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Self awareness and Self Management

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Self awareness and Self Management

  1. 1. Dare to Dream, Dare to Be!
  2. 2. Take a look at them Beethoven was totally deaf, yet he createdmusical masterpieces Abraham Lincoln failed several times in hispolitical career before he was elected to thepresidency Helen Keller struggled to overcome herhandicap to become an inspiration to bothblind and the seeing
  3. 3. You as YOUNosce ie ipsum- “Know thyself”- Know the difference between your biologicalor inherited traits and your environmental oracquired traitsSelf Awareness is awareness of one’spersonality or individuality
  4. 4. Self Oneself Himself/herself/myself Entire person as an individual
  5. 5. Awareness Having or shown realization, perception orknowledge Be your own best friend You are you and you are what you think
  6. 6. You as a Filipino Being aware of and remaining constantly onguard against the Filipino tendency towardsnegativism and propel yourself to positivism Use your “Laks at tibay ng loob” to move awayfrom the fatalistic “gulong ng palad” and“bahala na” attitude Be involved in your own life Begin without expecting instant Miracles Believe in your abilities You and your Faith
  7. 7. Self Help Concepts Believe in yourself Keep your priorities straight Create your own future Think big Control Stress Think Positively Be tolerant Be honest
  8. 8. Negative Self Talk I can’t remember names It’s just no use I’m so clumsy I don’t have the talent I’m just not creative Today just isn’t my day I already know I wont like it I’m just no good
  9. 9. The art of selling yourselfDirection: Select 10 questions and write youranswers in a sheet of paper1. Tell me about yourself2. What do you see as your greatest strengthand weakness?3. Tell me about some projects you have led4. Tell me about your problems you have solvedin a group situation?5. How would you define success?
  10. 10. 6. Why should I hire you?7. Why haven’t you received any offer so far?8. What do professors tend to criticize mostabout your performance?9. Tell me about the best professor you everhad.10. How do you go about making importantdecisions?11. Tell me about your involvement incommunit work.12. Do you work well under pressure?
  11. 11. 13. Do you prefer work with others or byyourself?14. What kind of student are you?15. What extra curricular activities are youinvolved in?16. What were your most memorable highschool experience?17. What do you do in your spare time?18. Are you a member of your Barangayorganization? What is the nature of yourorganization?
  12. 12. 19. How do you handle conflict?20. If you could change something about yourwork style, what would it be?