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tmk tajuk food

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variety of food

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tmk tajuk food

  1. 1. Name: Afiqah AliahBinti Mohd Sapian Class: 5 Pandai Title: FoodAround The World Subject Teacher: Tr.EzanZarenaBinti Omar
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  There are many type of food. Food are everywhwere.Like Korea,Malaysia,India and else.I like Malaysian and Japeneese food.Japeneese food I like Sushi for Malaysian food I like Nasi Ayam,Nasi Goreng and others.
  3. 3. FRIED RICE  Fried rice is a food that many pupils like. I also like the fried rice. If the restaurant have fried rice I will order it but sometimes I did not order it. On Saturday and Sunday , my mother always cook fried rice in the morning. This is the picture of the fried rice.
  4. 4. HAMBURGER  Hamburger is an unhealthy food. We can eat the hamburger but not all the time. If we eat all the time we will be fat. Many people like to eat the burger. Especially the fat people. When it is hungry it will do a delivery to send the hamburger.
  5. 5. PIZZA  Pizza are also unhealthy food. We can eat it but not all the time.It will turn our body to fat. It is not good for us to be fat. So,do not eat a lot. Especially on the night. This is the picture of the pizza.
  6. 6. SPAGHETTI  I like to eat spaghetti.For me the spaghetti is delicious.My mother will cook the spaghetti on Saturday and Sunday. My mother will cook in the morning. My mother spaghetti is so delicious.
  7. 7. FRIED CHICKEN  Fried chicken is also unhealthy food.It also can make our body become fat.We can eat the fried chicken but not all the time and everyday.
  8. 8. CHOCOLATE’S  Chocolate’s is also not a healthy food for so much. It contains so much of sugar and calories in the chocolate. I used to eat chocolate also and I like it so much. My mother not allowed me to take so much of it.
  9. 9. HOTDOGS BURGER  HotDog burger is also unhealthy food to eat so much. It also contains so much of calories and fat. It is so delicious and everyone always like to eat the hotdog.
  10. 10. SWEETS AND CANDY  This is unhealthy food. It contains so much of sugar. So much of sugar is not a good practice of living good health. My mother always avoid so much sugar in our food.
  11. 11. FRIED FRIES  The fried Fries also is unhealthy food. It is not healthy to eat so much. It contains a lot of carbohydrate and calories.
  12. 12. PRAWN SAMBAL RICE  Prawn sambal rice are very familiar with Malaysian Traditional Home cook. My mother also always cook this menu. It is very spicy sometimes but its so nice.
  13. 13. SPRING ROLL & VEGE  This is so nice and good food to eat during tea time. Very healthy and contains balance protein and carbohydrate. My mother always buy this food for my family.
  14. 14. TOM YUM KUNG (NOODLE)  Tom Yum noodle is so spicy and a nice food to eat. This food is from Thailand and our family like to eat too.
  15. 15. CHAR KWAY TEOW  Char Kway Teow is a noodle from Malaysian cuisine. Some recipe made from Penang and its very delicious. It is also not spicy.
  16. 16. SEAFOOD STEAMBOAT  This is also very delicious healthy food to eat. It will served during night time. My family always like to eat at Uptown Night Market.
  17. 17. ROTI CANAI WITH CURRY  It is a must to all Malaysian to eat roti canai & curry. I and my family also like to eat roti canai every morning at our home area. Its nice and good to make not hungry.
  18. 18. BEEF & CHEESE LASAGNE  This is so much of calories and fat. Lasagne is comes from Italy Food. Its very nice and soft texture.
  19. 19. CHICKEN PIE AND VEGE  This is also very nice food from Italy. It’s a tradition of Italian to cook this food. I have tried once and it is very delicious soft to melt in your mouth.
  20. 20. THANK YOU  I would like to thank you and hope for the very best marks for this slide presentations.