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VMware@night - Was ist neu in VMware Horizon View 5.3 und Mirage 4.3

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In Kurzpräsentationen und Live-Demos wurden in der Präsentation folgende Themen vorgestellt:

Neuerungen in VMware Horizon View 5.3
- HTML-5-Zugriff
- Grafik-Beschleunigung (vSGA & vDGA)
- Vorschau vSAN-Technologie

Neuerungen in VMware Horizon Mirage 4.3
- Zentralisiertes Image-Management für physische und virtuelle Desktops
- Weitere Use Cases: OS/HW-Migrationen, Disaster Recovery, Backup, Restore

Neuerungen in VMware Horizon Workspace
- Zugriff auf Anwendungen und Daten von jedem beliebigen Gerät
- Zentrale Bereitstellung, Verwaltung und Sicherung dieser Ressourcen durch die IT
Enterprise-Mobility-Management für Android und iOS

Die Aufzeichnung des Referats finden Sie im YouTube-Channel von Digicomp: http://www.youtube.com/user/DigicompAcademy

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VMware@night - Was ist neu in VMware Horizon View 5.3 und Mirage 4.3

  1. 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. End User Computing Solutions for the Mobile Cloud Flurin Giovanoli & David Kernahan Senior Systems Engineers VMware Switzerland
  2. 2. Agenda  Horizon Suite Overview  Horizon View (Presentation & Demo)  Pause  Horizon Mirage (Presentation)  Horizon Mirage (Demo)  Horizon Workspace 1.8 (Presentation & Demo)  FAQ
  3. 3. Empowering IT as a Service Redefine Efficiency & Agility Through the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Provide Choice Without Sacrificing Security & Control with Hybrid Cloud Computing Empower the Workforce with Secure Mobility Mobile Cloud VMware vCloud Suite VMware Horizon Suite
  4. 4. Today’s End User Computing Reality 4 24/7 SLAs Zero downtime with five 9’s of availability Evolution of the Desktop 52% of employees carry more than one device Mobile Pressures 83% of the Fortune 100 support remote access Usability Expectations Self-service, instant remediation Application diversity 2010-non-Windows based apps overtakes Windows apps Data, Data and more Data 50X growth from 2012-2015
  5. 5. Software Defined Datacenter These Challenges Require a Different Approach 5 Virtual Compute Virtual Storage Virtual Networking Desktop Mobile SELF-SERVICE IDENTITY APPS DATA POLICY Private PublicHybrid AUTOMATION
  6. 6. A successful Virtual Workspace… Delivers Great User Experience Reduces Costs Reduces Complexity Flexibly consumed as a service
  7. 7. Horizon Suite Technical Overview
  8. 8. Centralized image management Mobile workspace VMware Horizon Suite Powers Solutions HORIZON SUITE The platform for workforce mobility Horizon View Horizon Mirage Horizon Workspace Desktop and application virtualization NEW v5.3.1 NEW v4.4 NEW v1.8
  9. 9. VMware View Composer VMware ThinApp VMware View Clients VMware View Manager Horizon Product Family Overview  Layered Windows image management  Centralize management, backup and recovery  Native physical computer performance  Single workspace for users to securely access corporate assets on any device  Centralized, policy-based management and for IT  Virtualize desktops and applications into the datacenter  Simplify management and reduce TCO  Secure, roaming access to virtual desktops Horizon View Horizon Mirage Horizon Workspace
  10. 10. Horizon View: Manage & Execute Centrally Manage centralized virtual desktops Users remotely access from various devices Security & Compliance Anywhere Access Business Agility Mobile & BYOD Access OPEX Savings Highly efficient remote protocol
  11. 11. Deliver: Empower your workforce with secure, roaming access to your same desktop across devices Broker: Manage and secure virtual desktops from a single admin console while removing data off endpoints Horizon View virtualizes desktops into a central service Transform: Simplify desktops and apps into the datacenter with virtualization
  12. 12. VMware View Architecture Overview End User Freedom PCoIP, View Client, Local Mode Optimization Controls Continuity Services Media Services IT Control View Manager View Composer View Persona Management VMware ThinApp vShield Endpoint Cloud Infrastructure vSphere Desktop vCenter Desktop Persona Tablet Transfer Server
  13. 13. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. What’s new with VMware Horizon View 5.2 Q1 2013
  14. 14. Horizon View 5.2 and Related Updates • Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics • Support for Cisco Jabber & Microsoft Lync 2013 with Rich Media Services • Support for Windows 8 based desktops & clients • Streamlined access to View Desktops from Horizon Workspace • Easily connect to desktops from any device with HTML Access • Enhanced Experience for Touch Based Mobile Devices – Unity Touch What’s New with User Experience? • Large Pool creation with elimination of 8 host limits, and multiple vLAN support • View Administrator performance improvements with large numbers of desktops • Accelerated provisioning, recompose and rebalance operations • Support for VC Virtual Appliance based deployments • Enhanced vCenter Operations for View Scale • Enhanced Application Entitlement with Horizon Workspace • Tech Preview of a new Integrated Service Console in the VC Web Client What’s New with Ease of Management? • Efficient Use of Storage Capacity w/Space Efficient Disks What’s New with Total Cost of Ownership?
  15. 15. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. What’s new with VMware Horizon View 5.3 Q4 2013
  16. 16. Summary • vDGA for high performance 3D • View Media Services (MMR) for rich H264 video playback • Real-Time Audio-Video with Linux clients • HTML Access delivers work from anywhere from modern browsers including ChromeBook users • Support latest devices with iOS7 & Windows 8.1 Superior Experience • VSAN • ThinApp improvements • Managing View images with Mirage Streamlined Management and Cost • Lower cost Windows Server 2008 desktops • Horizon View Direct Connect for DaaS providers Support for New Delivery Models
  17. 17. Superior Experience
  18. 18. Improved Shared 3D Graphics with Multiple VMs – vSGA Now with support for select AMD/ATI graphics cards with latest vSphere Overview  Latest vSphere adds AMD/ATI Graphics Cards  Supports select NVIDIA & AMD/ATI Graphics Cards  Enables shared access to physical 3D graphics cards for high performance graphical workloads  Desktops see abstracted VMware SVGA device for maximum virtual machine compatibility & portability  Share single 3D graphics card with multiple virtual machines Benefits  Enables truly high performance graphics  Cost effective with multiple VMs sharing single 3D graphics card  Full compatibility with vMotion, DRS for hosts lacking physical 3D graphics cards
  19. 19. Deliver Workstation Class 3D Graphics with VDI – vDGA Full workstation class user experience with dedicated NVIDIA graphics card Overview  Enables dedicated access to physical GPU hardware for 3D and high performance compute workloads.  Uses native nVidia drivers  CUDA and OpenCL compute APIs supported  Best for super high performance needs like design, manufacturing, oil & gas Benefits  Compliments vSGA cost/performance  True workstation replacement option  Full capabilities of physical NVIDIA GPUs  High performance compute GPU option
  20. 20. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. What’s New with ThinApp 5.0 Q4 2013
  21. 21. ThinApp Today: Dynamic Application Delivery • Eliminate app & OS compatibility problems • Deploy ‘known-good’ browsers and plugins • Enable cross-platform usage for many apps • Applications become ‘containers’ instead of installs with dependencies and configuration Extend Windows Legacy Applications • Agent-less architecture simplifies delivery • Enabler for providing apps to 3rd-party or unmanaged endpoints • Best out of box ‘App Compatibility’ Easiest Deployment & Management • Efficient streaming mode for View desktops & RDSH based environments • Deploy as MSI packages with existing infrastructure • Read-only containers are user-proof Lowest Application TCO Confidential – Shown Under NDA Only
  22. 22. ThinApp 5.0 – Core Architecture Enhancement Enterprise Readiness and Improved Architecture Overview  Support for 64-bit application architecture  Virtualizing at lower layers with NT.DLL  Improved supportability with documentation Benefits  64-bit application support  Expanded application compatibility  Better sustaining architecture  Supported integration with AppSense Operating System ThinApp Virtualization
  23. 23. 64-bit support and Upgrading Considerations  Only Rebuild or Recapture if needed !  Relink is supported for mass upgrade of packages 4.X to 5.0  To preserve user settings keep application and sandbox name  For Applink functionality, base package must be 5.0  Supported packaging scenario‘s for virtualizing 64-bit applications • Recommend 32:32:32 or 64:64:64 when possible App Architecture Capture Platform Deployment Plattform Supported 32-bit 32-bit 32-bit Yes 32-bit 32-bit 64-bit Yes 32-bit 64-bit 32-bit No 32-bit 64-bit 64-bit Yes 64-bit 64-bit 64-bit Yes
  24. 24. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. VSAN Q1 2014
  25. 25. VSAN for Horizon View Desktops Reduce storage TCO with a “virtual SAN” on local storage Overview  Tech Preview leverages new vSphere 2013 vSAN beta for Horizon View desktops  Uses local storage on ESXi hosts  Presents an abstracted data-store that spans multiple hosts for resiliency and removes single point of failure risks Benefits  Reduce up front CAPEX costs of VDI  Easily scale up IOPs with compute vSAN View 5.3.1
  26. 26. What are the key components of Virtual SAN? Key Components • Hybrid storage system which leverages Aggregates local SSD’s as a cache and local HDD’s to provide a clustered data store for VM consumption • Distributed object-based RAID architecture provides no single point of failure • Fully integrated with vCenter, HA, DRS, vMotion • Scale-Out Storage: 3-32 nodes vSphere VSAN Hard disksHard disks SSD SSD Hard disks SSD … VSAN Aggregated Datastore
  27. 27. VSAN Hardware Requirements SAS/SATA Controller (RAID Controller must work in “passthru” or “HBA” mode) SAS/SATA SSD SAS/SATA HDD 1Gb/10Gb NIC Server on vSphere HCL At least 1 of each • Not every node in a VSAN cluster needs to have local storage. • Hosts with no local storage can still leverage distributed datastore.
  28. 28. Configure VSAN • VSAN is configured in just a few clicks. Setup VSAN Network Enable VSAN on the Cluster Select Manual or Automatic •If VSAN is configured in Automatic mode, all local disks are claimed by VSAN for the creation of the distributed vsanDatastore •If VSAN is configured in Manual mode, the administrator must manually select disks to add the the distributed vsanDatastore by creating Disk Groups. If Manual, create Disk Groups Configure VSAN in less then 5 min.
  29. 29. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. vCenter Operations for View
  30. 30. Typical Problems w/View that Span the End-to-End Infrastructure Clients Network vSphere Storage View Clients Network vSphere Storage Clients Network vSphere Session
  31. 31. Horizon View Demo
  32. 32. 30min Pause
  33. 33. Horizon Mirage Video
  34. 34. Horizon Mirage
  35. 35. Manage a single image Business as usual for users Horizon Mirage: Manage Centrally, Execute Locally Highly efficient de-duplication & synchronization (even over WAN) Automated Win7 Deploy. Endpoint Backup & DR PC Refresh $ Savings Break/Fix $ Savings Centralized Image Mgmt.
  36. 36. Centralized Image Management for Virtual & Physical View VDI Image VDI Off-Network BYOD Macs Off-Network BYOD Win Laptops BYOD Local execution In VM Central execution Efficient Remote Protocol Thin/Zero-Clients Networked Mobile Devices Networked BYOD Laptops Physical Local execution Corp Owned Laptops Power-User Workstations CAPEX Sensitive Desktops Efficient WAN Streaming & Caching Mirage Centralized Image
  37. 37. Centralized Images Mirage Server Optimized Sync & Desktop Streaming Core Image Manage Centrally Execute Locally Local Copies Mirage Client How It Works
  38. 38. Optimized Endpoint Delivery and Synchronization  Block-based bi-directional network de-dup over WAN • > 90% de-dup on uploads  Storage de-dup and continuous snapshot based protection • 24 snapshots by default, lightweight on client and server  Desktop streaming & caching over WAN • Minimal set size < 10% of full image  Branch Reflector: Download once, serve locally in branch • 50 endpoints  one download = 50X reduction  Throttling based on interaction • Keyboard/Mouse activity and network load measured  File and Directory recovery from snapshots • Self-Service portal • Windows Explorer
  39. 39. Horizon Mirage Architecture
  40. 40. Horizon Mirage acknowledges and works with these layers User Data & Profile Some Applications Other Applications Operating System Drivers End-User Controlled IT Managed  Layers can be updated separately but are merged together at the endpoint  Logically layers each end user’s PC.  Does not actually shift contents around on PC.  Empowers IT to perform granular operations on some or all PC layers (without affecting other layers when not appropriate).  User-Installed apps are installed manually by end users and are synchronized and preserved for use during migrations or desktop recovery. Mirage Images
  41. 41. Overview Benefits  Reduce Windows image sprawl.  Reduce time needed to manage and deploy Windows images, patches, and updates. Streamlined Windows Image Management One Base Layer for Windows and Core Apps across groups  Manage one single copy of Windows and core apps for multiple groups.  Assign Base Layer to any kind of hardware that meets Mirage’s Windows OS requirements.
  42. 42. Overview Benefits  Separate OS image management from application management  Reduced number of desktop images  Associate application groups with lines of business or user roles Application Layering Assign groups of applications to desktop collections  Define a discrete applications layer independent of the base image  Add installed applications to a desktop or collection of desktops
  43. 43. Overview Benefits  Reduce user downtime due to driver issues  Reduce IT time spent installing drivers Driver Library Fix missing or broken drivers on an end-users PC automatically  IT imports drivers to Mirage server and associates them with drive profiles  Mirage will detect missing or broken drivers in device manager  PC downloads specified drivers from Mirage server and Windows installs them  Mirage ignores all working drivers
  44. 44. Manage View Desktops with Mirage Image Management for Virtual Desktops Overview  Manage Persistent Desktop Pool (full clones) in View using Mirage at scale – up to 2,000 VMs  Mirage Layers allow for user-installed applications and data to be preserved after image updates  New upload policy allows minimal uploads to reduce overhead of steady-state uploads Benefits  Flexibility in managing user-specific and departmental applications  Stateful – Images still persist across sessions  Mirage can now be used to manage both physical and virtual endpoints at scale Mirage Server Base Layer App Layer 1 App Layer 2 Desktop VM Virtual Disk (full clone) user-installed apps User Profile
  45. 45. Horizon Mirage 4.4 What’s New - Technical
  46. 46. What's New  Mirage Edge gateway  Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 support for DR & Backup
  47. 47. High level Architecture NAS volume(s) Srv1 Srv2 Tier 2: Load Balancer Srv3 GW1 GW2 Tier 1: Load Balancer GW3 Internet DMZ Datacenter Mirage Client Mirage Gateways Mirage ServersDomain Controller
  48. 48. Horizon Mirage Demo
  49. 49. Horizon Workspace
  50. 50. Product Overview – Horizon Workspace Overview
  51. 51. Get access to a secure workspace that contains the user’s files, apps, and Windows desktops on any device END USERS Provision, populate, manage and secure the workspace remotely across all users and devices IT ADMINS Horizon Workspace – Frontend Architecture
  52. 52. Horizon Workspace 1.8 What’s New
  53. 53. Horizon Workspace 1.8 – ThinApp Integration Enhancements THINAPP INTEGRATION Expanded support of VMware ThinApp virtualized Windows applications Horizon Workspace 1.8 supports VMware ThinApp 5.0 packages with 32 and 64-bit apps HTTP based delivery to both non- domain and off-network domain endpoints Windows DFS support for app distribution - applies to the backend filesystem that hosts the ThinApp repo GAINS  Scalab ility  Flexibl e
  54. 54. Horizon Workspace - XenApp Integration XenApp Integration XenApp apps integrated into Horizon catalog Access to entitled users and groups based on XenFarm Enables a single point for XenApp apps Support for XenApp 5.0 NEW
  55. 55. Horizon Workspace 1.8: Support for JellyBean 4.2 JellyBean 4.2 Support in Guest & Host
  56. 56. Horizon Workspace 1.8 – Portal Customization and Custom Branding Portal Customization
  57. 57. Horizon Workspace Demo
  58. 58. New VMware Acquisitions
  59. 59. VMware is 1st in DaaS With Acquisition of Desktone in October 2013: • 1st with a Service Provider grade multi-tenant DaaS offering • 1st with a Cisco Validated Design for SP’s • 1st purpose-built platform for multi-datacenter / multi-model (Desktops/Sessions/Apps) service delivery • Identical user experience across Private, Public, Hybrid • Launching at PEX2014 / Available now ! “Horizon DaaS Platform for Service Providers”
  60. 60. AirWatch
  61. 61. Desktop Laptop Tablet Phone Machine Mission: Secure Virtual Workspace for Work at Speed of Life End-User Computing Vision PCs, Laptops Thin Clients Tablets, Smartphones Desktop Management and Delivery Multi-Device Workspace (Mobile) 61
  62. 62. End-User Computing ... to Unified Solutions IdentitySocial Data Desktop Mobile End-User Computing 62
  63. 63. AirWatch Solution Overview What Blackberry Enterprise Server did for Blackberry devices, AirWatch does for today’s iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms Framework: Security, Multi-tenancy, Scalability, Privacy, Access-Control, Self-Service, Telecom Expense Enterprise Mobility Management Platform Mobile Device Management Mobile Application Management Mobile Content Management Mobile Email Management 63
  64. 64. About AirWatch • Leaders in mobile security, mobile device, application and content management across multiple platforms • Strong leadership team, headquartered in Atlanta, ex-Manhattan Associates execs, built with no outside capital • Provides mobility solutions to 10,000+ global customers • Leading Enterprise Mobile Management & Security provider with 1,600+ employees, largest R&D team in category Mission: Simplify Enterprise MobilityTM 10,000 customers 150 countries 16 languages 1,600 employees 64
  65. 65. VMware Events • 03.06.2014, VMware Forum 2014, Zürich • 24. – 28.08.2014, VMworld US 2014, San Francisco • 14. – 16.10.2014, VMworld Europe 2014, Barcelona
  66. 66. Vielen Dank fgiovanoli@vmware.com dkernahan@vmware.com