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Ronald Nessim

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Leading California lawyer, nomination submission

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Ronald Nessim

  1. 1. Lawyer’s name: Ronald J. Nessim Firm: Bird Marella Location: Los Angeles Title: Principal Practice Type: Litigation Specialty: White collar Law school and graduation date: University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, 1980 Phone number and email for the lawyer: (310) 201-2100, rjn@birdmarella.com Phone number and email for any representative who wishes to be notified if the lawyer was selected for the list: Megan Braverman, megan@berbay.com, 310-405-7343 Winning over 40 criminal cases, civil trials and arbitrations, Ron Nessim has been ranked on the list of The Best Lawyers in America. With over three decades in high-profile civil and white collar criminal law cases, Mr. Nessim has gained thorough experience representing clients in the entertainment, criminal and healthcare fraud arena. Mr. Nessim is indisputably one of the best lawyers in California, particularly in the entertainment industry, representing clients like Barry Levinson and Tom Fantana, creator of Homicide: Life on the Street. Other established clients include author Danielle Steele, producer Douglas Cramer, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, creators of Will & Grace. In one of Ronald J. Nessim’s more recent cases, he represented Don Bellisario, creator of television programs such as Magnum P.I., JAG and NCIS, in a contract dispute with CBS. Mr. Bellasario was terminated by CBS while NCIS’s show runner and his successor created a spinoff, NCIS: Los Angeles. The “spin off” rights in one or more of Bellisario’s prior Paramount/CBS term deals gave him “first opportunity” rights to develop spinoffs of JAG and NCIS and share the profits. Mr. Nessim was able to negotiate a confidential settlement for his client on the eve of the trial. As a former board member of the Public Counsel, Ronald J. Nessim represented a state prisoner before the United States Supreme Court in relation to the prisoner’s federal habeus corpus petition. He has recently become one of the leading lawyers in the entertainment-industry, dealing with cases closely connected to claims against studios relating to their entitlement to back-end profit participation. Named Variety’s 2014 Legal Impact Report as a leading litigator, Mr. Nessim holds a remarkable reputation. He can handle not only civil proceedings but criminal as well, both in a coordinated and cost effective fashion. In matters relating to general business litigation, Mr. Nessim is well-known for representing plaintiffs and defendants in corporate and partnership disputes. It is Mr. Nessim’s extensive knowledge, eagerness to succeed and years of dedication to law that have made him such a remarkable white collar lawyer.