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The Best Calcium Supplement

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This slideshow is to educate people that the Best Calcium Supplement is actually Calmodulin (CaM), which is the trasporter and regulator for Calcium ions to go into the cells. Without CaM, calcium cannot be absorped into the cell which leads to calcium defiency. Serious calcium defiency will cause osteopenia and even osteoporosis. Too much of calcium causes calcification. Therefore, calcium needs to be regulated and balanced by Calmodulin.

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The Best Calcium Supplement

  1. 1. Bone loss is primarily due to Bone Remodeling Process, Unchangeable risk factors such as gender, body size and etc, and changeable risk factors such as coffee consumption and lack of exercises. What is Bone Remodeling? Basically there are 2 types of bone cells. Osteoclast which destroys worn out cells (Resorption) so that Osteoblast can regenerate new bone cells. This is how the bone remodeling process works. However, after the age of 30, things changed. The number of Osteoclasts increases and they tend to work more aggressively destroying old and worn out cells. On the other hand, Osteoblasts become inactive or rather they work slower. Their efficiency of making new bone cells decreases. This means that they cannot replenish the bone faster than the Osteoclasts destroying the bone cells. Therefore, after the age of 30, bone tends to become porous which leads to Osteopenia and even Osteoporosis. Coupled with some unchangeable and changeable risk factors, it makes bone degradation becomes even faster.
  2. 2. Bone Remodeling Wear & Tear Osteoclast Osteoblast Healthy Bone One cycle of bone remodeling process: 4 months
  3. 3. Bone Loss Increase After the Age of 30 Wear & Tear Osteoclast Osteoblast Osteoporosis ↑Bone Fracture Risk
  4. 4. Unchangeable Risk Factors Female Aging Caucasian & Asian Tiny Body SizeFamily History
  5. 5. Changeable Risk Factors
  6. 6. In human body, 99% of CALCIUM is stored in bone and teeth Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Another 1% is stored in blood So, the 99% or the 1% is important?
  7. 7. Answer is BOTH! 99% of CALCIUM forms human skeletal system, which without it we can’t even stand, sit or move. Don’t forget, blood cells are made from BONE too! Another 1%, though it’s minute, the roles it plays are MAGNIFICIENT! Because this 1% helps in: Activate Enzyme System Activeness and Production of Cell Maintain heartbeat and muscle contraction Maintain Cell Membrane Permeability and Stability Regulating Nervous System (Signal Transduction) Normalize Immune System Promote Hormone Secretion Promote Blood Clotting
  8. 8. However, it has to be balanced. Because - According to WHO’s statistic, 106 in 135 recorded human common diseases are related to imbalance calcium metabolism.
  9. 9. In the case of CALCLIUM deficiency Mild Moderate Severe Insomnia Osteoporosis Children growth retardation Muscle cramps Chronic backache Rickets Loss of appetite Hunchback Osteomalacia Irritability Arrhythmia Colon cancer Tension Hormone imbalance Difficulty in breathing Hypotension Decreased liver function Mental disorder Hypertension Drop of teeth Bone deformation Brain sluggish Height reduction Heart failure Decrease resistance “O” shape leg Bone fracture Congestion Aching of waist & leg Allergy Cardiac dysfunction Lack of energy Pulse disturbance Extremities numbness Joint pain
  10. 10. The Deficiency of Calcium OSTEOPOROSIS MUSCULAR ATROPHY ARTHRITIS They are interconnected and are due to Calcium Deficiency!
  11. 11. In the case of too much CALCIUM where it causes HYPERCALCEMIA ◎Diabetes Mellitus ◎Alzheimer’s disease ◎Hypertension ◎Arteriosclerosis ◎Stroke ◎Extremities numbness ◎Heart numbness ◎Calcification ◎Kidney stone ◎Cataract ◎Cell degeneration & death ◎Deterioration of disease
  12. 12. Consuming Calcium & Vitamin D doesn't help in preventing Bone Fracture
  13. 13. United States New Zealand Most of the Americans and New Zealanders drink milk, take Calcium supplements everyday and have exposure to sunshine. Why are they having the highest pelvic fracture rate?
  14. 14. The Passage of Calcium Absorption Calcium in Food 50% Stomach Small Intestine (SI) Calcium in Bone 細胞 Cell 1% 99% 20% ParathyroidHormone Diagram: Digestive system Blood From food, Ca goes through digestive tract. 50% of Ca destroyed by stomach acid, remaining 50% to small intestine. From SI, 20% of Ca goes into blood. 1% of it stored in blood. 99% to bone cells. For this 99% to go into bone, CaM is needed. Calmodulin (CaM) CELL
  15. 15. The Key Concept for Calcium Absorption into Cell Glucose Extracellular Intracellular Insulin 細胞内 Calcium Calmodulin (CaM) 細胞外 Extracellular Intracellular
  16. 16. Calmodulin -- Calcium Modulated Protein There are more than 1.8 million papers and thesis on Calmodulin http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleListURL&_method=list&_ArticleListID=960033643&_sort=r&view=c &_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=4714340e36664b88c4cd52470b60699f
  17. 17. Calmodulin Calcium Binding Protein Ca Ca Ca Ca One Calmodulin has four binding sites. In other words, each Calmodulin combines with 4 Calcium ions and brings them into cells one short.
  18. 18. CaMsecretion 100% 50% 5歲 10歲 20歲 30歲 40歲 50歲 60歲 70歲 80歲 Cerebellum Cell Digestive Cell Reproductive Cell Age CaM secretion reduced after 30 years old which leads to degradation of the functions of different organs. Calcium can be found from a variety of food, eg milk, soy bean, vegetables and etc. As CaM is a natural protein that is being synthesized from human body, we cannot get it from food. 20 30 40 50 60 70 80105 Age
  19. 19. Fortunately there is Professor Wang Kai-Wah, who discovered CaM in 1972 while she was doing cancer researches. Since then, researches as well as clinical trials on CaM was done on mice, monkeys and cancer patients by her. We cannot get CaM from food but luckily we have Professor Wang Kai- Wah who made it into edible health food. CaM is produced by single cell culture through Biotechnology. It is formed by 148 amino acids, including both Essential and Non-essential. This formula is not enough as 50% of any food that goes through digestive tract will be destroyed by stomach acid. Therefore, Lecithin is used to cover the combination, so that Ca2+ - CaM complex can be protected from destruction at stomach and reaches cell where it is then be absorbed fully.
  20. 20. Specialize in immunology, cytology, bioengineering & oncology research Professor Wang Kai-Wah 1954 - Graduated from Beijing Medical University 1958 - Participated in the study of the insulin synthesis 1972 - Involved in tumor-associated antigen and skin test for cancer and discovered Calmodulin 1982 - Professor at the School of Medicine, Xiamen University, and as the chairperson of Xiamen Cancer Research Centre 1990 - Established the Bionike Laboratory in America, which specialize in the research and development of bioengineering technologies as well as the production of medical supplies. Worldwide well-known Bioengineering Professor Recipient of 9 state Technological Invention Awards (China) FIRST & ONLY Professor who Successfully turns CaM into product & undergo 20 years of clinical trials
  21. 21. + Cell + _ + ++ + + + _ _ _ _ _ _ _ World’s Leading Bioengineering Technology CaCa CaCa CaM Single cell culture  formed by 148 amino acids  chelated with 4 Ca2+ Uniqueness 1 _ + + _
  22. 22. Essential Amino Acid Non-essential Amino Acid Essential Amino Acids are amino acids that cannot be produced from body and ought to get from food. Non-essential Amino Acids are amino acids that can be produced from human body. CaM contains both Essential and Non- essential Amino Acids. Add up all the numbers indicated after each amino acid and you shall get 148. CaM is made up of 148 amino acids.
  23. 23. + Cell + _ + ++ + + + _ _ _ _ _ _ _ World’s Leading Bioengineering Technology CaCa CaCa CaM Covered by lecithin  prevent stomach acid destruction  reach small intestine safely  electrogenically  more than 90% direct absorption _ + + _ Uniqueness 2
  24. 24. 1. Bi-directional regulation of Ca2+ concentration Coordination of the nervous system and endocrine system Energy starter and activation of enzyme system Promote the regeneration of cells Regulate immune function
  25. 25. 0.69650.6678 1. CaM = Bi-directional regulation of Ca2+ concentration (Calcium replacement in the case of Calcium Deficiency) DEXA scan shows Bone Mineral Density increases. Some gaps were filled after 4 months consumption of CAM.
  26. 26. 1.527 1.307 DEXA Scan shows calcification reduces in which excess calcified calcium is being removed, which leads to decreased Bone Mineral Density (BMD closer to ideal 0.995) after 4 months consumption of CAM. 1. CaM = Bi-directional regulation of Ca2+ concentration (removes excess calcified Calcium in the case of Calcification)
  27. 27. Osteoporosis & bone spur BMD ↑11% & bone spur become smaller 1. CaM = Bi-directional regulation of Ca2+ concentration (removes excess Calcium growth in the case of Bone Spur)
  28. 28. Before use of CAM After use of CAM This Taiwanese old lady has 90o hunchback that causes stomach bleeds due to compression. The effort of inserting endoscope was finally done after 21 attemps. CaM does not magically turn her bone to straight. But rather, CaM helps in replenishing Ca into bone that makes her bone becomes stronger. As bone becomes stronger, it has the strength to support body weight and she can stand up straight. Or else, weak bones tend to be crooked and cause hunchback and arthritis. Mdm Lin Age: 70+ 1. CaM = Bi-directional regulation of Ca2+ concentration (Calcium replacement in the case of Calcium Deficiency)
  29. 29. Coordination of the nervous system and endocrine system CaM helps in regulating nervous system where spine and leg soreness and pain experienced due to severe loss of Calcium can be relieved. Signal transduction in neurons requires Calcium. Some nervous system diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease are due to insufficient Calcium in neurons which leads to improper signal transduction. Supplementing Calmodulin to ensure that Calcium is being absorbed into cell helps in activating signal transduction which in turn, alleviate Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease symptoms. As CaM helps in regulating endocrine system, diseases caused by hormone imbalance such as diabetes, obesity and even pigmentation and black spots especially during menopause could also be alleviated.
  30. 30. Coordination of the nervous system and endocrine system Before use of CAM After use of CAM This lady from Sarawak, Malaysia suffered from facial stroke for 38 years. CaM helps in regulating nervous system. Signal transduction in neurons was well regulated after consumption of CAM for almost a year that loosen up of facial muscle as shown above. Her limbs and legs joint pain have been reduced. Her speech became clearer too. Mdm Agnes Siah Age : 70
  31. 31. Energy starter and activation of enzyme system CaM helps in activating mitochondria and enhancing ATP generation. Besides, CaM also enhances S.O.D enzyme to remove free radicals. Act as an energy starter, CaM enhances vitality. As CaM activates a series of biochemical reactions in body by activating enzyme system. This improves gastrointestinal tract (GIT) function and increase cell metabolic rate. E.CaM.Ca2+ A + B C Biochemical Reaction CaM . Ca2+ E = Enzyme CELL
  32. 32. 4. Promote the regeneration of cells
  33. 33. Cell division (phase M) – the important regulator - CaMK-II The CaMK-II protein level was unchanged during the cell cycle. When the cells were synchronized, the autonomous activity was increased only in M. These results indicate that the physiologically relevant portion of CaMK-II is activated only in M, and that the net activation of CaMK-II is required in mitosis.
  34. 34. Activation of CaM during phase M in cell division These data suggest that calmodulin regulates mitotic transitions.
  35. 35. CELLULITIS RAPID WOUND HEALING in 4 months time Mdm Tsie from Taiwan suffered from Cellulitis due to a wound on her foot. She was being transferred from hospital to hospital but it does not seem to work for her. After consuming CAM, wound started to heal. CaM activates CaM K-II which promotes cell replication. Before use After use
  36. 36. The adult bone marrow stem cells Inside the adult bone marrow, there are two types of stem cells, Hematopoietic Stem Cell (HSC) & Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). HSC inside the bone marrow can differentiate into red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets to maintain normal function of blood. Besides, it can differentiate into lymphocytes and macrophages to regulate immune function. MSC was mainly found in bone marrow, can be found in cord blood, peripheral blood and adipose tissue too. MSC can differentiate into various type of cells, including osteoblasts, chondrocytes, fat cells, muscle cells, etc. In addition, MSC can support the hematopoetic process of HSC.
  37. 37. Calmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase IV regulates Hematopoetic Stem Cell Maintenance
  38. 38. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) Mesenchymal stem cells had been revealed in the US official journal – Science on 2nd April 1999. Multilineage Potential of Adult Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Science 284, 143 (1999)
  39. 39. Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Bone marrow will be stimulated to release MSC when it receives the signals from the injured tissues. MSC will mobilize into circulation to the injured tissues and undergo differentiation for tissue regeneration and healing in order to maintain the constant number of body cells.
  40. 40. MAP kinase and calcium signaling mediate fluid flow- induced human mesenchymal stem cell proliferation The application of fluid flow also induced the phosphorylation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase-1and -2 as well as the activation of the calcium- sensitive protein phosphatase calcineurin in mesenchymal stem cells. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 290: C776–C784, 2006.
  41. 41. Ca2+ . CaM complex and regeneration mechanism CaM + Ca2+ CaM K-II Mitosis (Cell Replication/ Cell Division) CaM K-IV activates promotes Hematopoietic Stem Cell Synthesize Blood Cells activates activates promotes Calcineurin in Mesenchymal Stem Cells activates Injured Part Wound Healing Process to Carry out To summarize: Without CaM, all these biochemical reactions in human body cannot be carried out.
  42. 42. CaM + Ca2+ Analogy: Ca2+ = Lock CaM = Key A key is needed to lock or unlock a lock. The key is like a regulator. Likewise, CaM is the regulator for Ca2+. Without CaM (the key), many of the biochemical reactions in the human body cannot be carried out. Moreover, it is to no avail if you have enough Ca2+ (Lock) but no CaM (Key) to activate these series of biochemical reactions in the body. Frame of Life
  43. 43. Regulate immune function CaM regulate immune function by activating macrophages . Activated macrophages will engulf and destroy substances that are harmful to the body, such as toxins and even tumour cells. In addition, CaM also prevents tumour cells from obtaining nutrients. Cancer patients often feel weak. Therefore, CAM is essential for nutrients replacement especially for cancer patients after they have done chemotherapy or radiotherapy. CaM activates macrophages and helps in preventing cancer and bacteria invasion, enhancing immune system and eliminating age spots and lipomas.
  44. 44. Mr. Khor (on the left) from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia suffered from Prostate Cancer in 2007. He was recommended CAM by his doctor (on the right). After consuming CAM, the PSA (Prostate-specific Antigen) dropped from 130 to 0.4. He is still enjoying good health until now. Age : 73Mr. Khor
  45. 45. CAM TM ma-CAM TM
  46. 46. CAM TM Basically contains Calmodulin, Skimmed Milk, Lecithin, American Ginseng and Soybean Extract. Please note that it is American Ginseng but not Ginseng. (Ginseng is reported to be heaty and breast and ovarian cancer-causing). Soybean Extract is without the outer layer that contains Purine. Therefore, it does not affect Uric Acid, rather CaM regulates nervous system which reduces ache and endocrine system which promotes balanced hormones.
  47. 47. ma-CAM TM Basically contains Calmodulin, Millet, Lecithin, American Ginseng and Soybean Extract. The Skimmed Milk in CAM is replaced with millet. The amount of Calmodulin in ma-CAM is lesser but the binding affinity has been improved by 30%. Therefore, it gives the same effect as CAM. ma-CAM is to cater those with lactose intolerance or with chronic diseases for eg, Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Uric Acid or Heart Diseases. It is recommended for the elderly and vegetarians.
  48. 48. What are the differences between CaM and Fosamax since both of them are for Calcium replacement? Question:
  49. 49. References: 1. http://www.healthcentral.com/osteoporosis/c/73/8029/boniva-oral/ 2. http://www.coreynahman.com/osteoporosis_pagets.html Comparison Fosamax Actonel Boniva CAM and ma- CAM Category Drug Drug Drug Health Food Side effects Affects stomach, liver and kidney. Jaw necrosis. Cancer. It’s food. No side effects. Dosage Once a week orally. Once a month orally. Intravenous once in 3 months. Can be taken daily because it’s a food that causes no side effects. Do’s and Don’ts Consume in a sitting or standing posture. Cannot lie down within 30 mins after consumption. Consume in a sitting or standing posture. Cannot lie down within 1 hr after consumption. No restrictions whatsoever. Effectiveness Only prevent Osteoclasts from destroying worn out cells (Resorption). Do not activate Osteoblasts to regenerate new bone cells. Even for Fosamax, it gives only 9% improvement in 3 years time. Normalize Bone Remodeling Process. Activate Osteoblasts to regenerate new bone cells. Proven and testified by thousands of CaM consumers via Dexa Scan.
  50. 50. Say NO to OSTEOPOROSIS Reminder: It is insufficient to consume supplement alone without the REGULATOR or TRANSPORTER of that nutrient. A lock needs a key to be locked or unlocked.
  51. 51. 1. Be careful when you walk 2. Carrying heavy things is not recommended 4. Exercise regularly 3. Hiking is not recommended; Be careful when going up & down the staircase
  52. 52. It’s a bit long but worth reading. Best Wishes and Thank You.