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REFLECT - Voice-Enabled Reflection on the Go

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Presentation at ARTEL 2013, ECTEL 2013, Paphos. Cyprus

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REFLECT - Voice-Enabled Reflection on the Go

  1. 1. http://learning-layers.eu 1
  2. 2. http://learning-layers.eu • Reflection is a key activity for workplace learning, but is often neglected in everyday practice • Example: General practitioners – Are on a tight schedule (consultations, home visits) – But need to make their learning activities traceable for re-certification 2
  3. 3. http://learning-layers.eu • Create reflection opportunities in time slots such as driving a car when on the way between home visits, or when commuting • Reflection support that is voice-based (handsfree usage) – Users can record their reflections, which are transcribed and sent to them afterwards 3
  4. 4. http://learning-layers.eu • Reflection session as structured interviews along a deck of questions – Users can skip or repeat questions via voice commands • Decks can be situational, e.g., after a home visit, after a training event, daily/monthly reflection sessions 4
  5. 5. http://learning-layers.eu • Useful questions and decks of questions cannot be predefined by app developers – Relevancy to different types of users and situations • Therefore: community-driven development of decks of questions – Selecting others‘ questions and reusing decks – Support for creating one‘s own (and sharing them) 5
  6. 6. http://learning-layers.eu • Client: native Android app using Google‘s Speech-to-text APIs • Server: PHP application based on Bootstrap 6
  7. 7. http://learning-layers.eu 7 http://goo.gl/m0vBc