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Dialogue Assessment

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Find out if readers can track dialogue in narrative text.

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Dialogue Assessment

  1. 1. Emily Kissner Name Dialogue Assessment Read the story excerpt below. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Hans was a young man. He had worked for the miller for seven years. “Hans,”the miller said, “youhave done a good job.” “Thank you, sir.” “Now I will give you a bag of gold. This bag of gold is your paymentfor all of the work that you have done for me.” Hans took the bag of gold. It was as large as his head! The miller was a generous man, and Hans had worked hard. Hans started to leave the mill to walk home to his mother. He walked for about three miles. Then he grew tired. The bag of gold was so heavy! A man came from behind him, riding on a horse. “Hello there,” said the rider. “Youlook tired.” “I am tired!” said Hans. “This bag ofgold is heavy. I hate carryingit.” “It must be a greatdeal of work.” “If I only had a horse to ride,” said Hans. “Iwould be perfectly happy.” 1. Find line 4 in the text. Who is the speaker? 2. Who is the speaker on line 16? 3. Writeanexampleof a speaker tag. 4. Which character says, “You look tired” on line 13? 5. How does the author show the changeof speaker on line 5?
  2. 2. Emily Kissner Answers 1. Hans 2. the rider 3. (answers will vary) 4. the rider 5. indent Teaching Notes In manycomplex texts, dialogue conveys importantinformation. Use thisquickassessment to find out if studentsare ableto read and understand dialogue. For more dialogue assessmentsand easy-to-useresources for helping studentsto read and understand narrativetext, seemy unit on TeachersPayTeachers: Analyzing StoryElements. I’ve also writtenabout helping studentstounderstand dialogue inmy book, The Forest ANDthe Trees: Helping Readersto Understand Detailsin Textsand Tests. Permissiongranted for teacherstoreproduce for classroom use. All other rightsreserved. Emily Kissner 2015.