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Advertising Out-of-Home Presentation

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Designed presentation on the out-of-home medium for group project in GWU Advertising course.

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Advertising Out-of-Home Presentation

  1. 1. out-of-home (OOH) + Elizabeth Antonelli, Gabbi Baker, Alexa D’Angelo, Carolina D’Arista, Alya Hegazy, John Maccione, and Brittni Salvati
  2. 2. What is Out-of-Home (OOH)?
  3. 3. What is Out-of-Home (OOH)? billboards street furniture transit alternative
  4. 4. Billboards Times Square, New Year’s Eve, NYCtraditional roadside digital billboard billboards displays
  5. 5. Street Furniturebus shelters mall kiosksnewsracks telephone booths
  6. 6. Transit•  Buses•  Subways•  Truck-side•  Taxis•  Airports•  Platforms
  7. 7. Transit
  8. 8. AlternativeTNT TV (Belgium) Big Red Button: PUSH TO ADD DRAMA
  9. 9. Key Terms
  10. 10. On-Premise Signs A sign that advertises products or servicesthat are sold, produced, manufactured or furnished on theproperty where the sign is located.
  11. 11. Off-Premise Signs A sign that advertisesproducts or services that are not sold, produced, manufactured orfurnished on the property where the sign is located.
  12. 12. Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)•  Measurement representing the total number of vehicles passing a specific highway location, based on 24 hour counts taken over an entire year•  Adjusted to “n” estimate of annual average daily traffic•  Take into account seasonal variance, weekly changes and other factors –  used to develop DECs
  13. 13. Daily Effective Circulation (DEC)•  The average number of persons in a vehicle passing and potentially exposed to an advertising display for either 12 hours (6:00am to 6:00pm), 18 hours (6:00am to 12:00 midnight) or 24 hours
  14. 14. Audience, Measurement, & Cost
  15. 15. Potential Audience•  According to Arbitron Outdoor Study, adults eighteen and older are spending 90% more of their time out of their homes•  OOH advertising reaches consumers 24/7- during their daily commute, traveling on vacation, shopping, etc.
  16. 16. Measurement Methods•  In order to fully understand how to measure OOH ads you need to have an understanding of: –  Travel patterns: trip purposes & modes of transportation –  Integrated research •  Not just surveys •  Demographics •  Reach •  Frequency
  17. 17. Measurement Methods: Eyes On Ratings•  Comprehensive measurement system for 200+ markets of the “true” audience delivered by an ad•  Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) hired three research companies GfK Group, Telmar and Transearch to compile –  traffic counts –  travel patterns –  track eye movements of people as they pass outdoor signs•  Visibility Adjust Index (VAI): use of video simulations of variety of media formats in different environments
  18. 18. Key Factors of Visibility Adjustments
  19. 19. Key Factors of Visibility Adjustments
  20. 20. Key Factors of Visibility Adjustments
  21. 21. Costs of OOH Advertisements Advertisement Average Cost Space Avg. $1,500 - $5,000/month Billboards High Demand Units $410,000/month Mobile Billboards Avg. $1,000/day Airport Displays Package Avg. $25,000/month for 20 displaysCommuter Rail Displays Package Avg. $25,000/month for 30 displays Wallscapes Space Avg. $15,000 Mall Displays Package Avg. $5,500/month for 8 displays Transit Displays Package Avg. $5,500/month for 5 displays Taxi Displays Package Avg. $14,500/month for 50 tops
  22. 22. Future of OOH
  23. 23. Future of OOH Digital Advertising$24.4 BILLION $26.4 BILLION $5.2 BILLION $2.5 BILLION 2010 2011 2010 2011 INVESTMENT IN OOH INVESTMENT IN OOH DIGITAL ADVERTISING DIGITAL BILLBOARDS by 2020, 9 out of 10 OOH advertisements will be digital
  24. 24. Contextual Advertising Immersive Labs
  25. 25. Multisensory Advertising
  26. 26. Mobile Phone Information McDonald’s Pick & Play
  27. 27. Gesture-Based Advertising PNC Bank “Punch the Pigs”
  28. 28. Industry Organizations
  29. 29. Outdoor Advertising Association of America•  Non-profit trade organization with goals to: –  Promote positive outdoor advertising legislation –  Provide leadership to the industry –  Create a demand for outdoor advertising –  To be a resource of information about the industry –  To unite the overall outdoor advertising industry•  800 members are responsible for 90% of industry revenues
  30. 30. Digital Place-Based Advertising Association•  Non-profit trade organization that “exists to drive consistent growth for the industry through collaboration among advertisers, agencies, place- based digital and video advertising networks and their suppliers” by 1.  Holding quarterly informational meetings for members 2.  Planning an Annual Digital Media Summit 3.  Publishing an annual industry report
  31. 31. Trade Publications
  32. 32. OOH Trade Publications•  Vary in types of content•  Not many print publications•  Many online publications
  33. 33. Advertising Week•  “Do or Do Not”•  Content focused•  Education and entertainment•  Very active on social media
  34. 34. Digital Signage Today •  The WSJ of OOH advertising •  Controversial issues •  New Developments in outdoor advertisements
  35. 35. Business Exchange•  Aggregate of many online publications•  Variety of topics•  No direct content- based articles•  Site appears “half- done”
  36. 36. Out of Home Magazine •  Based in Thailand •  Focuses on – Advances in OOH advertising – Business ethics
  37. 37. Strengths & Weaknesses
  38. 38. Strengths of OOHBroad reach Low costAbility to target specific Low competitionlocationsCan make a big impact DifferentiationAll day (week, month, etc.) Future growth opportunitiesexposure
  39. 39. Weaknesses of OOHShort exposure time (6-8 Difficult to monitorseconds) effectivenessLimited message capability InflexibleTrue mass media ControversialCan be vandalized Highly regulatedAudience is disengaged Potentially dangerous
  40. 40. Questions?
  41. 41. References“Beyond the Billboard: The Future of Out-of-Home Advertisements.” BuySellAds.com. http://blog.buysellads.com/ 2011/06/beyond-the-billboard-the-future-of-out-of-home-advertising/"CBS Outdoor Advertising." New York City . N.p.. Web. 15 Oct 2012. <https://www.cbsoutdoor.com/Tools/ mediakits/Documents/NewYork2012_ALL.pdf>."CBS Outdoor Billboard Cost." Cost Rates and Out-of-Home Pricing. N.p.. Web. 15 Oct 2012. <https:// www.cbsoutdoor.com/outdoor101/rates.asp&xgt;."CBS Outdoor ." Eyes On Out of Home Media Managament. N.p.. Web. 15 Oct 2012. <https:// www.cbsoutdoor.com/tools/resources/eyesonout-of-homemediameasurement.asp&xgt;."Out of Home Advertising ." Indoor and Outdoor Advertising. N.p.. Web. 15 Oct 2012. <http:// www.billboardsource.com/products.php>.“Outdoor Terms.” Outdoor Advertising Association of America. http://www.oaaa.org/marketingresources/ industrystandards/outdoorterms.aspx"TAB." Key Factors of Visibility Adjustments. N.p.. Web. 15 Oct 2012. <http://tabonline.com/ key_factors_of_visibility_adjustments>.