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2015 Travel Trends

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2015 Travel Trends

  1. Amenity Realignment: Hotels will be reevaluating their priorities next year! Major hotel chains will focus much less on the amenities you’re used to, such as TVs and phones. Instead, free and fast WiFi ranks as a higher priority in 2015.
  2. Rising rates: With hotel occupancy reaching new heights in 2015, expect to see room rates on the rise. We’ll see a greater emphasis on savings opportunities this year, especially with the younger generations. $
  3. Bundling and Blending: Bundle up! Chances are, you’ll need to book a flight, a room, and a rental car before you head out. Bundling rentals is getting more popular and affordable than ever. Speaking of package deals, blending hobbies into travel destinations is increasingly in-demand. Think of yoga trips, African surfing adventures, or health retreats. + +
  4. Tech in Travel: Gone are the days when you’ll need a card to check into your room. In fact, your next room key just might be your smart-phone. Also look for: booking via text messages, wearable tech (think Google Glass or Apple Watch), and geolocation that tracks your whereabouts and helps direct you to a room.
  5. The Internet of Things: The Internet of Things, or IoT, is estimated to increase 30-fold by 2020. We’ve already seen cars that park themselves, but did you know that cars will soon be driving themselves, too? Sorry, Uber and Lyft drivers!
  6. Poshtels: Ever wanted to stay in a hostel but were intimidated by the atmosphere or lack of amenities? Your answer might be a poshtel. That’s right: a posh hostel. Poshtels have the communal feel of a hostel with a few hotel perks like free WiFi and breakfast.
  7. Braggie: They’re basically the bane of social media and travel. Your friend takes 1 million photos from the mansion she bought in Tahiti. You get the picture-- a “braggie” exists to show the world that they have places to go, and those places are better than your places. “It's a crying shame that you have to go to England to buy a proper pair of jeans”
  8. Sharing: You’ve heard of sharing rooms and rides, but have you heard of sharing meals? Many travelers will be dining in a local’s home next year, thanks to services like EatWith.com and Grouper.
  9. Venturing into space and oceans: You’ve seen the whole world: What’s next? Space or the deep sea! New travel initiatives will allow you to reach these final frontiers.
  10. Local & Authentic: Overall, it seems that the travel industry is interested in the real deal in 2015. The local flavor is all the rage in the hospitality industry today, with hotels offering regional favorite foods and pastimes. Perfect example: the rise of local craft beers in hotel chains nationwide. LOCAL
  11. Green hotels: Do you really need to change your sheets every day? What about towels? Green hotels also aim to cut utility costs to minimize environmental impact. Plus, it just makes sense: reducing utility consump-tion may help drive hotel room costs down.
  12. www.yourcls.com 888-852-5100