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As Seen On TV: Using broadcast media in university teaching

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Slides from a presentation given at Lights, Camera, Learning: Teaching with the moving image - a conference held at Birkbeck, University of London in November 2018. The event marked the 70th anniversary of the setting up of the organisation known now as Learning on Screen (http://bufvc.ac.uk)

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As Seen On TV: Using broadcast media in university teaching

  1. 1. As Seen OnTV: Using broadcast media in university teaching Dr Chris Willmott Dept of Molecular & Cell Biology University of Leicester, UK cjrw2@le.ac.uk Lights, Camera, Learning:Teaching with the Moving Image
  2. 2. • Potential for use of broadcast media in teaching (and why some colleagues are resistant) • Examples from my practice • The [Subject]OnTheBox project • Broader reflections on setting up online repositories for education Overview
  3. 3. • We can (and should) be integrating more multimedia into our teaching Use of broadcast clips Video production News analysis Central premise
  4. 4. • We can (and should) be integrating more multimedia into our teaching Use of broadcast clips Central premise … Especially using BoB
  5. 5. • In addition to YouTube, there are dedicated services specifically for education e.g. BoB The Rise of Streaming Services
  6. 6. • “On demand” service, archive of TV and radio broadcasts from over 65 UK (& International) channels • Already contains over 2 million records, growing daily • Available for subscribing institutions • Currently user must be in UK (issues re overseas DL) BoB
  7. 7. Reasons include: • Content not sufficiently “academic” • Worries that technology might fail • Insufficient time in curriculum • Concerns about copyright • Lack of vision for potential uses • Uncertain what is available and/or where to find it Academic Reluctance to Use Media
  8. 8. Horizon: Pill poppers https://tinyurl.com/GSKrobot Example (1): Documentary clips
  9. 9. Die Another Day http://tinyurl.com/BondGeneTherapy1 http://tinyurl.com/BondGeneTherapy2 Example (2): Scene setting
  10. 10. Brainiac Science Abuse: The Smell of Fear http://tinyurl.com/SmellOfFear1 http://tinyurl.com/SmellOfFear2 Example (3): Discussion
  11. 11. • Students watch short clip describing an experiment to investigate whether you can smell if someone is afraid • Having watched the clip, they discuss: - what was good about the design of the expt? - what was wrong with the experiment? http://tinyurl.com/terrorface1 Example (3): Discussion
  12. 12. • students then asked to work with those sitting near them to design a better experiment looking into whether it is possible to smell fear http://tinyurl.com/armpitsniffing1 Example (3):A better version
  13. 13. Prehn-Kristensen et al (2009), PLoS ONE 4(6): e5987 http://tinyurl.com/anxietypaper A more scientific approach
  14. 14. The Cell (2): The Chemistry of Life http://tinyurl.com/ChemOfLifeEp2 Example (4):A full programme
  15. 15. • Difficult to fit full episode into lecture slot • Not best use of F2F time? • BoB raises potential for requiring students to watch programme before lecture or tutorial - Flipped classroom - Viewing lists as well as reading lists Example (4): Context and use
  16. 16. • Recommendations for TV (and radio) footage that can used for enriching teaching & learning • Programme tips equally valid without BoB, just harder to get hold of • Sharing best practice - metadata & keywords - describe usage • A collaborative project - students as producers - different institutions [Subject]OnTheBox Project
  17. 17. • Biologyonthebox.wordpress.com • Started September 2014 • Post of various styles Biology on the Box
  18. 18. Other disciplines starting to develop similar sites Astrophysicsonthebox.wordpress.com Englishonthebox.wordpress.com Historyonthebox.wordpress.com Other [Subject]OnTheBox sites
  19. 19. • Reflecting on experience with [Subject]OnTheBox project and other education blogs led to checklist for anyone considering setting up & running shared educational resource Broader Reflections on Developing Online Educational Resources
  20. 20. What is the purpose of site? 1
  21. 21. 2 Who are anticipated audience?
  22. 22. 3 Who will be authoring posts?
  23. 23. 4 Why would they contribute?
  24. 24. 5 Where will it be housed?
  25. 25. 6 Who will curate the site?
  26. 26. • Recommendation regarding educational blogging also on the #ALTC blog https://bit.ly/2pJDAG2 See also • Longer workshop on use of BoB available on Slideshare https://bit.ly/2FeLXPK
  27. 27. Acknowledgements • University of Leicester Teaching Enhancement Fund • University of Leicester Graduate Gateway Fund • Thanks to authors & curators of sites
  28. 28. E-mail: cjrw2@le.ac.uk Twitter: cjrw Slideshare: cjrw2 Blogs: www.bioethicsbytes.wordpress.com www.biologyonthebox.wordpress.com www.biosciencecareers.wordpress.com www.lefthandedbiochemist.wordpress.com Any questions?