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IOL: Open Education Week

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Institute for Open Leadership: slides for Open Education Week 2015

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IOL: Open Education Week

  2. 2. FOUR KEY TENETS • (The obviousness of) OPEN POLICY • Publicly / foundation funded resources should be openly licensed • Default = Open (via funding requirement) • CC BY on content, CC0 on data
  3. 3. OPEN POLICY NETWORK • Foster the creation, adoption, and implementation of open policies that advance the public good • Do this by supporting advocates, organizations, policymakers, and connecting policy opportunities with those who can provide assistance • 42 institutional OPN members • Steering committee • OPN work plan funded (in part)
  4. 4. INSTITUTE FOR OPEN LEADERSHIP • Global open movement requires new generation of open policy leaders • 1-week in-person training on ‘open’ domains & open policy + 1-year open policy project @ institutions / governments • 13 “fellows”: Bangladesh, Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Nepal, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Somalia, United States • “Mentors” from open: education, science, access, data, software, culture
  5. 5. WHAT’S NEXT? • IOL #1 fellows and mentors establish 13 new open policies in 2015 • IOL #2: Q1, 2016: location TBD • mentors = CC staff + regional open policy experts • Scale IOL (virtual, regional IOLs) to accommodate unmet demand (95+ applications for IOL #1)
  6. 6. IMAGE CREDITS Institution - by Thibault Geffroy from the Noun Project - CC BY 3.0 Blueprint - by Dimitry Sunseifer from the Noun Project - CC BY 3.0 Jumping IOL - by Cable Green (IOL #1 Flickr group) - CC BY 3.0
  7. 7. Dr. Cable Green Director of Global Learning cable@creativecommons.org with special thanks to: Tim Vollmer (IOL co-lead & mentor), Paul Stacey & Puneet Kishor (mentors)