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Cb on mobiles

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PPT on consumer behaviour on mobile in chandigarh

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Cb on mobiles

  1. 1. Consumer Behavior anddecision making----MobilesSubmitted To: Prof. Manbeena Lehal Submitted By: Umesh, Raj, Sukhraj and Navkiran Date:23/03/2010
  2. 2. Problem Recognition Post- InformationPurchase SearchBehavior Buying Decision Process EvaluationPurchase OfDecision Alternatives Attributes
  3. 3. Problem Recognition Communication Seeing somebody use a mobile… Emergency Business Status symbol… GPRS, internet Entertainment
  4. 4. Information Search
  5. 5. Past Experience………………Risk of making wrong decision mediumCost of gathering information very lowTime spending low Internal
  6. 6. ExternalFamily , Friends, internet, reports, ads , website etc.Cost of gathering information highTime Spending moreChances of wrong decision low
  7. 7. Evaluation Of Alternatives You will compare all the available alternatives according to your needs..and will choose the best one…
  8. 8. Purchase Decision
  9. 9. PurchaseMay differ from purchase decision Availability Immediate need Better deals
  10. 10. POST-PURCHASE EVALUATION Experience after buying Cognitive dissonance Factors Influencing Customer Satisfactiono Warrantieso After sales communication
  11. 11. TYPES OF CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR Limited Decision Making Extensive Decision Making Impulse buying
  14. 14. Impulse buying
  15. 15. Group Family Friendship Group Formal Social Club Shopping Group Work group Reference Group
  16. 16. Family
  17. 17. Friendship group
  18. 18. Formal Social Group
  19. 19. Culture
  20. 20. Motivation ConsumerPerception Learning Psychology Personality
  21. 21. Perception
  22. 22. Selective Perception
  23. 23. Selective Exposure
  24. 24. Perceptual Defense
  25. 25. Motivation
  26. 26. Personality
  27. 27. Consumer InnovativenessNew mobile is launched in the market, you just go for it or you wait for your friend to buy it and see the result.
  28. 28. Dogmatism  Degree of rigidityNOKIA customer would not only use Nokia but also he/she would tell others to use Nokia.
  29. 29. Ethnocentrism Made in Japan Made in USA Made in ChinaMade inIndia
  30. 30. Consumer Materialism 4 lakh ki ghadi Guma di Meri 1.5 Lakh ki sherwani300$shoeTum logchatnikyukhate ho
  31. 31. Family Stimulus Branding Association LearningProduct Line Stimulus Extension Generalization
  32. 32. Stimulus Association
  33. 33. Stimulus Generalization
  34. 34. Product Line Extension
  35. 35. Family Branding
  36. 36. Or