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Using I/VLEs in K-12: Serious Game Conference: David W. Deeds

Dr. David W. Deeds' presentation for the 2018 Serious Game Conference: Using Virtual/Immersive Learning Environments in K-12. Dr. Deeds started using virtual worlds in universities as of 2006, he's been using them in K-12 schools since 2009. This presentation covers the theories behind I/VLEs. Links are provided to previous presentations featuring setup and other information.

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Using I/VLEs in K-12: Serious Game Conference: David W. Deeds

  1. 1. Using I/VLEs in K-12 David W. Deeds
  2. 2. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Defining Terms: • Virtual Reality (VR) vs. Virtual Worlds (VW) • Immersive or Virtual Learning Environment (I/VLE) sounds more impressive! • But in VR lingo, VWs are not Immersive, they’re Desktop/Third or First Person • VR still not a Reality (!) for most schools because of budget and other limitations • VR will hopefully rejuvenate VW interest • Mainly Second Life and OpenSimulator, but also Minecraft…and others like WoW • Are they games? Yes, but not all serious!
  3. 3. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Quick Introduction: • 17 years in education: 8 in higher ed, 9 in K-12; 7 different countries…so far! • Currently the Director of Information and Learning Technologies for Schutz American School in Alexandria, Egypt • Been using Virtual Worlds since 2006
  4. 4. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Presentation Goals: • Not a research paper, I won’t be citing references (although I’m listing a few) • Want to cover some of the basic theories behind using VWs in education
  5. 5. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Presentation Goals: • Not as much text (as usual)!
  6. 6. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Lots of (maybe too much?) background: Serious Play 2016: slideshare.net/davidwdeeds/serious-play- conference-edtech-evangelist-converting-the-unbelievers- 63730565 Serious Play 2017: slideshare.net/davidwdeeds/david-w-deeds- its-not-whether-you-win-or-lose-serious-play-conference-2017 • My third consecutive year presenting for Serious Play/Game • Check out my SlideShare archives for more info
  7. 7. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Yet more background (last one, I promise): ACSTAC: slideshare.net/davidwdeeds/acstac-2017-using- virtual-worlds-david-w-deeds Bett MEA: slideshare.net/davidwdeeds/david-w-deeds-bett- mea-introducing-gbl-to-your-k12-school • Recent ACSTAC presentation covers OpenSim setup • Recent Bett MEA presentation covers Games-Based Learning
  8. 8. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Second Life is not dead yet! Is a Third Life coming?
  9. 9. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Still plenty of geeky-cool stuff going on in SL!
  10. 10. Using I/VLEs in K-12 But OpenSimulator is the future of VWs in K-12.
  11. 11. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Minecraft counts, but Microsoft acquisition? Others?
  12. 12. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Is it 2018 or 1918? We need a disruptive innovation.
  13. 13. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Think your school’s ready for change? Think again.
  14. 14. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Pedagogical Approach: • We’ve been changing the learning experience or process (e.g., 1:1 programs) • And the classrooms too (e.g., seating arrangements, Makerspaces) • We talk a lot (!!) about making teaching and learning student-centric • But administrators, teachers and even students freak out when you actually try changing the overall pedagogy • What do VWs offer? Some theories include…
  15. 15. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Situated Learning
  16. 16. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Socio-Constructivism
  17. 17. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Behaviorism
  18. 18. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Enough egghead stuff! How about the C’s?: • Creativity • Communication/Collaboration • Critical Thinking/Cognitive Processing
  19. 19. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Creativity (inc. cross-curricular, real/virtual)
  20. 20. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Creativity (inc. cross-curricular, real/virtual)
  21. 21. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Communication/Collaboration (local/global)
  22. 22. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Communication/Collaboration (local/global)
  23. 23. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Critical Thinking/Cognitive Processing
  24. 24. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Critical Thinking/Cognitive Processing
  25. 25. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Project Examples: • Art (real/inworld), inc. photography • Music (real/inworld), inc. podcasts • Literature, inc. machinima (3D animation) • Building (structures to entire cities) • Urban planning/replanning • Programming (basics to advanced) • Collaboration: Local to Global (20/20, Youth Debates, etc.) • Virtual field trips, inc. mutual teaching • Simulations (existing or created) • Just about everything: project management
  26. 26. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Is this how your students view your school?
  27. 27. Using I/VLEs in K-12 I/VLEs (VWs) are the disruptive innovation we need.
  28. 28. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Is it OK to say it’s FUN?
  29. 29. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Yes, it’s OK to say it’s FUN!
  30. 30. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Did I mention it’s…yes, I did. ;)
  31. 31. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Just two more student photo pages!
  32. 32. Using I/VLEs in K-12 Last one! (Been doin’ it in K-12 since 2009.)
  33. 33. Using I/VLEs in K-12 What’s next? Browser-based and course-specific!
  34. 34. Using I/VLEs in K-12 What’s next? OpenSimulator K-12 Worldwide Grid!
  35. 35. References “Using Virtual Worlds in Educational Settings” By Lisa Jacka Published by Routledge ISBN: 978-1-138-30558-8 (hbk) ISBN: 978-0-203-72890-1 (ebk)
  36. 36. References “Design for Learning in Virtual Worlds” By Brian C. Nelson and Benjamin E. Erlandson Published by Routledge ISBN: 978–0–415–88639–0 (hbk) ISBN: 978–0–415–88640–6 (pbk) ISBN: 978–0–203–83637–8 (ebk)
  37. 37. References “OpenSimulator: School Quick Start Guide” By You Know Who slideshare.net/davidwdeeds/ opensimulator-school-quick- start-guide I know, I know, it’s seven years old and I need to get off my [butt] and write the second edition! But if you ignore the outdated Setup section there’s still plenty of useful info here.
  38. 38. scoop.it/t/3d-virtual-worlds-educational-technology scoop.it/t/integration-and-teaching-ed-tech Follow my Scoop.it pages!
  39. 39. studiojonos@gmail.com Cartoons by Studio Jonos
  40. 40. Thank you! Questions/comments? ddeeds@schutzschool.org.eg davidwdeeds@gmail.com