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Serve the Market

For too long we have accepted the market structure that exists without questioning it. I contend that by focusing on creating value by serving the market, instead of merely focusing on profits, society as a whole will be much better off and in fact, companies are likely to be more profitable as a result.

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Serve the Market

  1. 1. photo credit Donar Reiskoffer CC Attribution Share-Alike License. Source from Wikipedia.org Serve the Market A Return To Our Common Humanity, Away From “Business As Usual”
  2. 2. Background
  3. 3. A Massive Wave of Change is Overtaking Business
  4. 4. Recent Market Lessons
  5. 5. Leads us to questions like: Who can we trust?
  6. 6. Leads us to demand: Transparency
  7. 7. Leads us to demand: Accountability
  8. 8. Leads us to questions like: How did this happen?
  9. 9. the information age separated managers from the people they manage Managers have confused the numbers in their spreadsheets with the shadows on Plato’s cave wall
  10. 10. we forgot. it’s our choice.
  11. 11. it’s no longer about COMMAND & CONTROL
  12. 12. today we need to ENGAGE & PARTICIPATE
  13. 13. The Big Idea
  14. 14. Serve the Market
  15. 15. Craig Newmark Said it Best “All organizations used to be community service organizations”
  16. 16. blacksmith baker candle maker
  17. 17. life preserver manufacturer?
  18. 18. what’s the organizing principles?
  19. 19. photo credit flickr.com/johnnyvulkan is it really only about the profit?
  20. 20. A New Market Model
  21. 21. Photo credit s7ich.deviantart.com/ art/Water-flow-130567301 trust flow is an accelerant for value creation
  22. 22. How open is your trust filter?
  23. 23. How open is your trust filter?
  24. 24. does the market trust you?
  25. 25. A Proposal: Net Trust Score
  26. 26. but wait, there’s more
  27. 27. “If manufacturers want to own the customers’ branded experience with their products, they need to take responsibility for disseminating all of the product-related information the customer needs to buy and enjoy the product…” Patricia Seybold Business 2.0
  28. 28. serving the market is leadership, not management
  29. 29. a closing question
  30. 30. is profit the only purpose of business? or are we able to transcend our current thinking?
  31. 31. and live from our heart photo credit http://www.flickr.com/aussiegall/ while serving the market?
  32. 32. @ChrisHeuer 001.408.834.0884 chris@socialmediaclub.org http://socialmediaclub.org/