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Proactive Lead Generation

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Websites can be a great tool for lead generation but you need to be proactive about it. Just setting up a contact page and a few lead forms and waiting for magic doesn't quite work. What can you do as a marketer to improve your lead generation efforts from your website ?

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Proactive Lead Generation

  1. 1. Connecto EveryVisitorMatters Get 200% increase in leads using Proactive Lead Generation
  2. 2. REFERRAL NETWORK Friends, Friend of Friends, Community etc MEDIA ADVERTISEMENTS Print Media, Newspaper Ads along with a phone number where leads can be collected. LEADS DATABASE Buy leads database – example would be Justdial.com, Shiksha.com etc in case of education DIGITAL Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Affiliate Networks Lead Generation Overview There are many ways a business generates leads. It depends on the nature of the business and it also depends on resources available.
  3. 3. Online Lead Generation revolves around Landing Pages Google Ads Facebook Affiliate Network
  4. 4. Landing pages evolved because of the inability of websites to act as leads funnel and because changing websites was even harder then landing pages. Technology now overcomes these shortcomings. With your website you can now generate significantly more leads of higher quality. Your Website – Pull Model Detailed information across pages Credible Destination Users can return back to it Can engage users for longer time X Users can get distracted X No lead form present X Hard to experiment with Landing Pages vs Your Website Landing Pages – Push Model Concise information for user More like an advertisement Transactional interaction hence easier X Less credible destination X Do or die sort of transaction X Works well only for motivated user
  5. 5. What is the user thinking PRODUCT User has to be convinced that your product is best for them. TRUST Users need trust and credibility to hand over their money CARE AND ATTENTION If you can understand their needs and address their questions, they are more likely to be your customers. PROACTIVE NUDGE When all of these are achieved, your users just need an easy way to convert to business but you need to provide that
  6. 6. Personalized Lead Forms Vanilla lead forms which don’t understand the page and user context are getting obsolete Content Marketing is growing 71% of B2B Marketers are using content marketing to generate leads Every visitor has Context Since the marketing is based on content, different visitors are interested in different content and the language of the lead forms must resonate with them. Impact In our experience, showing lead forms as per user’s context improves submission rate by upto 100%. Individual measures depending on context can further enhance it. * http://www.marketingcharts.com/online/1-in-5-marketers-say-they-use-pop-ups-to-collect-email-addresses-26321/
  7. 7. Email Subscription Popups The best time to ask a user for email subscriptions is when they have read through your article. Getting Popularity While landing pages and header/footer subscription forms are common, 1 out 4 websites are already asking for email subscriptions in popups.* Timing Users don’t want to be disturbed while reading but once they have read through, that is the best time to ask them for signup as its non intrusive. Impact In our experience Popup based subscription forms increase signup rate anywhere from 50 to 100% through compared to footer/side subscription forms because users tend to become blind to static forms. * http://www.marketingcharts.com/online/1-in-5-marketers-say-they-use-pop-ups-to-collect-email-addresses-26321/
  8. 8. Exit Intent When a user is about to exit your site, its possible to put your best fit forward and hold them. Gives you an extra chance Exit intent gives you an extra chance to impress the customer.* Messaging is Important Be sure you make the best use of this chance. When a visitor is about to leave you better have a good reason to stop them. Discount coupons are a good way to do that. Impact In eCommerce we have seen cart drop out rates to decrease by upto 7%. * http://www.marketingcharts.com/online/1-in-5-marketers-say-they-use-pop-ups-to-collect-email-addresses-26321/
  9. 9. Surveys Surveys are a great way of understanding the user and converting them to leads as well. Survey Usage 70% of marketers collect user information via surveys. Automatically segments users If a visitor is your target user you can follow up the survey with a lead form. If not you can politely exit Nurture disinterested users If a user gives their detail but is currently not interested in your product you can nurture them for later.
  10. 10. Best Practices To generate 200% more leads, use your website as a Proactive Marketer. • Convince: Address any gaps in Product Quality or Trust in the minds of user when they land on your site before you start selling. • Time: Once a user is ready, proactively nudge them towards the business goal. This could be lead generation, email subscription or simply a social activity (Share/Like/Follow) • Visibility: Make sure the action you are trying to get is visible to the user at the right time and not sitting passively on the page somewhere. • Do not spam: However, never disturb a user’s usage pattern like distracting them when they are still reading an article.
  11. 11. Why This Works • Websites are already a good destination for lead generation: They are credible and with quality content they attract interested audience. All your PR and SEO efforts contribute to the website. • Aims to understands the user better: By being more perceptive of user behavior on the site as well as before the site, it is able to handle user behavior more precisely. • Anything you make easier to do will increase its occurence: Assuming your visitors trust you and your product is good, if you make it easy to submit leads without hindering user experience it should lead to a boost.
  12. 12. What we are up to ? Connecto is on a mission to improve engagement and conversions for business websites. What is Connecto Leads ? Connecto leads helps you generate more and better leads from your website. It can target your audience in different ways e.g. time-on-website, geography etc. What are other products ? Connecto has multiple products to improve conversions and engagement on your website: 1. Connecto Messaging – Virtual Salesman/Assistant on your website. 2. Connecto Social – Grow your followers, Engage your visitors through social platforms. 3. Connecto Mobile – Engage and convert on your mobile site. Who we are? We at Connecto are working to make websites better by providing set of tools which improve engagement and conversion on your website.
  13. 13. +91 882 6026 333 contact@thoughtfabrics.com www.connecto.io