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Guidelines for using Open Badges in VET mobility

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Take guided steps to set up and prepare a badge system to validate and recognise learning that happens during vocational education and training mobility - VET mobility.
All badges are available on https://www.badgecraft.eu/en/library

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Guidelines for using Open Badges in VET mobility

  1. 1. Open digital badges for VET mobilities > Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project European Badge Alliance
  2. 2. Welcome to the badge world! This a step-by-step guide which will prepare you for using open digital badges to recognise learning for VET Students experimenting life abroad thanks to an Erasmus + mobility! / INTRODUCTION www.ebawebsite.net
  3. 3. ∎ Open Badges is a worldwide standard to validate and recognise learning that happens anywhere. They are visual representation of learning and achievements. ∎ Badges are digital and thus create new possibilities to manage achievements: store, share and display them anywhere on the web and include on CV. ∎ Find out more about Open Badges / www.ebawebsite.net ABOUT OPEN BADGES
  4. 4. ∎ This system can be used with incoming and outgoing VET students. It supports VET students experimenting mobility regardless their nationality, the vocational sector or the duration of their mobility ∎ It has to be managed by the Mobility Coordinating Organization. It can be easily integrated in the on-arrival training, weekly and pre departure mentoring / ABOUT VET MOBILITY BADGE SYSTEM www.ebawebsite.eu
  5. 5. Major Objective : Raising students’ awareness of non formal and informal learning through gamification / /
  6. 6. Specific Objective : ∎ Support students in getting familiar with the 8 LLL key competences EU framework and in becoming aware of the learning linked to these skills that happened while leaving abroad. ∎ Provide all students involved in the mobility experience with a basic knowledge of two key values: □ The cooperation □ The life long self -improvement //
  7. 7. How does it works ? ∎ There are no levels, students can earn the badges whenever they are accomplishing with a minimum of missions requested. ∎ Participants would be encouraged to obtain all badges in order to get the final certificate and-of a price ∎ There are no compulsory missions or obligation for how recognizing it. ∎ It has to be defined according to the length of the mobility, the age of participants and the needs of the organization //
  8. 8. EXAMPLE OF BADGES/ www.ebawebsite.net
  9. 9. Sense of Initiative and entrepreneurship DESCRIPTION : refers to an individual's ability to turn ideas into action. It involves creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. TESTIMONIAL : Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) American information technology entrepreneur and inventor. TASKS to accomplish, type of evidence, assessment: ✦ To do something extra at home/ on the workplace - mentor assessment ✦ To organize a dinner, a football match, a cultural visit with your friends - peer assessment ✦ Give yourself a task ! - self assessment With direct link to LLL key competences
  10. 10. Linked to extra competences - up to the coordinating organization / Walk together or Be Cooperative DESCRIPTION : attesting the ability of the participants to be active part in a group/community of people and to collaborate with them, in order to pursue common objectives and to improve each members' quality of life TESTIMONIAL : Monique F. Leroux (Aug.11, 1954 in Montreal) is a Quebecois Canadian cooperative business leader... TASKS to accomplish, type of evidence, assessment: ✦ Provide an example of cooperation with colleagues - mentor evaluation ✦ Provide an example of cooperation with the group - peer evaluation ✦ Provide an example of cooperation with house friends in cooking, housekeeping, other - self evaluation
  11. 11. HOW TO SET UP BADGES Create a badge project on www.badgecraft.eu Import “Badge System for VET mobility’ Achievements” from badge library Specify badge content Familiarise with tips for using badges ? 1 2 3 4 www.ebawebsite.net
  12. 12. Create a badge project at www.badgecraft.eu 1 www.ebawebsite.net
  13. 13. Click to register your account. Login, if you have one
  14. 14. Go to Projects/ Organisations and create an organisation. If you have it already, skip this step
  15. 15. Create a new project for your activity
  16. 16. Import badge system from www.badgecraft.eu/en/library 2 www.ebawebsite.net
  17. 17. Import full badge system to your project Type keywords “vet mobility”
  18. 18. Specify badge content 3 www.ebawebsite.net
  19. 19. CONTENT OF BADGES★ ∎ Badges have quite generic descriptions, making the system easily adaptable to any VET mobility project. ∎ However, you might wish to add specific details or tasks or badges about your VET project, dates, places, etc. ∎ This system is based on a practice where Mentors have introductory training, mid-term monitoring meetings and final evaluation. Check if badge criteria are matching with your organisation practices. www.ebawebsite.net
  20. 20. Tips for using badges 4 www.ebawebsite.net
  21. 21. ∎ Introduce Open Badges to all Mentors before the project starts. ∎ Use a video What is a Badge? Or any other resource ∎ Invent with them a game, a competition, a challenging way of presenting it to students ! ∎ Try starting a quest with mentors and with students while presenting it! SMOOTH START !! www.ebawebsite.net
  22. 22. ∎ From time to time remind mentors to remind students about the game ∎ Keep an eye if there are any evidence verification requests ∎ Discuss badge earning process with mentors during your meetings with them and ask them to collect feedbacks from students KEEP MENTORS ON BOARD! www.ebawebsite.net
  23. 23. HOW TO GENERATE BADGE BASED CERTIFICATE? ? www.ebawebsite.net
  24. 24. Go to Project’s settings to enable certificates Establish partnerships with the third parties and ask for endorsemenent. Their names can be entered here. It will increase the external value of open badges
  25. 25. Users with the permission can generate badges to certificates from the Project’s section “People”
  26. 26. Users can access their certificates from “My certificates”. They can be viewed or downloaded as PDF
  27. 27. Technical feedback & support write to info@badgecraft.eu @ www.ebawebsite.net
  28. 28. References EUROPEAN BADGE ALLIANCE Strategic partnership project for developing badge systems for European learning mobility www.ebawebsite.net ERASMUS+ European Union’s programme which offers funding for mobility projects in various fields of education & learning https://ec.europa.eu/program mes/erasmus-plus ““ The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. YOUR ORGANISATION This badge system was developed by Uniser soc coop. Find more on: http://www.uniser.net