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Miller Interactive Summer Campaign

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This campaign was aimed to draw attention to the brand and push sales as directly so indirectly through upscaling brand status

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Miller Interactive Summer Campaign

  1. 1. summertime campaign ’09 by flashbackflip for AbsolutPro January 19, 2009
  2. 2. mission zOOm Involve new consumers into Miller brand franchise open up more reasons to buy Miller when buying a beer Locate and brand-form strategic niche modern and advanced art Push sales with motivation and new-media promo
  3. 3. development tasks TTL communication: new media, web, press, print, OOH, TV, BTL, 4- & 6-packs + cooler packs 0.33 & 0.5 singles Motivation-driven promo campaign on-trade, off-trade, new media environment
  4. 4. smart targeting minor, but active part - a.k.a. Trendsetters able and eager to take challenge Open to new trends Trendseekers - major and less initiative part creative and trendy like to feel being a part of cutting-edge revealing to innovation still don’t have enough, skills, expirience and purpose to be opinion-leaders
  5. 5. some trends to be used
  6. 6. it’s about me I AM INVOLVED! i am unique i am in the game i affect the situation i am getting prizes or fame
  7. 7. i-Learn People invest in themselves in their knowledge in their skills in their abilities And you know, they ENJOY doing this!
  8. 8. solution
  9. 9. The BiG idea
  10. 10. expand yourself with the way you want
  11. 11. Welcome to another level We will help you to expand yourself - to acquire skills you need for this We give you instruments to upgrade, customize and reinvent yourself You can perform yourself better !! communication
  12. 12. motivation Collaborating with Miller you explore and develop yourself in a new way for Trendsetters
  13. 13. motivation Being part of the action you get personal and shared experience and handy prizes for Trendseekers
  14. 14. involvement There are two merged involvement levels *: dedication participation Dedicated trendsetters share their creations and announce skills they need for further development Participating trendseekers play mixed-media game getting experience, information and prizes * they can be advanced simultaneously
  15. 15. new approach We use the ‘game’ form as the ‘feel’ of the campaign we tease consumer to get involved and have fun SOCIAL GAMES We inspire consumer to get involved in the mixed-media game for the new experience, prizes and benefits as he will develop himself playing it he will get acquainted and connected with other active people
  16. 16. Universal instrument to be used in all media and promo channels for: score boosting information exchange mobile services on/off-line sync self-promo ability new media tool QRcode data matrix code a.k.a.
  17. 17. direct sales push To enter the action and register on the site consumer must shoot the first code and these codes are either inlays in a ‘pack’ or the codes on the back-side of single bottles
  18. 18. indirect sales push We encourage consumer to search for ‘limited edition’ bottles and this is the main point to be reached in any ‘trade’ channel if someone searches for something and finds it - he buys it All we need is motivation and we got it! the limited series have QR codes on the back of the front sticker among these codes there’re some with MegaBonus score points apart from constant awareness, consumers get the second crucial ability! ability to catch up with leaders by finding bonus regardless the time left to finish Limited Edition
  19. 19. web/mobile site global logic ‘dedicated’ level any comm. channel ‘participation’ level buy register prizes are new-media tech gadgets made to create art get most score mixed-media game participation prizes are educational grants and master- classesclaim for skill you need share your works ‘Miller Team’ of Pro’s evaluation friends’ support and voting in order to register you need to shot a code from any product
  20. 20. ‘dedicated’ level manual
  21. 21. the way it works my name is Kate and i wanna become a PRO photographer here are some of my works: i want to take courses to summarize and update my knowledge and start a ‘pro-series’ about the effects of light and water saturation in atmosphere
  22. 22. the way it works again! i’m a top-manager and i’d like to take courses on flash-animation to become a cartoon producer !! check my sketches!
  23. 23. step by step i see an AD i register i upload my works and claim for skill i get my works evaluated by ‘Miller Team’ i get the prize i join the ‘Miller Team’ friends’ support and voting in order to do it i must shot a QR code from a 4/6-pack inlay or from the single bottle i share and develop skills i buy a bottle or any ‘pack’
  24. 24. ‘participation’ level manual
  25. 25. the way it works i buy a bottle or any pack i shoot the code and register i wanna get the biggest score to win i search for a ‘limited edition’ Limited Edition i check coded POSMs and codes i find in web and on the streetsor else i go to the website and download required soft i share codes from the ‘packs’ by sticking them in the city
  26. 26. step by step friends’ voting and street action i learn to create i see an AD i register i create my account and collect codes i boost my score i get the prize i learn to create i buy a bottle or any ‘pack’ in order to do it i must shot a QR code from a 4/6-pack inlay or from the single bottle
  27. 27. complete mechanics
  28. 28. promo codes description 4/6-pack codes or single bottle codes are required for joining the game and get basic score. They have MEDIUM value they are made as stickers to inspire guerilla actions Limited Edition bottles are provided with special Bonus codes these codes are under the front label and only some of them contain HUGE Bonus while the rest has MEDIUM value Other codes used in packaging and ATL campaign are all the same and their purpose is to provide player with random media uploaded to the site, converting it to mobile format they have SMALL value
  29. 29. sticker codes These codes are the inlay stickers in 4/6-packs these stickers will be used in guerilla campaign [described later] These stickers used to redirect consumer to the register page After one of these codes are shot and the consumer became ‘registered user’ they lose their ability to provide registration but if code is shot, but no one registered - then it can be reused
  30. 30. private code description Private code is generated in the profile and leads to this page. Here are some reasons to use it: this code is the quick link to your bio - somebody might want to know you better! you can make this code a VCard and share your contacts for new friends each time this code is shot you get score points and your work [if any] downloaded you can add it anywhere - starting from your blog or laptop to your car or dog’s collar! These codes have the LEAST value of 1 point
  31. 31. web/mobile site The site is a place where all users’ works are collected It consists of: profile with works, ‘skill claim’ and score count area of all uploaded works ‘tips&tricks’ area is the ‘Miller Team’ blog for chosen works discussion The site is a communication instrument. It provides: score monitoring friendship connection start of a career
  32. 32. drawings & paintings photos other multimedia videos scripts [plays and scenarios] works’ categories
  33. 33. the ‘Miller Team’ Group of talented and modern art-professionals such as photographers, artists [painters], fashion designers Their task is to find interesting and promising people looking at their works they surf uploading content and make their choices they choose as many as they like, commenting the choice each member choice adds fixed amount of score points
  34. 34. mixed-media provocation There are plenty of people and content you can browse on the site but for the first time you add your friends off-line! Watch out for codes on the streets - someone left ‘em there! shoot them and add this person as a friend when this trigger is used we can open ‘friendship protocol’ on-line
  35. 35. the ‘1=2’ rule To inspire consumers further - each ‘private’ code shot adds 1 point to both the one who shot it and the one whose code it is = +
  36. 36. score points Score points can be earned when: you shot QR codes on 4/6-packs - medium amount each you shot QR codes on ‘LE’ single bottles - huge amount you shot ATL commercial - small amount your code is being shot [whether on the streets or in web] - minimum amount you shot someone’s code - minimum amount your work is chosen by ‘Miller Team’ member - big amount each member
  37. 37. benefits and rewards
  38. 38. brand benefits 6- and 4-packs direct sales push Single bottles direct and indirect sales push Awareness raising self-running new media and guerilla campaign Forming new opinion leaders totally loyal to brand and sharing their skills Starting new channel of communication to be used further Wide PR flow due to participating works, jury [‘Miller Team’], innovative mechanics etc.
  39. 39. Gain new skills and abilities while discussing them with true art-trendsetters Gain new experience watching others’ works - find new ways to apply yourself Get prizes - there’re two kinds of them for ‘dedicated’ players aimed at new education - we provide grants for studies those who crave for gadgets get gadgets boosting creating abilities winners can choose the most suitable one from the list consumer benefits
  40. 40. prizes ready-to-apply tuned-for-your-skills wacom interactive wacom tablet PC SONY ‘made4web’ cam turntable SONY e-book reader full ‘painter’s kit’
  41. 41. educational grants Those who decided to take part in the creative collaboration and discussion of the works has the ‘skill claim’ that’s why when they win they get their dream come true - they go to the best master-class they can get!
  42. 42. TTL communications
  43. 43. TTL matrix the BIG idea new media press web mobile OOH on/off trade printTV packaging guerilla
  44. 44. OOH We translate the message through corresponding design solution making the QR code be distinctively visible, almost dominating Participators, if successfully captured code in commercial, get random content downloaded to their mobile phones
  45. 45. TV provocation Along with the straight TV commercial we launch series of short [5-10 sec.] clips showing QR code only the catch is that shooting these codes consumer receives the ‘.3gp’ video with the commercial, made by one of the ‘Miller Team’ members ?
  46. 46. packaging Codes placed openly on the package are automatically downloading random content uploaded to the site if shot
  47. 47. teasing bills These are bills presenting some real persons featuring on our site they are talented and good-looking! Shooting the code will link to their profiles and add them as friends all-trade provocation wanna know my name and see my works? shoot it! -->>
  48. 48. modern trade Modern trade is decorated the way it usually does But! We can use some provocation here too! wanna know my name? shoot it! -->>
  49. 49. off-trade Some off-trade spots are decorated with straightforward QRcode stickers and also - with teasing hard-posters wanna know my name? shoot it! -->>
  50. 50. on-trade In places like cinema halls, chosen clubs and pubs we use the toilets with the provoking stickers/posters we place ‘male’ posters in women’s toilet and ‘female’ posters - in men’s one wanna know my name? shoot it! -->>
  51. 51. guerilla 6-pack inlay stickers and ‘a secret’ that personal code can be printed by any printer and the proper paper can be bought anywhere, provoke consumers to stick the codes around and spread the news - expand themselves! street-wise provocation
  52. 52. BTL support In line with the already pre-planned Miller-party activity we integrate the QRcodes they are used as elements of space design we use them in bars possibly - give barmen special t-shirts
  53. 53. campaign key images
  54. 54. expand yourself with the way you want
  55. 55. expand yourself
  56. 56. yourself expand with
  57. 57. let’s kick it!
  58. 58. final action
  59. 59. The final celebration of the winners take place not in the club but in a gallery This is a mixed-media gallery where content is represented either as prints or visual installations QR codes are used for the author’s ID shooting these codes will take visitors to the profiles at our website where details are given After celebration is done everybody with the account and personal code can print a sticker and contribute it to the gallery himself the ‘Expand Yourself’ gallery
  60. 60. cumulative PR By launching this event we get huge info trigger as we launch never-seen-before gallery format as the participators are talented and the jury is interesting After all we provide full-scale blogging support covering the details of the celebration As the party is over we still have the exhibition running!
  61. 61. the result is media-ubiquity
  62. 62. results SURE results Sales are pushed both ways - directly and non-directly Brand is denotated as the ‘cultural patron’ upscaling brand status The unique form of consumer communication mechanism started Brand is ‘future-ready’ POSSIBLE opportunities A couple of prizes at Golden Drum and Cannes We all become legends
  63. 63. thanx for your attention and.. let’s push it! http://www.slideshare.net/flashbackflip