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Istanbul pupils

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Istanbul pupils

  1. 1. Diego Mashas García. Carolina Martin Martín Antonio Gonzales Fariña Aavy Patricia Suárez Guzmán
  2. 2. The project consists of doing rural tourism in different countries. Because Istanbul is one of the most important cities (15 million inhabitants), they decided that the best was doing a culture trip all around Istanbul during 6 days, visiting the most emblematic places in Istanbul and learning about different religions. Another purpose of the trip was to improve our English and be in contact with different cultures. In this project, participated the following countries: -Spain -Turkey -Hungary -Italy -Greece -Portugal
  3. 3. We arrived in Istanbul, where the project meeting was taking place, once we were in the Ataturk airport, we went to the Anka Business Park Hotel, in which most of us stayed. Also, the host families picked up the partner of their son or daughter.
  4. 4. We visited the school of the students that hosted some students from the different countries. We ate traditional Turkish food, rich in beef and vegetables. We visited a hill called Çamlıca Tepesi. We visited a shopping mall where we had free time for one hour. Finally we returned to the hotel.
  5. 5. We visited the Hagia Sophia’s museum and the Blue Mosque. We had lunch in a restaurant. We visited the Grand Bazar where we could do shopping by ourselves. We also visited the Spice Bazar. finally we went back to the hotel.
  6. 6. We visited the Topkapi museum. the same day we returned to the school called Coskun Koleji at lunch time. After having lunch we had free time.
  7. 7. This day was the most relaxed We visited the Maiden’s Tower, situated in the middle of the Bosphorus river, where we also had lunch. After that we stayed in the European part where we had free time and we visited the Galata Tower and returned to the hotel.
  8. 8. We did some activities with the students from the other countries we did an exposition about the Canary Islands and our high school for a Turkish class we decided to go to the Greek part of the city, specially we visited an orthodox church of Constantinople. To say Goodbye to Istanbul, we decided to have dinner in a restaurant which is placed in the Galata Bridge, from where we could enjoy a beautiful afternoon, finally we returned to the hotel.
  9. 9. To live with different cultures from which we could learn and teach a little of our own culture, also we learnt to work in group with foreign people, to respect our environment and the people who live there.