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Jumping the Curve: Innovation in New Jersey

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For the past 4 years, a team from Purdue and Fraunhofer has been working with the New Jersey Innovation Institute. Thinking of New Jersey as a testbed, we have piloted a number of pathbreaking initiatives to redefine the role of the university in the development of innovation ecosystems.

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Jumping the Curve: Innovation in New Jersey

  1. 1. Jumping the Curve: Innovation in New Jersey Ed Morrison Purdue Agile Strategy Lab November 2, 2109
  2. 2. An update… But first let’s step back
  3. 3. The world is altogether new. We need to ask new questions, create new categories. We need new ways of looking at government. Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America
  4. 4. Time Prosperity Tocqueville was here We are here The foundations under our economy are shifting…
  5. 5. We are moving from complicated to the complex… 20th Century 21st Century Complicated Closed systems Complex Open Systems
  6. 6. Innovation…it’s not that easy in a complex world Source: Martin Curley, VP Intel Labs
  7. 7. It’s not rocket science…it’s more like molecular biology
  8. 8. Todd Mark
  9. 9. Can we develop a roadmap for preventive maintenance across the fleet?
  10. 10. Meet Mike: Mapping an ecosystem for Lockheed
  11. 11. How did Mike do it? Answer…
  12. 12. 12 An open source operating system to accelerate collaborations and ecosystems…
  13. 13. Strategic Doing allows a business to quickly identify an interested ecosystem to solve a problem. Todd Tangert Former Combat Systems Architect Lockheed Corporation AGILE STRATEGY LAB / / APRIL 2017
  14. 14. 4.0 Analytics The Strategic Doing process is unique. This is the most clear and concise open innovation process I’ve seen. Mark Scotland
 Chief Operating Officer 4.0 Analytics AGILE STRATEGY LAB / / APRIL 2017
  15. 15. Time Level of Ecosystem Development Conversation shifts Core team forms Strategic agenda emerges Initial pilot projects launched Networks continue to invest, adapt, expand 1 1 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 Ecosystems take discipline, focus and time to form
  16. 16. Organization A Organization B Organization C We can accelerate the process with platforms and Strategic Doing
  17. 17. Ifyouput thefederalgovernmentin chargeofthe Sahara Desert,in5 yearsthere'dbeashortageofsand. MiltonFriedman We will also need to update our thinking
  18. 18. Private Business Efficient Good Public Sector Inefficient Bad Our outdated thinking is holding us back…
  19. 19. Our Market Economy Our Civic Economy Here’s a new way to see our economy…
  20. 20. Civic Economy: • Publicly Valuable • Not Privately Profitable Market Economy • Publicly Valuable • Privately Profitable
  21. 21. Our Market Economy Our Civic Economy Ecosystems form here
  22. 22. Technology Development Market Opportunities OLED Displays Emergent Artificial Intelligence Sensors Genetic Engineering Energy Health Care Construction Automotive Financial Services Opaque, permeable boundary 5G Networks RoboticsBioplastics Additive Manufacturing Drones Precision Agriculture Conductive polymers Nanomaterials Lithium Air Batteries Customized platforms will accelerate innovation and new ecosystems
  23. 23. We can design custom platforms, accelerated with Strategic Doing Strategic Focus Areas Collaborative Investment Initiatives Innovation Assets: Willing Platform Partners Government Agencies Foundations Philanthropists Corporations Funding Sources
  24. 24. Add: core, shared assets powered by Fraunhofer technology management Technology Radar Market Explorer
  25. 25. New Jersey’s Innovation Assets New Jersey’s Innovation Ecosystems
  26. 26. Next step: Go to FutureLearn.com and take the intro course: Starts Nov 12
  27. 27. Thank you edmorrison@purdue.edu