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PTA Membership Planning Workshop

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PTA Membership Planning Workshop

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PTA Membership Planning Workshop

  2. 2. Agenda • Membership resources • CA PTA & National PTA websites • Locate tools, flyers, brochures • Videos • Council website overview – For PTA Units • Resources, Gallery, Portal login • Portal Features • Exhibit • Tablecloth with Council Logo – Get it from Keeley • PTA store – promotional items idea • T-Shirts for board members • Volunteer stickers • Q&A
  3. 3. CA PTA Website – Membership Area • Bookmark the following link • Has everything you need for membership planning • http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/building-membership/ • Details to follow – next slides…. • Sit back, Relax and Enjoy during next one Hr • Get to work starting tomorrow and get ready for next school year • Talk to your principal to get support for membership drive
  4. 4. PTA promotional items • PTA store at Orange • Kustom Imprints 1661 N. Glassell Street Orange, CA. 92867 1-(800) 683-5854 Ext. 107 • https://stores.shoppta.com/index.lasso?host=CAPTA
  5. 5. HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR PTA MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN • Organizing and running a PTA membership campaign can be fun — and easy! • Watch the video below for easy steps to building your PTA membership. • https://player.vimeo.com/video/104757892
  6. 6. MEMBERSHIP VIDEOS • HELP SPREAD THE WORD • Show a PTA membership video or public service announcement at back-to-school night • Embed the videos right on your PTA website. • View the following videos • Available at http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/building- membership/ • https://player.vimeo.com/video/104757892 • Be an important part of the school • Encourage meaningful education • Do something that going to help children • Focus on all the kids • Feel connected to a bigger mission • Join your PTA today – a message from college student Joey Abram
  7. 7. PTA Value • The work PTA does must be relevant to its community. • People will join your PTA if they find value in what you do. • In addition, the same people who join because of value will be the people who renew membership when that value is delivered. • Define and list all the features and benefits of your PTA membership. • Identify your most valuable and engaged PTA members and ask them what they value. • Understand the needs of all groups in your member community. • Think from the member’s perspective and not your own. • Know your competitor. What does an unaffiliated parent group offer and how does PTA do it better? • Advocacy, Networking and Engagement, Information and Knowledge collection and distribution, and Volunteer opportunities
  8. 8. PTA MEMBERSHIP MARKETING TOOL • PTA and PTSA versions, English and Spanish, with standard or custom pictures! • Check them out -> http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your- pta/building-membership/ • Customize it NOW – Practice with units • Fill in the blanks on the template • Add a few photos and quotes, and save it to your computer. • Your customized membership flier can be emailed, or copied and distributed at PTA or community events. • Schedule pickup day – for Middle/High school units • Send with back pack for elementary units • Print out the flier in color or black and white, attach a PTA membership envelope, and your membership campaign is on its way!
  9. 9. MARKETING YOUR PTA • Parents want their PTA to be local and personal, serving and supporting their children and the programs at their school. • Download a quick “Messaging That Works” reference sheet for a few message points when communicating with parents about the importance of joining PTA. • http://downloads.capta.org/mem/MarketingYourPTA_Messaging.pdf
  10. 10. Membership Cards • Units get from Council in July • Based on last year paid membership • Distribute to units • Give 85% of members reported last year • Give to members register/renew at point-of-sale during schedule pick up • Back to school night and other events • Can be mailed or sent home to the member with their child. • eCard options • Remind your members to create a “PTA Profile”
  11. 11. 2015-16 Cards Allocation UNITS 2014-15 #students Percentage #Cards ALOHA ELEM 125 368 34 106 ARTESIA HIGH SCHOOL 28 1480 2 23 BENITO JUAREZ ELEM 25 388 6 21 BURBANK ELEM 88 559 16 74 CARMENITA MIDDLE SCHOOL 300 663 45 255 CECIL B. STOWERS ELEM 360 555 65 306 CERRITOS ELEM 530 645 82 450 CERRITOS HIGH SCHOOL 141 2126 7 119 CHARLES J. CARVER ELEM 302 603 50 256 FAYE ROSS MIDDLE SCHOOL 19 675 3 16 FEDDE MAGNET MIDDLE SCHOOL 30 25 FRANK C. LEAL ELEM 691 696 99 587 HASKELL MIDDLE SCHOOL 58 588 10 49 HELEN WITTMANN ELEM 242 515 47 205 JOHN F. KENNEDY ELEM 200 451 44 170 JOHN NIEMES ELEM 80 667 12 68 MARTIN B. TETZLAFF MIDDLE 316 608 52 268 MARY E. BRAGG ELEM 325 642 51 276 MELBOURNE ELEM. 200 589 34 170 NIXON ACADEMY 540 668 81 459 PALMS ELEM 86 593 15 73 RICHARD GAHR HIGH 234 2070 11 198 WHITNEY HIGH 174 1023 17 147 WILLIAM F. ELLIOTT ELEM 132 461 29 112 WILLOW ELEM 60 482 12 51
  12. 12. CA PTA Rules • The California State PTA membership year is July 1 to June 30. • Membership cards in California expire on October 31, allowing a grace period (from July 1 to October 31) for our members to renew their membership. • During this grace period, members are entitled to their full membership rights, including approval of the PTA budget and program at the summer or fall association meetings. • A portion of the membership dues (known as per capita) is sent through channels to the council, district, state and National PTA. • These pass through monies are used to support those levels of PTA who, in return, support the unit with leadership, training, advocacy and other needed services. • The dues portion not belonging to the unit must be forwarded through channels at least monthly. • As each PTA is a separate and individual association, members having children in more than one school may pay dues to support the PTA in each child’s school. • http://toolkit.capta.org/membership/membership-basics/ • http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/building-membership/
  13. 13. Membership Dues • Include the national, state, district, council and local portions • An individual who pays dues to a local PTA also becomes a member of the national and state PTAs, as well as their district and council PTAs. • The portion of national, state, district and council dues is classified as “Dues Not Belonging to the Unit.” • The local treasurer works with the membership chair to forward the following items to the appropriate recipient: • Dues not belonging to the unit • The number of members • Names and addresses of members • Identification of the local PTA
  14. 14. Membership Roles and Duties • Membership chair and the membership committee are charged with developing recruitment and retention strategies • Membership is the responsibility of the entire board. Without members, there is no PTA, and without the support of the entire board, membership plans and committees will not succeed. • The entire board should play an active role in implementing membership recruitment and retention strategies. • To build an ideal membership committee, look to recruit individuals who: • Have experience in marketing, public relations, sales, recruitment, or statistics. • Are excited about PTA and willing to share their excitement. • May be past unit officers who know your unit’s history and successes. • May be new members who are enthusiastic about the work your PTA does.
  15. 15. Membership Chair • Responsible for facilitating the work of the membership committee and ensuring timely, accurate communication with other PTA committees and officers. • Membership chairs are often tasked with: • Building the membership committee. • Collecting and tracking membership dues. • Distributing membership cards and encouraging online PTA profile sign-up. • Providing membership reports. • Committees work best when each member knows what he or she must do, has a timeline for the work, has the information needed to get the job done, and is trained and mentored. • Review the membership materials available on PTA.org • Take PTA e-learning courses or participate in state and national conferences to take advantage of all leadership and membership training opportunities.
  16. 16. Why to create Profile with National PTA? • http://www.pta.org/members/content.cfm?ItemNumber=3688 • Provides all levels of PTA with contact information for individual members. • This information is vital for communicating our messages across the nation, uniting and mobilizing members around education issues. • Provides members with access to valuable PTA member benefit discounts on products and services. • These savings have a value that in many cases pays for the cost of joining PTA. • Provides members the awareness that they are part of a local, state and national network that stretches far beyond their local PTA. • Provides National PTA with member information to help secure more programs, grants, and funding to support the PTA mission. • Statistical and demographic information help NPTA define the population of our member base and increase our ability to make an impact in federal legislation and other advocacy efforts.
  17. 17. Member Perks • People join PTA to support children and their schools. • PTA member perks can help make joining PTA an even greater value. • Download and share the latest Member Perks flier with your members! • http://downloads.capta.org/mem/PerksFlier.pdf
  18. 18. MEMBERSHIP TOOLBOX • NEW IDEAS TO BUILD MEMBERSHIP • Engage students or teachers in PTA • Check out these great ideas and resources: • Membership Monday eBlasts • Membership timeline • http://downloads.capta.org/mem/MembershipTimeline.pdf • Membership theme ideas • http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/building-membership/ways-to- increase-pta-membership/membership-theme-ideas/ • Ways to increase PTA membership • Ways to encourage teachers to join PTA • Ideas to build student membership and involvement • Membership incentives and awards
  19. 19. MEMBERSHIP MONDAY EBLASTS • Attention Units & Membership chairs! • Each Monday from mid-July through mid-October, be on the lookout for “Membership Monday.” • This special newsletter will be sent to all unit, council and district membership chairs, communications officers and presidents. • http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/building- membership/ways-to-increase-pta- membership/membership-monday-eblasts/
  20. 20. Membership Monday emails – 2015 • July 27 — Start your PTA year off right! • August 3 — Building a community of engagement • August 10 — Engaging teachers in PTA • August 17 — Healthy families, healthy PTA’s • August 24 — Messaging that works • August 31 — Keeping families engaged and informed • September 8 — Resources, marketing and Member Perks • September 14 — Three things you can do to build membership this week • September 21 — Don’t forget dads and dudes • September 28 — Showcasing the power of PTA
  21. 21. • Review this and start planning early! • Don’t wait till August/Sept.
  22. 22. MEMBERSHIP THEME IDEAS Food/Ice Cream Get the Scoop (ice cream) Sports/Teamwork Join the Team (baseball) Don’t Strike Out Hit a Home Run with PTA Be Part of the Team Grow/Garden Watch Us Grow (each class has its own vegetable for a display board) Help Us Grow (tree in school lobby is filled with apples representing membership) Be a Part of the Bunch (grapes) Reap the Rewards (Harvest Theme) Invest Invest in Children (piggy bank) Invite, Involve, Invest Olympics/ Go for the Gold Winter Olympics Olympics Go for the Gold (Olympic or rainbow) Pot of Gold Build Building a Better Community Lend a Hand Help Build a Strong Foundation Treasure/Pirate Pirate Treasure Our Children-Our Treasure (Pirate Chest) Every Child a Treasure ARRR You Ready to Join? (Pirate Theme)
  23. 23. MEMBERSHIP THEME IDEAS Space Space/Flight/Balloons Soaring with Eagles Up, Up and Away (balloons) Blast Off to a New Year (space) Come Blast Off With Us Blast Off to Learning Reach for the Stars Marvin the Martian PTA is Out of this World May the Membership be with you… (Star Wars Theme) Animals/Insects Wagging Your Way Through PTA Bee a Part of PTA Millie the Millipede Be Part of the Wolf Pack WHOOO can Join PTA? (Owl Theme) Race/Cars/Trains/Busses Zoom to Success (race cars) Route 66 Hop on Board the Membership Train/Bus Dragon Dash Race to the Finish Showbiz/Adventure/Circus PTA Rocks (using gold and platinum records) Hollywood Stars Starzy (Hollywood/Oscar campaign) Roll Out the Red Carpet It’s Showtime! And You’re the STARS of the Show! Survivor Come Join the Big Top (circus) Be Part of the Adventure (Adventure Theme) Want More? Check out following site and pick yours TODAY! http://capta.org/pta-leaders/run-your-pta/building-membership/ways-to- increase-pta-membership/membership-theme-ideas/
  24. 24. WAYS TO INCREASE PTA MEMBERSHIP • Community Members: • Write letters to city council, elected officials, and school board members encouraging them to join • Attend Rotary, Optimist, Kiwanis Club meetings and recruit their members • Host a PTA table at any/every community event • Invite senior citizens to activities such as school plays • Incorporate local community organizations and businesses into your activities and programs. Ask for donations to be used as giveaways and thank them publicly for their support • Provide your board members with membership envelopes and encourage them to take them to all community functions, events and businesses.
  25. 25. Engage Males • For ideas on how to engage fathers and other male role models refer to: • Father Involvement How-To Guide: Designed to help promote male involvement. • 10 Ways to Get Men More Involved in PTA: A checklist of proven methods for increasing male involvement. • The ABCs of Male Involvement: A step-by-step method for encouraging men to join PTA and be involved in their children’s school activities. • PTA MORE (Men Organized to Raise Engagement) Partners: Providing you information about organizations and programs that get men more involved with their children.
  26. 26. PTA MORE Alliance • Look for dads, uncles, grandfathers, male teachers and male mentors to join PTA and play a larger leadership role. • Seek male leaders who can help you recruit other men to join PTA’s efforts. • PTA MORE® (Men Organized to Raise Engagement) • A coalition of organizations working to ensure greater father and male involvement in programs that support the safety, health, and academic and social development of all children. Alliance members provide opportunities to grow male membership and involvement at your local PTA unit and strengthen your PTA unit. • To gain more male involvement in your school and community, visit PTA.org/MORE. • PTA Leaders and units can partner with MORE members to: • Provide programs that engage fathers and positive male role models in schools and communities. • Act as a resource for fatherhood issues. • Increase visibility and outreach of PTA unit events.
  27. 27. ENGAGING TEACHERS TO JOIN PTA • Involving teachers and administrators is one of the best ways to strengthen communication between families and schools. • Encouraging them to join PTA in a collaborative partnership between home and school should be one of the focal points of your membership campaign.
  28. 28. ENGAGING TEACHERS - IDEAS • Put an enthusiastic and supportive teacher member on your membership committee. • Enlist the help of the principal. A principal’s encouragement to join goes a long way. • Send out personalized invitations to teachers and staff to join PTA at the beginning of the school year. Be sure to include a membership envelope. • Send out reminders to teachers who have not joined PTA including another membership envelope. • Survey all teachers mid-year asking if they joined PTA and why, and if not, why not. • Send all teachers information about the California State PTA Continuing Education Scholarships reminding them that they must be members to apply. • Remind teachers and staff that PTA is more than a local fundraising group for their school. It is an advocacy organization focused on student success! • Hold a grade level or departmental membership competition. Provide winning group with bagels or danish. • Challenge the staff at a nearby school to a friendly membership competition. • Publicize and apply for the California State PTA “Teachers Matter…Members Matter” award and send a teacher to convention. • Provide monthly opportunity drawings for teachers and staff who join with donated items from local merchants. • Reward teachers and staff with a breakfast or luncheon when 100 percent membership is achieved.
  29. 29. BUILDING STUDENT MEMBERSHIP • Students are considered full members. • Here are some great ways to encourage students to join your PTA: • Put an enthusiastic and supportive student member on your membership committee. • Provide membership invitations with membership envelopes in the summer registration packets to all students including incoming students from middle/junior high schools. • Set up a PTA/PTSA table on student registration days and other school events. Highlight activities that benefit students. • Publicize the California State PTA Graduating High School Senior Scholarship and the membership requirements. • Provide student members with school and community service volunteer opportunities which can be listed on their college applications. • Encourage and welcome students in PTA leadership positions. It looks great on their college applications! • Involve students in the planning and execution of PTA events. • Consider changing your meeting time to encourage more student participation. • Partner with ASB for discounts at the student store or provide discounts on PTA student store items for members. • Encourage student delegates to attend the California State PTA Annual Convention.
  30. 30. 2016-17 • California State PTA is now accepting applications for students to serve on our state board. • Student board members must be at least 16 years of age and no more than 19 years of age by July 1, 2016. • Selected students would serve on the California State PTA Board of Managers from July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017. • Please note that all applications must be received in the state office by March 15, 2016.
  31. 31. The Importance of Membership Renewal • The future success of your PTA can depend on your returning members, as returning members are more likely to take on leadership roles. • It is important to have a good mix of new members and returning members. • It also takes more effort to recruit a new member than it does to keep an existing one. • A returning member who sees the value and impact of PTA can be your best asset for recruiting new members. • Let members know they are valued and be sure to invite them to rejoin every year. • Membership recruitment introduces members to member benefits, yet membership renewal helps us to determine how well we meet the needs of our members by providing relevant resources. • Members remain in PTA primarily because they believe their membership helps their children. • Educate members about what you do for students, families and schools in your community.
  32. 32. Membership Renewal Planning • An important part of achieving annual membership goals. • Membership renewals provide a solid base of members who help build a strong community network and provide a pool of potential leaders for PTA. • Track your PTA members to know your renewal average. How long do members remain active with your PTA? 1 year? 2 years? 3 or more years? • Set a membership renewal goal as part of your membership marketing plan. • Survey your renewal members to determine whether your PTA is meeting the needs of your members and community. • Remind PTA members throughout the year to stay engaged and invite them to attend upcoming activities. Thank them for their membership. • Send membership renewal forms timely to PTA members (at least one month before the end of the school year). • Host an annual PTA membership renewal event.
  33. 33. Recognize your members • A simple “thank you” can go a long way. • Recognizing your PTA members’ contributions to your unit goals is the first step to positive membership retention. • Host a member appreciation event at least once a year. • Hosting a member appreciation event helps you to recognize PTA members who have actively engaged in PTA events and championed your PTA goals. • Send thank you emails/letters to new members and returning members. • Saying thank you to joining and returning members helps to remind them of PTA benefits and ways to stay connected and engaged throughout the year. • You can use the following sample to recognize your members: • Welcome to PTA Sample Letter • Midyear Status Sample Letter • Renewal Sample Letter
  34. 34. Transitioning PTAs When Your Child Changes Schools • Changing schools can be a time of excitement and anxiety. • As children transition to new schools, your PTA can be a resource to parents looking to join a new PTA. • Practice the following steps to help your PTA unit transition and keep an accurate count of your PTA membership. • Keep an accurate record of your PTA members. Make note of parents with students transitioning to new schools at the end of the school year. • Contact parents with transitioning students in April. Thank them for their PTA membership and provide transition school contact information for the new PTA membership chair. • Provide PTA membership chairs in your community with a list of transitioning parents. Encourage them to contact the new incoming parents. • Host a special event for new, transitioning PTA parents in August.
  35. 35. Backpack Bundle • From National PTA • Created with parents in mind to communicate PTA’s value and impact. • Ask your school’s principal for permission to distribute these fliers in students’ backpacks. • The following resources are included • Connect with Your Child’s School & Community • You are Your Child’s Advocate • Today’s PTA Poster • 15 Things You Can Do to Engage In your Child’s Education
  36. 36. Take Your Family to School Week • National PTA's Take Your Family to School Week • February 15-19, 2016 • Will focus on the theme Supporting Student Success to promote family engagement solutions that are proven to help prevent the risks associated with high school dropout. • More at PTA website
  37. 37. Parents' Guides to Student Success • Created for grades K-8 high school English language arts/literacy and mathematics • Provide clear, consistent expectations for what students should be learning at each grade in order to be prepared for college and career. • The guides include: • Key items children should be learning in English language arts and mathematics in each grade, once Common Core Standards are fully implemented. • Activities that parents can do at home to support their child's learning. • Methods for helping parents build stronger relationships with their child's teacher. • Tips for planning for college and career (high school only).
  38. 38. Webinars • Talking with Teens About Stress Management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St3sVNpISSk • How to Tell When a Kid is Struggling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJISfSma-0w • Announcing the PTA Family Reading Challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni1EyIS6CX4
  39. 39. Back to Sports initiative • Great for High School Units! • The National Football League has partnered with National PTA • Helps PTAs across the country educate their communities on wellness— from concussion education to NFL PLAY 60 tips on nutrition and staying active. • Back to Sports events can help PTAs to build excitement in their communities about the start of a sports season, while also educating families about youth sports safety. • More at http://www.nflevolution.com/backtosports
  40. 40. Fire Up Your Feet • National PTA partnered with Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Kaiser Permanente for Fire Up Your Feet—a physical activity program that encourages families to get more physical activity while raising money for their PTA or school. There are two main components to the Fire Up Your Feet program: fundraising and the activity challenge.
  41. 41. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES • Be sure to also reference the California State PTA Toolkit for PTA procedures and best practices. • http://toolkit.capta.org/membership/ • National PTA site
  42. 42. National PTA – Back to School Kit • http://www.ptakit.org/Membership/index.aspx
  43. 43. National PTA website Print these flyers and brochures
  44. 44. Council Portal Login • Unit Presidents • Unit Board members
  45. 45. Home Page • Easy to use features!
  46. 46. Modify Profile – Current members
  47. 47. Unit Profile • President or delegate
  48. 48. Unit Board • Add members (President)
  50. 50. Membership List • A membership list must be created and maintained by the membership chairman/vice president. • A regularly updated copy should be provided to the secretary and the president. • The list should include member name, contact information and the date the member joined. • Membership lists can be hand-written, or kept using computer software. • Lists should be kept confidential within PTA organization. • PTA recommends that membership lists be kept for 3 years in the event of an audit by the Internal Revenue Service.
  51. 51. Student membership • Student membership is a vital part of the association. Membership is open to students of all ages. Please see Involving Students for additional information. • If a PTA unit chooses to include a student membership dues structure with lower dues for students, the bylaws must be amended to reflect this structure. • The student membership dues should be at least equal to the portion of dues which are forwarded to council, district, state and National PTA.
  52. 52. • Administrators, teachers and staff members are valuable members of the association. They should be invited and encouraged to join and participate. A PTA unit can choose to include a teacher/staff membership dues structure. The unit bylaws must include that dues structure. • If a PTA unit chooses to include a family membership dues structure, the bylaws must be amended to reflect this structure. The number of members per family should be specified, and the dues paid per member should be at least equal to the portion of dues forwarded to council, district, state and National PTA. Please consult with your district parliamentarian for specific language regarding family memberships.
  53. 53. Goals • Creating, implementing, and assessing a year round membership plan that includes retention strategies as well as action steps that target and attract new members. • Building an informed and active membership that supports PTA’s mission, goals, and programs and understands the link between PTA at the local, state and national levels. • Promoting and celebrating PTA successes with members and the greater community. • Membership Chair
  54. 54. Why can’t I keep the dues? • The state and national levels of PTA provide several services that benefit every local PTA. • These services—including national and state child advocacy and government relations, leadership development, program planning and execution, and resource development—all incur costs that are largely borne by a small portion of the local membership dues. • Every local PTA contributes its share for these expenses.
  55. 55. Preparing Your Membership Year • It is important to start your membership year prepared to recruit, engage and renew membership. • Set goals. Challenge yourself. We suggest 2–5% annual membership growth as a good target. • Create a membership plan. Use Today’s PTA membership tools and templates to set a goal, identify potential new member groups, and assess needs. • Use last year’s PTA membership list to send out a renewal appeal to current members. • Cite your successes last year, thank members for their support, tell them they played a role in your success, and ask them to join again this year to help you achieve your goals. • Visit Today’s PTA resources to find customizable marketing materials to enhance or develop PTA membership campaign materials that appeal to a broad group of potential current and new members. • Maintain an email database to easily manage your members, communicate with your entire school, create directories, and manage volunteers. • Create a marketing campaign to promote your PTA’s successes, attract new members, and motivate current members to renew.
  56. 56. Preparing Your Membership Year • Ask your board to develop a consistent message around the value of membership in your unit, as well as talking points all can use in membership recruitment. • Identify two or three successes from the previous year, determine two or three goals that can be achieved with more members, and use these as the basis of the message. • Have the entire board practice using these talking points on each other before they ask others to join. • Use online membership applications and work with your unit’s treasurer to create a procedure for processing membership dues. • Create a special appeal to teachers and school staff.
  57. 57. Creating Back-to-School Enthusiasm • Send membership forms and Backpack Bundle fliers home with first-day packets and have a membership table at all orientation and back-to-school events. • Design a visual representation of your growing membership for display in your school or in a public place within your community. • an illustration of a tree to which leaves with new member names can be added • a jar to which beans, marbles, or ping pong balls can be added) Ask people to join your PTA— do not wait for them to offer. • Make it easy for people to join your PTA. Be sure to have sign-up materials on hand at all meetings and events.
  58. 58. Throughout the Year • Set up your membership table at every PTA, school and community event. • Work with local businesses and other civic groups to promote PTA, partner on projects, and grow membership. • Make time to welcome or thank PTA event attendees and let them know the event was made possible by PTA members. Ask those who enjoyed the event to join PTA to show their support for your unit. • Regularly include articles about membership and a clip-out membership form in your newsletter or on community bulletin boards or websites. • Publish your current membership count in your newsletter and compare it to your goal often. • Post basic information on your website: PTA contact information, the PTA mission and objectives, PTA background, names of board members, a current list of events and activities, etc. • Keep your website current and relevant. Outdated material is a sign that no one is monitoring or maintaining your website. • Post PTA member benefits on your website and promote the benefits of membership.
  59. 59. Throughout the Year • Track members who do not renew their membership. What are their reasons? What can your PTA do to get them back? • Show members how PTA advocacy at the state and national levels connect to what is happening in your classrooms and community. Use news from PTA Takes Action to show how membership drives real results. • Know that how you treat members will make your PTA thrive or fail. • Serve your members. Do not let them leave until their requests for assistance have been addressed, then follow up to make sure members were satisfied with what they received. • Use the year-round and seasonal marketing and promotions materials.
  60. 60. Developing a Membership Marketing Plan for Success • As membership chair, you should plan and promote events for parents, students, and the general community where you can showcase your school - as well as encourage attendees to join PTA or renew their membership. • When planning your promotion efforts, be sure to consider all of the following: • Date of the event being promoted. • Your budget (funds to pay for advertisements, make copies, offer door prizes, etc.). • Your audience (business leaders, parents of schoolchildren, students, etc.) - Who you want to involve affects how you deliver the message. • Your goals - Measurable goals will help you determine if the event has been successful. • Promotion activities - Include how you intend to let people know about the event or activity (marquee signs, fliers in the backpack express, posters in merchant windows, paid advertisements in a local newspaper, etc.). • Evaluation - After the event, you should record final expenses, attendance, and whether the desired outcomes were reached (this measurement allows your PTA to see if the event should be duplicated or modified in years to come).
  61. 61. Direct Marketing • Includes public service announcements (PSAs) • Messages in the public interest run by the media at no charge - paid advertisements, special events, messages posted in the community, and direct mail. • Asking grocers to include fliers in their bags on a “Join PTA Day”. • Setting up membership tables at youth sports events. • Having local merchants display “Join PTA” posters. • Lining neighborhood streets with yard signs. • Hanging a “Join PTA” banner at the entrance of the school, library, or other community center. • Use Membership Marketing Templates and Tools on PTA.org • http://www.pta.org/members/content.cfm?ItemNumber=2900
  62. 62. Indirect Marketing • Building relationships with influential community leaders who can influence decisions and help grow the PTA. • church leaders, business owners, elected officials • Providing a public speaker for an event. • Partnering with another community group for a “Clean the Park Day”. • Organizing a food drive with a local soup kitchen. • Speaking positively about your PTA when out in public.
  63. 63. Membership Count • While many units provide family memberships to encourage more people to join, it is important to remember that each person who joins through a family membership is actually an individual member and entitled to all the rights and benefits of membership. • One member = one card, one vote. • If your unit offers a family membership, it must be reflected in your bylaws. • The state and national dues portion for each person who joins through a family membership must be forwarded to your state. • Your unit should always have an accurate list of members to determine who is eligible to vote at meetings
  64. 64. Tracking Member Data • Maintain a membership database system such as an online marketing or email tool. • Good record-keeping is crucial for your membership recruitment and retention efforts. • It will help you keep track of members, dues payments and mailings. • Use email. • Email allows you to communicate with members who are not able to attend meetings. • As new member benefits become available, National PTA will email unit presidents. • These messages will be written in a newsletter format that you can use in your PTA newsletter or forward to your members via email.
  65. 65. Volunteers • Volunteers will enrich your programs by bringing a variety of ideas, perspectives, connections, talents and skills and they will make your job much easier and more enjoyable. • Volunteer Roles • No two volunteers are alike—and there are as many different roles to play as there are personalities! • Whether volunteers would prefer to roll up their sleeves in a planning meeting, help promote programs from home, or simply lend a hand at events, there is a job for everyone who wants to help.
  66. 66. Plan • Be sure to announce planning meetings widely, rather than relying on the same small circle of volunteers. • Ask the principal to suggest parents who might be interested in getting more involved, and have your board members extend a personal invitation. You might be surprised who steps up! • Invite a representative of the student council or student government to participate on a planning team, or ask a group of interested students to take the lead in planning a program or event, with PTA support. • Consider recruiting school staff who have a natural interest related to particular programs. For health and safety programs, for example, these might include health and physical education teachers, school nurses, kitchen staff, crossing guards and playground monitors. • Also consider tapping into student groups related to the program area. For arts in education programs, for example, think about choir/band classes, dance teams or film clubs.
  67. 67. Promote • PTA members who cannot make it to planning meetings might be willing to help with promotion: writing press releases, creating a flier or banners, updating the school sign board, making phone calls to invite parents or community representatives or spreading the word via social media. • Student volunteers might be willing to promote an event during morning announcements or write an article about a program’s impact for their school newspaper. • Teachers might agree to have their students make posters reinforcing program messages.
  68. 68. Participate • Family members who attend events with their children might be willing to come a little early for set up, stay a few minutes after to help clean up or give a half hour of their time to staff a membership table or collect event evaluation forms. • If you are hosting an event in the afternoon or evening, consider contacting the local high school to identify older students who might need community service hours to meet graduation requirements. • Do not forget to engage community members who have an interest in children and/or a specific program area. For example: • Local media • Representatives of local children’s hospitals or pediatrician’s offices • School board and city council members • City or county parks and recreation departments, health departments or libraries • Local United Way representatives • Service clubs (Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, etc.)
  69. 69. Share Your Success • Another way to celebrate is to promote all the great results through your school and PTA communications. • Seeing photos from the event reminds families of their positive experience and the impact PTA has on their school community. • Share those photos with others in the PTA network so that we can highlight your results! Contact your state PTA or email your photos and best practices to programs@pta.org so that we can highlight your PTA in one of our nationally distributed communications.
  70. 70. Recognize Partners and Volunteers • Thank those who helped make it a success. Be sure to include all of the following groups: • Family member volunteers • Students • School personnel • Sponsor representatives (if your PTA received a grant) • Businesses that provided donations (send an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes) • Other community partners • Access sample thank you letters, including one for sponsors/donors and one for volunteers, in the additional resources section http://www.ptakit.org/Programs/Additional- Resources.aspx
  71. 71. National PTA Schools of Excellence • During the course of the school year, the National PTA Schools of Excellence achieved: • 46% increase in families that always feel empowered to support student success, • 53% increase in families that feel they always share power in decision-making related to student success and school improvements, • 78% increase in families that feel their school and PTA always collaborate with the community, and • 102% increase in families that feel their school and PTA always speak up for every child.
  72. 72. Health and Safety • Studies show that children’s physical and mental well- being have a significant effect on their long-term success. • When children are well-rested, well-nourished, emotionally supported and physically fit, they are more ready to learn. • The goal of PTA’s health and safety programming is to be a resource for PTA leaders in partnering with schools to create safe environments that encourage healthy, safe choices and social and emotional support for all students.
  73. 73. Obesity Prevention • What PTAs Can Do? • Healthy Lifestyles Program • Educates families on how to leverage community partnerships and collaborate with schools to advocate for and support healthy, sustainable changes around nutrition and physical activity. • No fund raisers at Fast food joints?
  74. 74. Emotional Health • Early Detection, Treatment and Family-School Partnerships Work • Half of all lifetime cases of mental disorders begin by age 14. • While 21% of all children ages 9 to 17 in the United States have a diagnosable mental or addictive disorder, only 20% of them are identified and receive mental health services each year. • Early detection and treatment of mental disorders is imperative for student success. Half of all students ages 14 and older who live with a mental illness drop out of high school—the highest dropout rate of any disability group—and these youth also experience higher suicide and incarceration rates. • Together, we can increase the percentage of students who receive the mental health services they need in order to succeed in school, continue to develop socially, and fully experience the purpose and joys of life.
  75. 75. Chronic Conditions • Students with chronic health conditions can function at their maximum potential if their needs are met. Their attendance, alertness and physical stamina will improve; they will have fewer symptoms and restrictions on their participation in physical activities and special events and they will experience fewer medical emergencies. • What PTAs Can Do • Anaphylaxis: Be Aware, Prepared and Ready to Respond: A three- part video series is designed to help create a safer environment for children with severe allergies.