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Reflections: Serbia

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Reflections: Serbia

  1. 1. What difference has this project made to addressing equity in VET policies and provision? 1. The Law for Secondary education – career guidance 2. Promotion of apprenticeship qualifications 3. Implementation of Strategy of career guidance
  2. 2. What measures have been taken since the project started? The Article 15 in the new Law for secondary education New model of annual planning of pedagogues and psychologists in VET schools New standards and indicators for self evaluation and external evaluation for VET schools
  3. 3. What measures are in the pipeline? Adaptation of students learning achievements for students with special needs (IEP) New model of practice and cooperation with employers in third level qualification and new forms in textile VET school Opening of career centres in VET schools Supporting teacher training
  4. 4. What is the greatest remaining challenge? Strength social awareness regarding social inclusion and social cohesion and development in educational system in that direction