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From Desktop to Home: Optimizing for Voice

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Voice search is fast becoming part of our broader organic search ecosystem. Discover how organic data, including Featured Snippets, feed voice and represent new SEO opportunities.

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From Desktop to Home: Optimizing for Voice

  1. 1. From Desktop to Home: Optimizing for Voice Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist, Moz
  2. 2. Two Revolutions
  3. 3. Easy access to microphones led to an input revolution.
  4. 4. Smaller and smaller displays led to an output revolution.
  5. 5. @dr_pete OK, Google: What is a revolution?
  6. 6. @dr_pete Revolution: A forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.
  7. 7. Knowledge Engine
  8. 8. @dr_pete
  9. 9. Knowledge Cards dominate mobile screen real-estate.
  10. 10. @dr_pete OK, Google: How far away is the moon?
  11. 11. @dr_pete The moon is 238,900 miles from Earth.
  12. 12. @dr_pete
  13. 13. Knowledge Cards have expanded into many formats.
  14. 14. @dr_pete OK, Google: What is an exoplanet?
  15. 15. @dr_pete Exoplanet: A planet that orbits a star outside the solar system.
  16. 16. @dr_pete
  17. 17. Even personalized information is now available to Google’s knowledge base.
  18. 18. @dr_pete OK, Google: When is my flight to Portland?
  19. 19. @dr_pete That flight, United 569 to Portland, leaves on the 8th of March, 2017, at 9:01am.
  20. 20. @dr_pete
  21. 21. @dr_pete
  22. 22. Featured Snippets on mobile and desktop have full attribution, but…
  23. 23. @dr_pete OK, Google: How many exoplanets are in TRAPPIST-1?
  24. 24. @dr_pete Here’s a summary from Space.com. The ultracool star TRAPPIST-1, located about 40 light-years from Earth, hosts at least seven exoplanets.
  25. 25. @dr_pete Here’s a summary from Space.com. The ultracool star TRAPPIST-1, located about 40 light-years from Earth, hosts at least seven exoplanets. OK, SEOs: Is this a good thing for Space.com?
  26. 26. In the future, you may not even get a choice of screens.
  27. 27. Or, you may get to choose all of the screens…
  28. 28. What*, Why, & How
  29. 29. @dr_pete OK, Google: What is an extrasolar planet? WHAT QUESTIONS
  30. 30. @dr_pete According to Universe Today… An extrasolar planet (also called an exoplanet) is a planet that orbits a star other than our own.
  31. 31. @dr_pete OK, Google: Extrasolar planet? IMPLIED WHAT?
  32. 32. @dr_pete According to Wikipedia… An exoplanet is a planet located outside the solar system.
  33. 33. @dr_pete OK, Google: Why is there a moon? WHY QUESTIONS
  34. 34. @dr_pete According to Quora… The moon was formed when a Mars sized protoplanet collided with earth several billion years ago. The debris from that collision formed a temporary ring around earth which coalesced to form the moon. The impact also gave the earth its axial tilt.
  35. 35. @dr_pete OK, Google: How do I get to the moon? HOW QUESTIONS
  36. 36. @dr_pete Here’s a summary from Live Science… Step 1: Assemble the Pieces. Step 2: Power Up. Step 3: Shoot the Moon. Step 4: Pull Up for a Landing. Step 5: Take a Walk and a Souvenir.
  37. 37. @dr_petehttps://moz.com/explorer/
  38. 38. @dr_petehttps://moz.com/explorer/
  39. 39. @dr_petehttps://moz.com/explorer/
  40. 40. @dr_petehttps://moz.com/explorer/
  41. 41. Writing for Answers
  42. 42. @dr_pete OK, Google: How do I write inverted pyramid?
  43. 43. @dr_pete According to Web Wise Wording… Start with your conclusion. Journalists are taught to write news stories using this structure. They front-load their story, putting the essential and most attention-grabbing elements first…
  44. 44. @dr_petehttps://moz.com/learn/seo/title-tag
  45. 45. @dr_petehttps://moz.com/learn/seo/title-tag
  46. 46. @dr_pete OK, Google: Title tag?
  47. 47. @dr_pete According to Moz… A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. Title tags are displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) as the clickable headline for a given result, and are important for usability, SEO, and social sharing.
  48. 48. @dr_petehttps://moz.com/learn/seo/title-tag
  49. 49. @dr_pete
  50. 50. @dr_pete Sorry, I don’t know how to help with that yet.
  51. 51. @dr_pete
  52. 52. @dr_pete Sorry, I can’t help with that yet.
  53. 53. @dr_pete
  54. 54. @dr_pete My apologies. I don’t understand.
  55. 55. @dr_petehttps://getstat.com/blog/featured-snippets/
  56. 56. 2021: A Search Odyssey
  57. 57. @dr_pete OK, Google: What will happen in 2021?
  58. 58. @dr_pete According to Wikipedia… 2021 will be a common year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2021st year of the Common Era and Anno Domini designations, the 21st year of the 3rd millennium, the 21st year of the 21st century…
  59. 59. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) It was only then that I realized that killer robots need love, too.
  60. 60. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) OK, Google: Who is this?
  61. 61. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) That voice is Dr. Sarah Connor, from her 2020 FRED talk.
  62. 62. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) OK, Google: Is there a video of her FRED talk?
  63. 63. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) Yes, I’ve found a video. Would you like me to save it for you?
  64. 64. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) OK, Google: Yes, please save it as FRED-1.
  65. 65. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) OK, Google: Play saved video FRED-1.
  66. 66. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) Please welcome Dr. Sarah Connor, author of such books as “T-800 and Me.”
  67. 67. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) OK, Google: Find books by Dr. Sarah Connor.
  68. 68. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) I’ve sent the results of your search to your smartphone.
  69. 69. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) OK, Google: Sort results by publication date.
  70. 70. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) OK, Google: Order “I’ll Be Back: Life with A Terminator.”
  71. 71. @dr_pete(icons via FlatIcon.com ©2017) I’ve ordered that title and am downloading to your tablet.
  72. 72. @dr_pete(icon by Dave Gandy via FlatIcon.com) OK, Google: Read my book.
  73. 73. @dr_pete(icon by Dave Gandy via FlatIcon.com) OK, Google: Tweet: “Dr. Pete is as humble as he is ruggedly handsome.”