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A Journey

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  1. 1. We are a group of alumni of our dear Alma Mater organized to serve a venue for batch reunions every once in a while. But the group eventually evolved with a purpose; the reunions became avenues of giving back from time to time. The group had its first successful community outreach last December 2009 at Calagdaan Elementary School. Hence, the term Batch Nizo – an epitome of “true men and women for others.” WE ARE BATCH NIZO.
  2. 2. A momentum was sustained. It was followed by giving free snacks to the students of Cantilan National High School during the National Achievement Test last March 2010.
  3. 3. • …then a Back-to-School Outreach activity last May 2011. School supplies were distributed to students of Isla Heneral Integrated School, Cantilan National High School – Consuelo Annex and some pupils of Cantilan East Central Elem. School.
  4. 4. In line with the Silver Jubilarian’s outreach advocacy this year, the Batch Nizo spirit was rekindled. We wanted to give back again.
  5. 5. “Charity begins at home." We found out we have batch mates who have not enough share of blessings. Last September 20, 2015, we brought them together at the Retreat House of the Poor Clare Sisters in Palasao. Along with their families, we said hello and reminisced the good old days. We ate with them, laughed with them and gave them groceries and gifts. We are BATCH NIZO.
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