packaged ingredients and pre-programmed recipes, while experienced brewers can customize every part of the process. has a smartphone app (Android, iOS, and WP), for notification and control. Experienced brewers can control up to 23 parameters for the recipe, including the amount of water used, and the temperatures and times for each step of the cook. Has raised more than $147k on a goal of $100k on Indiegogo (campaign is still live as of Jan 2015). Maid Oven Maid Oven [Cochin, 2011]: SectorQube offers a smart home oven called Maidoven. It is an internet connected oven with features such as recipe guide, recipe personalization, touch, voice and gesture controls along with intelligent recipe suggestion based on user activity and automatic time and temperature settings. It can be remotely controlled from the user's smartphone as well. Raised more than $124k on a goal of $50k on Kickstarter. Niwa Niwa [London, 2013]: Niwa is a smartphone controlled growing system. It connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi and is controlled through the companion smartphone app. Features include: smartphone controllable, automated with climate control with full control of light, temperature and humidity level and an automated hydroponic system for watering as well as controls for custom experimentation. Raised more than $150k on a goal of $100k on Kickstarter. Haxlr8r alum. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  29. 29. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Smart Kitchen (4/4) Company Details Funding Investors Arist Arist [San Francisco, 2014]: Arist offers a coffee machine that allows users fine control over their coffee brewing. Users can control their brew with high precision from the accompanying smartphone app. The app also features thousands of recipes that users can brew quickly, if they have the ingredients on hand. The app can also place orders for ingredients (for the next brewing session). The app can also offer recommendations based on user preferences. The device can connect to Wi-Fi allowing control from anywhere through the cloud. It can also detect NFC tags placed on a cup and begin brewing the drink associated with the user. Has raised more than $845k on a goal of $120k on Kickstarter. Pantellige nt Pantelligent [Mountain View, 2014]: Designed by a team of four MIT graduates, Pantelligent offers a smart pan with sensors that continuously take temperature readings and wirelessly send the data to the Pantelligent smartphone (iOS only) app via Bluetooth. The pan and the app work together to turn the temperature readings into step-by-step cooking instructions that prompt the user to make temperature adjustments to get perfect cooking results. User's must choose a recipe (50 available so far) then indicate the thickness of the ingredient. The pan will indicate when the ingredient can be cooked (when the pan reaches the appropriate temperature) and will ask the user to make temperature adjustments as needed. Has raised more than $82k on a goal of $20k on Kickstarter. Parent company Circuitlabs is a Y-Combinator alum (W13). The Sous Chef The Sous Chef [Singapore, 2014]: Sous Chef is developing an automated cooking assistant for kitchen operations at home. The device processes some of the most common breakfast items from around the world automatically, with minimal interaction from a user. The entire process can also be controlled via a Smartphone. The company is incubated at Startup Village, Kochi. Team is residing in Singapore. The product is yet to be released. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  30. 30. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Gardening (1/3) Company Details Funding Investors Grove Labs Grove Labs [Somerville, 2013]: Grove offers a Hydroponic growing system, that consists of a cabinet with five boxes. Four of them hold plants, with LED lights that connect to the Grove OS, allowing users to control the lighting schedule, as well as monitor the temperature, humidity, and water level through WiFi. The fifth box is home to a fish aquarium, that uses fish waste to produce fertilizer for the plants, which in turn clean the fishes’ water. Optional monthly subscriptions ($25 a month) provide early adopters with seeds. Expected retail price at launch is $2400. Open to early adopters in Boston (with Feb 2015 delivery). $2.2M Click & Grow Click & Grow [Tallinn, 2009]: Click Grow creates soil-less, electronic flowerpots that grow plants without watering and fertilizing. Each flower pot is wired with sensors, a processor and software that checks on the plant and provides it with fertilizer and water as needed. Each pot uses a combination of hydroponics and aeroponics, and requires an occasional refilling of the water reservoir, about once a month. The pot uses a pump to nourish the roots over time. $2M Edyn Edyn [San Francisco, 2013]: Edyn’s garden sensor measures how much light, water, and fertilizer the plants are receiving, collecting this data via a long metal probe that sticks in the ground in the customer's garden. Sensors at ground level detect the ambient temperature, light, and humidity, while sensors in the probe measure the soil’s moisture, acidity, and fertility. The system uses Wi-Fi to send the data to the cloud, where it’s analyzed along with the data the customer has entered into the Edyn app about what they have planted, and weather data based on their location. Both the garden sensor and the water valve are solar powered, with a lithium-polymer battery on board to store power for backup. Raised $384k on Kickstarter with an initial target of $100k. Part of YCombinator S14 batch. $1M PlantLink PlantLink [Chamapign, 2012]: Plant Link, provides monitoring and controlling water usage for plants. Placing the wireless sensors next to plants, users receive custom watering schedules via text message, email, or push notification. Raised $96k on Kickstarter in 2013. $0.5M GreenIQ GreenIQ [Petah Tikva, 2013]: GreenIQ garden computer uses the most advanced internet, cloud and mobile technologies to intelligently manage garden's irrigation and lighting scheduling. GreenIQ device helps manage garden lighting according to sunlight. The device is connected to the internet via WiFi, so it can be managed and controlled from anywhere at anytime. $0.5M Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  31. 31. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Gardening (2/3) Company Details Funding Investors Rachio Rachio [Denver, 2012]: Rachio is a technology startup out of Denver, Colorado that makes it easy and affordable for homeowners to have beautiful, sustainable landscapes. Iro, Rachio’s first product, is a smart sprinkler controller that is powered by Rachio’s intelligent cloud-based software and is controlled through a web-based dashboard and an intuitive Android or iPhone app. Won GigaOM Mobilize Product Showcase 2013, Colorado Innovation Challenge (prize money $50k) and APEX Challenge (prize money $20k) $0.4M Grobo Inc. Grobo Inc. [Waterloo, 2014]: Grobo is a personalized app-controlled in-home gardening system that lets anyone grow a successful garden at any time of the year, regardless of their experience level. Grobo is developing smart indoor planters designed to allow consumers to easily grow fresh produce at home. Grobo's modular system is designed to fit into any space and lets the user easily and economically grow an indoor garden. Grobo is currently incubated in the Velocity Foundry and is in the product development stage. $25k University of Waterloo Skydrop Skydrop [Salt Lake City, 2013]: Skydrop is a smart sprinkler controller. The skydrop controller uses weather data to water when it needs and how much it needs to. The Skydrop controller helps users determine how much water their lawns need. It also calculates how much moisture the lawn is losing each day, and sets watering times accordingly, making sure that the grass always has the optimum amount of water it needs to stay green and healthy. Users can access their skydrop controller from a web browser or mobile device via the skydrop mobile app. In addition, the cloud enables skydrop to interpret hyperlocal, real-time weather data to intelligently water the landscape. Skydrop will be available spring 2014. Ohneka Farms Ohneka Farms [New York City, 2014]: Ohneka Farms first product - Root ($299) is an indoor hydroponic garden system, that lets user's grow up to 16 seedlings at once. Root comes with attached growing lights, and an ambient light sensor that will adjust the LEDs automatically to match the location, as well as a reservoir on the bottom of the unit that distributes water and nutrients automatically (user must purchase the nutrients). It also has built-in Wi-Fi, so Root can let user's know when they need to do something such as refill the water. Has raised $27k on a goal of $75k on Indiegogo (campaign is still live as of early Jan 2015). Lono Lono [American Fork, 2013]: Lono sprinkler controller allows homeowners to connect their yard’s irrigation system to an application on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Designed to streamline of the process of watering grass and surrounding plant life, Lono users can turn specific sprinkler zones on and off with a single tap on their mobile device. Users can also adjust the amount of water that’s distributed to specific zones, ideal when one area of a yard is exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time than other areas during the day. Successfully raised $160k from crowdfunding website kickstarter.com in Dec 2013. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  32. 32. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Gardening (3/3) Company Details Funding Investors Blossom Blossom [Irvine, 2014]: Blossom is the smart watering device that self-programs the user's sprinkler system based on data from local weather forecasts, historical records and user feedback. Using weather intelligence to automatically pull in data from multiple forecast services, Blossom constantly adjusts for a highly accurate localized watering plan. It can also factor in plant types and it will customize the right water schedule for each vegetation. Also features a companion smartphone app (Android and iOS) as well as PLC and WiFi connectivity. Can reduce water usage by 30%. Has raised more than $92k on goal of $30k on Kickstarter. Greenbox Greenbox [Tel Aviv, 2012]: Uses irrigation algorithm which adjusts the schedule of watering system based on local climate conditions. Has features to control, monitor automate, optimize and automate based on weather. Connects with Bluetooth and WiFi for remote controlling. The product is available for purchase on their website. Bitponics Bitponics [Brooklyn, 2011]: Web-controlled automation for hydroponic and aquaponic systems. Has sensors that monitors garden environment. Controlled through the browser, the Bitponics cloud monitors your sensors, automatically turns connected accessories on off, and notifies you when to take action. See real-time sensor data on web dashboards and control your accessories and swap tips with everyone in the Bitponics community. Plaid Systems Plaid Systems [San Francisco, 2013]: Eve is a smart irrigation control system for home. Using the provided Adam sensor (temperature and dual moisture sensors), Eve detects when it's best to water the plants. It can also connect to smart home hubs via Zigbee and download weather data and based on the forecast adjust the watering schedule. It can connect to the user's smartphone to give them detailed watering history as well. Can save up to 60% on water bills compared to standard systems. Compatible with Thread, Stack and Almond+. Droplet Robotics Droplet Robotics [San Francisco, 2013]: Droplet is a smart sprinkler system that combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and connected services to transform the way sprinkler systems function. Droplet keeps plants healthy without wasting water by drawing upon a vast system of data to intelligently determine how best to care for plants. Through a cloud software system, users can configure their Droplet to water the grass, the trees and the areas where you have flowers planted without indiscriminately watering the whole yard Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  33. 33. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Devices Management (1/7) Company Details Funding Investors Peel Peel [Mountain View, 2009]: Peel's app acts as a universal remote works from the users smart devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Using either the internet or the device's IR function it can control the users TV, console or AV receiver. Comes integrated with some HTC and Samsung smart phones models. Currently at 50M+ users. "Peel-In" allows users to tune in directly to a TV show or movie, record the show, set up reminders, or share with friends while advertiser's market campaigns can be targeted in real-time based on demographics, location, TV commercial exposures, and both past and present TV viewing behaviors. $86.7M Lightspeed Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Harrison Metal Capital, Translink Capital Revolv Revolv [Boulder, 2012]: Revolv delivers an all-in-one home monitoring and control system to smartphone users; connecting hundreds of wirelessly-enabled household items. Revolv is a TechStars Boulder 2012 graduate (formerly Mobiplug) and is funded by The Foundry Group, a top-10 national investor, as well as American Family Insurance, and Liberty Global. $7.3M Techstars, Foundry Group, SK Ventures, Social Leverage, Liberty Global Ninja Blocks Ninja Blocks [Eveleigh, 2012]: Ninja Blocks are tiny cloud enabled computers that can sense their environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors can affect their surroundings by controlling lights, power sockets, and other actuators. Also provides a platform to build and run apps. $1.7M Blackbird Ventures (Australia), 500 Startups Ube Ube [Austin, 2012]: Platform to connect and control Ube lights, plugs and outlets to your smartphone. Techstars Alum. Raised $1.07M through two rounds of crowdfunding. Founding team - CEO, 25 yrs experience in connected home. CTO - Co-creator, Polycom. Patent in energy management. CMO - 25 yrs experience in semiconductors for consumer electronics. $1.1M Techstars Tekoia Tekoia [Tel Aviv, 2012]: Tekoia's SureMote is a smartphone app that allows the user control of smart devices as well some legacy devices. The application allows control of devices through just one device, their smartphone. Using unique proprietary technologies that enables a complete smart universal remote solution for WiFi-connected digital media appliances as well as IR legacy appliances using the same smartphone app. IR devices are supported using a device profile database. $1M Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  34. 34. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Devices Management (2/7) Company Details Funding Investors WebCurfe w WebCurfew [Chicago, 2013]: WebCurfew software available in free and paid versions, layers a user-friendly menu over the options provided by supported routers. The users use the menu to pick and choose devices that can continue to receive a Wi-Fi signal. It replaces the antiquated device-centric model of managing parental controls on individual devices, and provides a simple solution by managing the central point of all WiFi internet access in the home – the router. The free version of WebCurfew requires users to manually control each device’s ability to connect, while the $5-a-month paid version allows them to set a timer for turning that access on and off. 30% of the users pay for the service. $0.9M Techstars The Ubi The Ubi [Ontario, 2012]: Ubi provides a voice enabled interface to communicate to a series of sensors and devices, and returns the status either through voice or light signals. The Ubi is a computer that was launched for pre-order as a Kickstarter project in the summer of 2012. It raised over $229,000 in Kickstarter contributions. The Ubi is also the first product to be offered by the Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation, a company based in Toronto, Ontario, with operations in Richmond Hill and Port Hope, Ontario. $0.6M Cubic Robotics Cubic Robotics [Moscow, 2012]: Cubic is an open platform device controller, that consists of a "Home Cube" and a portable "Power Badge," which are both voice-activated and can integrate with mobile apps and household appliances. Cubic's abilities include controlling smart devices such as Nest, Hue lights etc, integrates with wearables such as Misfit and Jawbone, give traffic updates and read emails, play music, order delivery, read instructions while the user cooks, turn off lights, set alarms. Has integration with over 50 apps and devices. Their technology has received multiple patents. Has raised $88k on a goal of $100k on Indiegogo (campaign is still live as of Jan 2015). Expected in late 2015. $0.6M TapHome TapHome [Bratislava, 2012]: Provides smart home solutions in Heating and air conditioning, Lighting and shades, Access and gates, and Security. Has a mobile app that instantly provides the user with overview and control of his heating and air conditioning. Users can set temperature of the house as a whole, or separately for each zone. Has built-in thermostat with wireless valve that enables exact temperature regulation in each room. Temperature can be adjusted locally, via central tablet, smartphone app, or via automatic programs. $0.3M Robotbase Robotbase [New York City, 2014]: Robotbase is a startup that aims to build an affordable, intelligent, and practical robot for home and personal use. The initial model, Gen X, is a personal robot. This robot will act as an intelligent machine that can see, move, hear, understand, speak, and think. It practical uses include home security guard, photography, storytelling as well as acting as a base hub for home automation (support BLE, WiFi and Zwave), with built in extensiblility through an open API. Techcrunch hardware battlefield 2015 participant. Trying to raise $50k on Kickstarter (more than 25 days to go as of early Jan 2015). $0.3M Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  35. 35. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Devices Management (3/7) Company Details Funding Investors Eddy Labs Eddy Labs [London, 2014]: Eddy Labs provides a voice interface to control smart home devices. Eddy Labs is part of the Founder.org Class of 2015, winner of Imperial College's Venture Capitalist challenge and is currently supported through funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board. $100k FOUNDER.org Dymotics Dymotics [Madrid, 2012]: Dymotics provides a smartphone application which can be used to manage devices at home which are connected to the internet. With a single smartphone application user can manage devices using 3G/WiFi or schedule, switch on and off. Using the application, it can automatically trigger some actions based on he state of other smart connected devices. Dymotics provides a smart hub, which acts like a bridge between the smart devices at home and the Dymotics platform in the cloud. The device and cloud is available at one time sale without a subscription fees. The company raised $10k on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, for pre orders of its hub and smartphone application. $70k Mola.com Reemo Reemo [Minneapolis, 2012]: Reemo wristband provides simple to use, gesture control of home automation devices. The band is easy to setup and by using the wireless receiver and smart-plug, it can work with standard devices. Compatibility with automation protocols such as OpenHome is currently under development. $25k Microsoft Ventures Amaterasu Electronic s Amaterasu Electronics [Hyderabad, 2012]: Amaterasu Electronics offers their home automation hub called Sakura. Based on Microsoft's Kinect platform, it allows voice and app based control of all electrical devices plugged into the system. The system also features occupancy based control, security monitoring, device scheduling, alerts and energy monitoring. Incubated at the CIE center at IIIT, Hyderabad Uniqon Uniqon [Busan, 2011]: Uniqon is an Internet of Things hardware startup developing smart home hardware and cloud platform. They provide a hub for home automation. Customers can remotely control and automate home appliances and monitor home environments with their smartphone. It learns the behaviour patterns and then can act on behalf of the user. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  36. 36. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Devices Management (4/7) Company Details Funding Investors EyeSight Mobile Technologi es EyeSight Mobile Technologies [Herzliya, 2014]: The Onecue is an electronic eye designed to use gesture commands to control a wide range of home appliances. This includes HDTVs, AV receivers, media streamers (Apple TV and Roku), even smart thermostats (Nest) and Wi-Fi-linked lights (Hue). The Onecue can reportedly control most WIFI based smart devices. It also includes an IR blaster to help control devices like TVs. IoT Design Shop IoT Design Shop [Port Coquitlam, 2014]: Signul is a beacon system that allows the user to automate parts of their daily routine. Beacons are configured with a time and an operation. When the users smartphone comes within the beacons vicinity, they are alerted via an app and the operation paired with the beacon is performed. Some uses include starting email or texts, playing Spotify when entering their vehicle etc. Raised $38k on a goal of $25k on Indiegogo. Senic Senic [Berlin, 2013]: Flow is a programmable, wireless controller for your computer and connected devices. The ring can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as a series of device inputs or computer/app controls to provide real world automation. The ring is BLE based, and has capacitive touch and gesture recognition. Has raised more than $223k on a goal of $100k on Indiegogo. Y Combinator Ivee Ivee [Los Angeles, 2011]: Ivee is voice-controlled home assistant technology product developed by Interactive Voice. The product enables a user to give voice commands and set alarms on the device, control sound, timer control, control lights and fans in the house which are wi-fi connected. Few other connected devices can comprise of home thermostat control, home security and locking system and any other wi-fi connected device can be integrated with ivee. Vera Control Vera Control [Nevada, 2008]: Provides a complete monitoring and control solution products that work seamlessly with hundreds of Z-Wave enabled products including thermostats, alarm panels, door locks, lighting systems, cameras, audio-video gear and more. I Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  37. 37. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Devices Management (5/7) Company Details Funding Investors Athom Athom [Enschede, 2014]: Athom is the manufacturer of Homey, a standalone intelligent personal assistant to control all of the customer's smarthome devices. The device is designed to be compatible with almost any wirelessly controlled device, and has eight disparate radios covering WiFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee and infrared communication standards all integrated together in an intelligent device with speech recognition. The automation sphere has apps which can be published by both developers and hobbyists to the device's Labs section. Raised $240k on Kickstarter on an initial goal of $118k Avi-on Labs Avi-on Labs [San Francisco, 2014]: Avi-on Labs has built a smartphone application that can be used to pair with connected devices at home to manage and control them. Uses Bluetooth smart timers for connectivity. Avi-on makes it easy for manufacturers and retailers to rapidly convert existing and new lines into connected products. Havent released the product for public usage. MaxMyTV MaxMyTV [Pittsburgh, 2012]: Maxmytv is a hub for internet of things devices. The hub sits between the users tv and set up box. By intercepting and reworking the broadcast signal, the hub can overlay content over the users broadcast without disturbing their show. In addition, with support for standards such as Wi-Fi and zigbee the device can act as a central hub for all the user's smart devices. Uses include: control, monitor and automation of home devices from the users tv, overlay of alerts from sensors on tv, overlay of surveillance camera video over broadcast video and live updates from facebook, twitter and email on a sidebar. Failed to raise it's goal on Kickstarter. Blink Automatio n Blink Automation [Auckland, 2011]: Blink is a cloud-based touchscreen remote control system that works on the user's smart phone or tablet. Blink can control the user's home theater, lights, AC, blinds etc. Uses iPhone and iPad to transmit commands for IR, Serial and Relay Control. The Thing System The Thing System [Sacramento, 2013]: The Thing System is an open source software hub for controlling all home automation device via a central service called steward. The steward system runs on the home network and automatically detects and configures devices as they connect. It acts as a bridge and controls all devices automatically and co-ordinates data between them to perform smart actions based on user habits and needs. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  38. 38. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Devices Management (6/7) Company Details Funding Investors Wink Wink [San Francisco, 2014]: Wink is a Quirky Inc. spin off subsidiary company formed in June 2014. The idea of Wink is to set up a platform(Wink App) that will allow consumers to control these various devices which will operate as a dashboard of sorts for everything in their connected home. The Wink API connects Wink devices to users, apps, each other, and the wider web. The company has lined up 15 companies who will offer nearly 60 Wink-enabled products by July 2014, including GE, Honeywell, Philips, and startups like Rachio. The first distribution deal for Wink devices is with The Home Depot, which will sell the products in its some 2,000 U.S. stores. Has a second office in New York City. Sensorflar e Sensorflare [San Francisco, 2014]: Sensorflare integrates different kinds of smart devices, communication protocols and online services that exist in smart environments and provide services that allow easy management of automation devices, smart objects or sensors from a single point of control. For this Sensorflare offers smartphone application. The app supports a number of smart home devices and sync with them in no time. Won the Speaktoit Integration Award. Pycno Pycno [London, 2013]: Built Jarvis, an open source platform to get real time data from sensor and allows users to control all their connected devices from anywhere. Devices like lights, kitchen appliances, garden sensors, heaters, etc. can be controlled from your smartphone or linked to operate autonomously, based on rules. Neoji Neoji [Paris, 2013]: Neoji is a sensor-packed home security, safety And efficiency monitoring hub. Neoji monitors home, provides security and reduces energy bills. Using their application Neoji can deliver all of this information straight to mobile device. Neoji is packed with smart sensors that communicate with home energy and water meters to follow consumption in real-time. A premium version of the device also includes a camera with a fixed 180 degree view so you can remotely log in to do a visual check after being alerted that something unusual is happening at home with that version of Neoji. Currently crowdfunding their project on IndieGoGo for a target of $100k. Jarvis Jarvis [San Francisco, 2013]: Jarvis is a voice interface based home automation devices management platform. Users can ask Jarvis to control the lighting, air conditioning, feed the pets, make coffee, or play their favorite song. The product is not released yet. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  39. 39. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Devices Management (7/7) Company Details Funding Investors SmashToa st SmashToast [Springfield, 2014]: Smashtoast's first product Puck is remote control replacement. It pairs with a smartphone app and communicates via Bluetooth. It replaces the remote by taking commands from the app and then issuing commands through it's own IR transmitter. The app can store shortcut commands as well earn from the user's habits to tailor feeds to them. Has an operating range of 150 feet and up to three years of battery life. Oort Oort [San Francisco, 2014]: Oort is a system of intelligent connected devices that lets users control their whole living environment with a single app on iOS or Android. It is a wireless Bluetooth Smart/iBeacon smart home solution and powers wireless communications for a wide range of devices like beacons, lights and power strips, regardless of manufacturer. Oort lets users build their own IoT system. Through a unique system of beacons and sensors, oort turns the user's phone into a remote control that has the power to turn off lights, control the temperature and keep track of objects, pets and people. Oort creates a multi-radio WiFi/Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) hub that connects all beacons, power strips, adaptors and environment sensors to one simple, easy-to-use interface that can be managed right from a user's phone or an Internet browser. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  40. 40. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Monitoring (1/5) Company Details Funding Investors Leeo Leeo [Palo Alto, 2013]: Leeo's smart alarm allows the use to receive alerts from their existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms with no contract and no monthly fees. In case an alarm sounds, it will send app notifications and calls to the user's phone. It can also monitor temperature and humidity in any room and send custom climate alerts to the user's phone. It also acts as a night-light. Costs $99. Works with iOS devices only. $37M Formation 8, Visionnaire Ventures, E.ON Wally Homes Wally Homes [Seattle, 2012]: SNUPI (Sensor Network Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure) technology is an ultra-low- power, general-purpose wireless sensing platform that is easily used and maintained by leveraging the existing electrical wiring as a whole home antenna. It provides a product 'Wally Home' which is a smart home monitoring solution. With a self installation product, it provides nodes and gateway to let user know of any water leaks as well as important trends in humidity and temperature levels. Wally's network of sensors, hub and the cloud are in constant communication with each other, ensuring user's home is monitored. With a smartphone app the hub transfers the alerts to user's even when he is not at home. $9M Madrona Venture Group Netatmo Netatmo [Boulogne-Billancourt, 2011]: Offers latest news, reviews and info about Netatmo, Weather, Air Quality, and the Netatmo Users community. Netatmo weather stations currently monitor the environment in more than 105 countries. $5.8M Iris Capital Keen Home Keen Home [New York City, 2013]: Keen Home is a hardware and software company that is innovating for the connected home. It has designed a smart cooling/heating vent which can be controlled remotely using smartphone. Successfully raised $40k from crwodfunding site Indigogo from 150 backers. $1.6M RMR Capital Orvibo Orvibo [Shenzhen, 2011]: Kepler, a product of Orvibo, is an intelligent gas and carbon monoxide detector that can automatically check for gas leaks in office or home. Kepler uses intelligent alerts to warn the user of potential danger from gas leaks. If the gas or carbon monoxide level become dangerous, the device will sound the alarm, as well as alert him/her with the companion smartphone app. Kepler also includes a cooking timer, which can be set from the app, or by rotating the out edge of the device. Raised CAD 50k on Kickstarter as of Aug 14, 2014 with an initial goal of $30k. $1.6M SAIF Partners Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  41. 41. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Monitoring (2/5) Company Details Funding Investors Roost Roost [Sunnyvale, 2014]: Roost offers retrofittable smart home solutions. Their first product is a battery that lets any existing smoke alarm connect to a home WiFi network so it can alert the owner’s smartphone if the alarm goes off. The battery has a WiFi chip and uses custom power management software to get more than five years’ life from the battery and alert the user at a reasonable hour when it needs to be recharged. Raised more than $96k on a goal of $50k on Kickstarter. $1M Sensorist Sensorist [Denmark, 2012]: Sensorist is a range of small wireless sensors collecting measurement data about the user's environment. The measurement data is transferred to the Cloud and the user can then access it via a mobile app or on the web. Real-time and historic measurement data can be visualized and explored on-the-go and the user can receive alerts when something unexpected is happening. Sensorist’s first solution is a wine cellar application, which allows users to track temperature and humidity development, to use automated surveillance service to protect wines and to estimate maturity of wines. $0.4M Seed Capital BleepBlee ps BleepBleeps [London, 2013]: BleepBleeps makes kid-friendly, IoT-styled devices to help people with the job of parenting. The company is targeting design literate and tech-savvy parents with multi-coloured hardware, paired to a smartphone and accompanying app. The company's first product is Sammy Screamer, a motion detector. Featuring a built-in accelerometer, Sammy Screamer beeps and sends an alert to a companion smartphone app when it senses movement. Using Bluetooth 4.0, the device connects with a smartphone within a range of 50 m. The company intends to develop products for parents like conception, birth, and after-birth categories. $0.2M Kickstarter Wimoto Technologi es Wimoto Technologies [Markham, 2013]: Wimoto offer four different sensors that allow monitoring of different parameters through a companion smartphone app. The sensors include Climote (light, temperature and humidity), Growmote (sunlight, soil moisture and temperature), Thermote (object temperature) and Securimote (infrared motion and accelerometer). The sensors last a year on battery and send data through Bluetooth and can store a week's worth of data. The app can be used to upload the data to the cloud where it can be accessed using RESTful APIs. Raised more than $100k on a goal of $22k on Indiegogo. Incubated at Communitech. $50k Driblet Driblet [Monterrey, 2013]: Driblet is a smart water meter that connects to water pipes to track use. Their patent pending technology enables driblet to run on the water it is tracking, hence it doesn't need any external power. Driblet is a fully fledged Internet of Things device, so it'll report back to the cloud via Wi-Fi without need of syncing it with a computer. Stored on a remote server, data about water usage can be accessed by an Android or iOS device. Driblet Labs was a member of the 2014 Winter generation of Gener8tor accelerator program based in Madison WI. $20k gener8tor Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  42. 42. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Monitoring (3/5) Company Details Funding Investors Habitat Habitat [Ottawa, 2014]: Habitat's home automation solution consists of three parts: Park (a docking station that allows users to control their door via smartphone with provision for alerts and temporary access to users), Protect (detects if the CO alarm is an alarm or an alert to change the battery) and Learn (has temperature, audio, motion, and light sensors) which can be configured and used to monitor any of the listed parameters. All of these devices connect to the Hub which connects to the internet allowing control via smartphone. The hub can also connect to other smart devices such as Nest and Hue. A developer API is also available. Has raised $16k on a goal of $69k on Kickstarter (as of early Jan 2015). RedLab RedLab [Strasbourg, 2014]: Notifon, a product of RedLab, is a wireless Internet-connected device that allows the user to customize any object into a notifying one and can send instant notifications based on real life events. The device can be connected to a variety of things, such as garage, mailbox, front door, or when someone opens the fridge. Users can customize the type of Push notifications they want to receive. The notifications can be received on smartphone (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone), or as tweets, emails etc. and users can attach real-time pictures to their email and Tweet notifications. Provides a cloud platform, PushingBox, to help the user manage his/her notifications. Sutro Sutro [San Francisco, 2012]: Sutro is a water testing and data analytics company. Currently in beta, Sutro's first product is a smart pool sensor capable of detecting a wide variety of pool chemistry parameters such as chlorine, acidity, salt, and temperature. Based on technology which has a patent pending, Sutro is designed to maintain pool quality with minimal involvement from the user. Their device can automate testing, ships chemicals when needed and tells the user when to administer them. Lagoon Systems Lagoon Systems [Cincinnati, 2014]: An easy to install water sensor that can track water usage and pushes the data to the users smartphone. It is also capable of leak detection and will alert the user. Connects to the users pipe without need for modification allowing DIY installation. Syncs with the app that runs on the users smartphone. Helps the user set goals for water consumption, reducing water consumption and cutting costs over the long term Eva Smart Shower Eva Smart Shower [Orange County, 2014]: Eva is a smart shower head that can save up to 50% of the user's water usage. Features include a temperature setting that shuts off water when a desired temperature is reached, a unique sensor system that adjusts the water flow based off the user’s needs and a timer that reminds users when they are taking too long. Has a companion app (connects via Bluetooth) that provides comprehensive shower statistics, showing water usage habits and allowing comparison with the Eva community. Raised more than $51k on a goal of $50k on Indiegogo. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  43. 43. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Monitoring (4/5) Company Details Funding Investors Amperic Amperic [Boston, 2012]: Amperic offers Knut, a battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled sensor hub that enables you to monitor valuables. Knut wirelessly connects multiple sensors to your mobile device (iPhone, Android) or home computer (PC, Mac). Because Knut uses email to send and receive data, it does not require any subscriptions or fees. Temperature monitoring of home, aquarium, humidity monitoring. Notion Home Notion Home [Denver, 2013]: Notion's device consists of a hub, a small central point of communication for all sensors and a multi-function sensor, each capable of detecting 1of 7 actions. The sensors available are an Accelerometer, an Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, Temperature sensor, Piezoelectric, Proximity sensor and a Water leak probe. After configuration via the companion smartphone app, the selected sensor's data and alerts are sent to the user. An open API is also available. Raised $281k with 1,338 backers against a goal of $50k on kickstarter. Incubated at Techstars, Boulder. FLAIR Vents FLAIR Vents [Seattle, 2014]: FLAIR allows the user to dynamically route climate controlled air to occupied rooms, saving energy and improving comfort. By monitoring rooms individually, Flair can dynamically balance the user's climate control to maximize comfort and by understanding occupancy patterns, the system can save energy and money for the user. Using occupancy sensors and historical occupancy patterns, the system can direct the climate control in an optimal way, biasing rooms with people or that will likely have people. Flair also claims that the system may reduce the energy bill by more than 30%. Supermec hanical Supermechanical [Austin, 2011]: Supermechanical has two products. Range is a cooking thermometer which records the temperature of the food as it gets cooked to help improvise or repeat. Twine is a smart sensor which reacts to temperature, vibrations and orientation. Work sprung from MIT Media Labs. Funds raised through kickstarter, Range ($177K), Twine ($556K, 1st project on IoT to get funded through Kickstarter) Tank Utility Tank Utility [Somerville, 2014]: Tank Utility is a remote propane monitoring system and price comparison platform. They combine accurate data on tank levels, real-time consumption patterns, and current market rates into one intuitive application. It helps ensure consumers never run out of fuel, have visibility to effectively manage their consumption, and are alerted to make timely purchasing decisions that will save them money. Failed to raise its $20k on Kickstarter. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  44. 44. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Monitoring (5/5) Company Details Funding Investors Current Labs Current Labs [Chicago, 2014]: FishBit is a WiFi and Bluetooth LE-connected set of sensors that pairs with mobile and web applications to help saltwater aquarium owners review historical and real-time readings, receive notifications when levels suddenly change, and obtain recommendations for proactive aquarium maintenance. Highway1 alumni. Birdi Birdi [Brooklyn, 2013]: Smart air monitor that monitors air quality, everyday health hazards, pollution and emergencies like fire and carbon monoxide. Sends alerts on iOS and Android (coming soon). Raising funding on Indiegogo. Water Hero Water Hero [Boston, 2014]: Water Hero is a smartphone-controlled device, that gives people insight into their water use. The device is placed directly on the user's municipal water meter to get a detailed picture of flow rates. If it detects an unusually high volume of water (typically caused by a leak), the Water Hero can alert the user and even shut down the system. The device detects magnetic pulses from the municipal meter (typically 1/100th of a gallon). It sends this information to the user's phone via Wi-Fi. Water Hero was born at the Massachusetts Cleanweb Hackathon. It can also be set to "away" mode, in which case it will shut down the system if the flow rate exceeds a set value. Costs $199 and works with any smartphone (including WebOS, Bada, and Symbian). Raised $64k with a goal of $54k on Kickstarter (campaign is still live). Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  46. 46. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Security (1/2) Company Details Funding Investors SimpliSafe SimpliSafe [Cambridge, 2006]: Provides Wireless Home Security system with cellular-alarm-transmitter notifier. The Simplisafe uses the ReFLEX wireless network, the same Narrowband PCS network used by hospitals and emergency services. SimpliSafe offers sensing devices and other components associated with protecting against burglaries and other threats to the home, with a typical hardware package costing about $260. $57M Sequoia Capital Seek Thermal Seek Thermal [Santa Barbara, 2012]: An infrared camera that is attached to the users smartphone and grants infrared video feed. The thermal camera sends the video feed to the smartphone where is it displayed. The infrared vision of the camera allows the viewer to see through some obstacles and see people clearly even in the dark. Compatible with select ios and android devices. Has a developer kit available. $30M elarm elarm [Seattle, 2013]: Elarm is currently building the next generation of home security for connected homes. In stealth mode. $0.8M Korner Korner [Seattle, 2013]: Korner provides a smart home security system that consists of a $100 dongle and a smartphone app. By plugging in the dongle, Fab, to a router and sticking curved sensing tags in the corner of doors and windows, users can be notified via a smartphone app if someone has entered their home. When the tags sense movement, the system pings the dongle wirelessly and sets off a high-pitched alarm while also sending a notification to the user’s smartphone app. He or she then has the option to call police, send the alert to someone else, or disable the system completely. Raised $400k on Indiegogo with an initial target of $150k. Nucleus Nucleus [Philadelphia, 2014]: Nucleus is a wireless, WiFi-enabled intercom system that provides audio and video feed to any other connected Nucleus intercom. It's easy to step up and works through the internet, so it can connect across countries as well. It's voice activated and is compatible with other smart devices and when paired, can control them via voice commands. It can also act as a night light and white noise source. With the companion smartphone app, an android or ios device can also act as a remote intercom unit as well. An open API is in development. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  47. 47. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Home Security (2/2) Company Details Funding Investors Sensorjet Sensorjet [Auckland, 2008]: SensorJet is an automatic fire suppression system for kitchens. It detects fires and automatically releases a water-mist when activated. The SensorJet system integrates into the kitchen tap or installed on the bench. Sensorjet includes a ceiling mounted wireless sensor, a jet, and an under-bench unit. The under-bench unit is connected to mains water and responds to signal from ceiling sensor.When a fire is detected, the jet releases water into the room. This helps suppresses the fire. Failed to raise it's goal of $150k on Indiegogo. Proteus Proteus [Amherst, 2013]: Proteus currently offers 3 different types of sensors. Motion detectors, Door sensors and flood sensors. Has other sensors currently under development including biometric sensors. Their sensors can be configured to send email and text alerts when the sensors are triggered. A camera option is available as well. Aware Systems Aware Systems [Reno, 2014]: Aware Systems offers a system that tracks any disturbance or movement of the user's valuable's or firearms. The setup consists of a sensor that is attached to the firearm or the anything else such as the medicine cabinet or liquor cabinet door and sends an alert if their is movement. This alert is sent to the hub which sends it the companion app through an internet connection (wireless or wired). The hub has battery and cellular data as a backup. The sensor is a movement alert system, (not a tracking system) in the interest of user privacy. Product has not been launched as of December 2014. Liferoome Liferoome [Sydney, 2013]: Liferoome sells smart home devices made using the Z-Wave technology. It sells smart controllers, doors, ip cameras, sensors etc. Form devices Form devices [Shenzhen, 2014]: Point is a minimalist device for home security. Point detects a variety of parameters such as: sound presence, air, temperature, humidity and tampering. Point can be configured to give friendly reminders or sound a siren if any parameters monitored, deviate beyond a set value. It can also alert the user through their smartphone. Part of the Haxlr8r program for 2014. Has raised more than $238k on a goal of $50k on Kickstarter. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  48. 48. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Locks (1/3) Company Details Funding Investors August August [San Francisco, 2013]: August's flagship product, August Smart Lock is a safe, simple and social way to manage home access. It is a lock and access system that allows home owners to grant access to trusted people for specific periods of time. $10M Cowboy Ventures, SoftTech VC, Maveron, Industry Ventures, Rho Ventures UniKey Technologi es UniKey Technologies [Winter Park, 2010]: Powers the Kwikset Kevo, the only true touch-to-open smart lock, requiring no interaction with a smartphone, providing hassle-free entry. Licensing this patent-pending technology. $2.4M ff Venture Capital LEAPIN Digital Keys Hoard [Berlin, 2013]: Hoard uses networked smart storage locations to help people exchange physical objects. For example apartment renters (e.g. on Airbnb) can manage access for guests and cleaners with their smartphone. Costs $3 for one storage or $15 per month with unlimited storage. Deployed at 6 spots in Berlin with 46 other spots expressing interest. Looking to tie up with retail stores, gas stations and café chains to place hoard boxes on site. Incubated at Haxl8r S4 batch. $175k Kima Ventures, HAXLR8R Hoard LEAPIN Digital Keys [Adelaide, 2011]: LEAPIN has developed and patented a ‘keyfree and carefree’ entry system using the mobile phone as a replacement to metal keys, keycards and keyfobs, that can be easily integrated into any locking product, access control system, and Computer Reservation/booking System. The company has developed mobile apps for various industries like travel, lifestyle, commercial security, etc which can be used to generate digital keys ans enable sharing. Plans to license their technology to a range of lock providers. LEAPIN was awarded a $50,000 Skills and Knowledge grant through Commercialisation Australia. $50k 10Xelerator Lockitron Lockitron [San Francisco, 2009]: Lockitron brings keyless entry using smartphone. Lockitron lets instantly grant family, friends and guests access to home or business from anywhere in the world using internet enabled smartphone. It works with any smartphone and uses Bluetooth Low Energy for communication. Lockitron installs in seconds over current deadbolt without the need for a locksmith. Raised $2.2M on a self hosted crowdfunding campaign in Oct 2012. SV Angel, Y Combinator Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency
  49. 49. Deal Discovery Made Easy Company Details: Locks (2/3) Company Details Funding Investors LOCK8 LOCK8 [Berlin, 2012]: Lock8 (VeloLock) offers an electronic key allowing users to lock and unlock their bikes using its mobile app. It also features GPS tracking and smart sensors, which activate a 120 decibel alarm when the bicycle is tampered with. LOCK8 features a gyro-accelerometer, temperature sensor, vibration detector, light sensor and hot wire cable. With its bike sharing platform, the smart bike lock allows any bicycle fleet to be connected to a rental platform, so bikes can be reserved and booked remotely through the app. A GPS/GSM chip integrated in the LOCK8 enables customers to locate and unlock the bicycle without handing over keys. Lock8 won €40,000 at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe and also raised £60k on Kickstarter. Horizons Ventures, Otto Capital, LLC Kiwi.ki Kiwi.ki [Berlin, 2012]: KIWI.KI provides secure handsfree access for apartment buildings that works similarly to keyless remote systems from cars. Provides transponder “Ki” and mobile app to use the KIWI system. Goji Goji [San Francisco, 2013]: Goji (Bielet Inc.) has developed a smart lock that can be controlled using mobile phones. The lock communicates with the user's iPhone or Android device over Bluetooth LE and links up to the user's Wi-Fi network giving users remote access. That Internet connectivity also allows Goji to snap, upload and push a photo to the user's phone of anyone who has permission to enter through a Goji-equipped door. Each Goji system comes with two programmable key fobs in case someone doesn't have a smartphone and four admin accounts that can issue digital keys. Provides 24/7 customer service. Raised $313k on Indiegogo. Haven Haven [Nashville, 2014]: Haven is a smart lock technology for home security. Offers smartphone control of the smart lock. Can detect excessive force and warn user of possible break-in. Can sync with other home automation devices to provide enhanced security. Has raised $85k so far, out of a possible goal of $150k from 350 backers on crowd sourcing portal kickstarter(ends Oct 25th 2014). SimpliciKe y SimpliciKey [Washington DC, 2009]: SimpliciKey's Remote Control Electronic Deadbolt provides three different ways to lock/unlock the door while still maintaining maximum security: key, keyfob or keypad. SimpliciKey replaces existing deadbolt without any additional holes or drilling. Also provides Simplicikey Connect, a Web-based system for home entry control from computer and mobile devices. Home Automation Home Security Energy Efficiency