Unit 35 lo1

15 May 2019

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Unit 35 lo1

  1. PURPOSE OF SNAPCHAT It’s a popular mobile app that allows you to send videos and pictures, both of which you have the choice whether to allow it to be seen for up to 10 seconds or an unlimited time (made possible in a more recent update to snapchat). It was created by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy in September 2011. The purpose of snapchat is so that you have another platform where you can still keep contact with your friends and even make new friends. When it was made it was given the name of “Pictaboo”, this was their original project when they were at Stanford University. Their peers didn't’t believe in their idea of the picture disappearing after a certain amount of time because everyone thought that it wouldn't work because others thought that it would have been a better idea to have the image forever. The idea of the photos disappearing was inspired due to someone sending a photo that they regretted immediately.
  2. CONTENTS OF SNAPCHAT Snapchat has a staggering 188 million daily active users. This is done with the amount of contents that are within the app. One of the most popular features to Snapchat is the filters; there has recently been an add on to the current use of face filters, this is when you take a photo you are able to press a smiley face and this will give you the chance to apply a filter (this only works if your full face is visible on the screen to allow the filter to work). Another use that Snapchat has introduced their integration with Shazam, it’s not the newest feature on Snapchat, however it is still not known by a lot of people. By far the most popular feature that Snapchat has is the ‘Streak’ feature. These can go on for as many days as the two people keep in contact by making sure that they exchange one snap every 24 hours, if this doesn't’ happen then this can lead to a timer which can result in the streak ending.
  3. WHAT IS THE TARGET AUDIENCE TO SNAPCHAT ? Using the website link of Omnicore, I am able to find out the several different demographics for this app. Firstly, the vast majority of the users on Snapchat are female. The possible reason for this could be because of the majority of the filters are more feminine than others. The use of filters is that you can change your looks to be more appealing and attractive. Further to this, looking at the statistics shown on the Omnicore website, it says that around 70% of the users are people under the age old 34 years old, this means that the vast majority of the people that use Snapchat is the younger generation. The socio- economic status group that would be for snapchat is class E (the lower income section), this is the section for the students and the casual workers earning around £6,000 a year. The house style used for the app are most definitely going towards the younger people to go with the basic layout. The popular feature of the stories and now the subscription section where you are able to reach out to a lot more people all over the world with a bigger follow count.
  4. SOURCES OF REVENUE One of the more advanced features added onto the filters is that there is a chance for some to promote special occasions etc. the prices can vary, however they are still extremely absurd prices. They start at £400,000 and the pricing stops at £750,000, this is for an advertisement on the filter feature. Further to this, the ads that are put on snapchat have a much more effective touch on the users of snapchat as they have much higher ‘swipe-up’ rate than other regular ads. From the recent statistics shown for Snapchat you can see that the majority of their users are younger adults or even in the life cycle of Adolescence. This isn't easy to achieve the amount of popularity Snapchat has gained from the younger generation due to the fact that they have added several mini games with the application to go with the already extremely popular filters.
  5. LEGAL/ETHICAL ISSUES Over the years of its release in 2011, this application has taken a lot of mixed opinions on its functions. There are a lot of issues with Snapchat such as people screenshotting potential explicit pictures and then sending them to others, this can be really dangerous for the younger users who might feel peer pressured into exchanging these images. There are certain laws that have been put in place to prevent this from happening. The Data Protection Act, this is more popular in being used by bigger organizations. Following the principles that have been put in place for this act will mean that all information is maintained by others. If everyone doesn't follow these rules they could receive fines. Due to it being illegal to send explicit photos without consent, possession of these certain image is illegal, if found with images of this nature then it can lead to prosecution. Watermarking, watermarking an image is another way of copyrighting something. This is used so that it will mean that everything is protected and that others are unable to falsely claim their rights to the creation of the image. Discrimination: for people to avoid getting into conflict through discrimination people, if they have the access, should use all social media platforms. The reason for this is because a lot of people online only use these platform to share their extreme opinions about any subject they choose, this can lead to several offences on others who may see it. Privacy: on all of the current social media platforms come with much more developed privacy setting due to the reoccurrence of people being taken advantage of due to the lack of privacy throughout the history of these social media platforms. For example, on Instagram, snapchat and Facebook you are able to choose who sees your account through the choice of either making it public or private. Finally, another really bad use of Snapchat that can be bad for a lot of people is the displaying of drugs and other illegal substances as it can lead to people thinking that its OK to do this just because they’ve seen someone else do it. An example of this is some celebrities such Dan Bilzerian, he smokes Cannabis daily and occasionally promotes his drugs on his social media accounts. This is not fair on a lot of people as you don’t have to be subscribed to these people yet they will still end up on the popular stories where this content is open to everyone no matter how old you are. docs/?guccounter=1&guce_referrer_us=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_cs=dAbJ hAxhOex2WIspDdzidQ
  6. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE IF FACEBOOK? Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, created Facebook while studying at Harvard University. At a younger age he was a very keen computer scientist and developed several websites for his classmates. He was not alone when he created (commonly known as Facebook) for profiles being made for Harvard students. His application was used all across the colleges in the United States. In September of 2006 it was then released globally to any email address. Facebook is the most popular social media platform, Facebook is the reason to why Instagram and WhatsApp have been given the rights. They get most of their revenue through advertising on the website, because of this Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest in the world with a net worth just short of 60 billion.
  7. FACEBOOK - CONTENTS Facebook has one of the most simple load outs in comparison to others such as twitter. They went with a simple colour scheme with a primary colours of blue and white. This makes the website simple but still professional. Due to them not changing the load out of the website in all the years that it has been running it has been good for the people who have been using it for the longest because they haven’t had the struggle of trying to get use to something new every update. Lastly, the notification section of the tab is where everyone can look to see who has requested to be their friend and who has messaged them.
  8. THE TARGET AUDIENCE OF FACEBOOK Looking at Facebook’s target audience, 53% of their users are female and 47% are male. However, the different areas that the two genders prefer to post or focus their account on are completely different, females prefer to use their social media to post more personal information to do with their everyday lives, whereas males will use their social media to promote their businesses. There are many features on Facebook now that have allows it to flourish in popularity. Since they added in the chance to post and share videos it has allowed everyone to get a better following. females-in-social-networks/
  9. ADVERTISING AND REVENUE Due to their huge amount of users it is easy for them to use advertisements to make some money from Facebook which is free. Some of the more popular types of advertisements that are used for Facebook are the engagement adverts, as all users are able to engage with the advert this has lead it to being the more profitable approach used by businesses as more people are likely to follow the advertisement and click on it. Over 95% of social media marketers consider Facebook the most effective platform for advertising. Everyone has the ability to run their own personal advertisements to attract people to their Facebook page. the prices can vary of which it can cost every click to your page, this all depends on the size of the organization and the reach that you demand. advertising-benefits/
  10. LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES One of Facebooks biggest concerns is the amount of cyberbullying as it happens everyday on all social media platforms. To try and prevent this they have added the report button, this allows you to report a post and then leave a description, after this Facebook gives you the chance to tick a box asking what help you want such as “Talk to someone” or “Get tips and support”. The growth of videos being constantly posted on the website, several companies are occasionally using videos which are copied from another platform such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Further to this, an example of this is music videos, these have become one of the most popular complaints for the use of copyright. Intellectual property is defined as having the correct type ‘intellectual property’ protection in order to prevent others from stealing or copying your work. This can be applied to the names of certain products or brands. When getting an IP this can mean that you will be able to get a patent a this prevents anyone from using your information without permission. There is an IP license that is linked to the user’s account which grants Facebook a Royalty-free, transferable and worldwide license to use any IP content that the user posts on or in relation with Facebook. With the use of Libel, this would make sure that Facebook were to make sure that all of a users information presented in the stories and the content from other pages within the website is accurate and up to date.
  11. INSTAGRAM - PURPOSE The original name of Instagram was Burbn. The official purpose of this was to let users earn some points for checking in at locations. However, people found an alternative to Instagram which was widely preferred, this was to share photos. After this was seen as a more productive way of using this app then it was noticed by the founders. After this brainstorm of the new idea, they then made the newer version of the then called Burbn to then bring it back in October of 2010 known as Instagram. Within the first 2 years of the new look for Instagram they had made of a billion dollars. Facebook later purchased the company for $1 billion in April of 2012.
  12. INSTAGRAM – CONTENT There have been many demands for this application to implement several things. For example in 2016 they had released the ability to Livestream, however, they didn't’t release it fully and was only allowed for those who are verified. This being added on Instagram gave people the chance to utilize their connections with other to ‘stream’ on the Instagram servers.
  13. INSTAGRAM – TARGET AUDIENCE Instagram demographics : • 80% of instagram users come from outside of the US. • 68% of their users are Female • 77.6 million users are from the US • Instagram is used by 31% of the American woman and 24% of men • 32% of all users on the internet are actively on Instagram • 59% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 uses Instagram and 33% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Instagram • 38% of female internet users use Instagram and 2% of male internet users use Instagram • 17% of teenagers say Instagram is more important than any other social media platform currently (raised from 12% in 2012) Looking at this social media application overall, it has a wide reach in ways of users but is mainly targeted towards the female gender. There are several reasons for this, however the more popular reason that we have come to conclude is that they are more photogenic and prefer to to take more ‘selfies’ than males.
  14. INSTAGRAM – SOURCES OF REVENUE Similar to Facebook, they make their money through advertising. Instagram has added a new feature where people are given the chance to pay to have their page promoted in a certain area and for a period of time. Due to this application being owned by Facebook they are almost identical in their ways of advertising. The regular process of Instagram in making their revenue: 1. Instagram serves the adverts that are set up by the advertiser natively on the platform. 2. They will charge the advertiser based on the amount of views it gets in a single day. 3. They will get an advertiser who wants to buy space on Instagram by boosting their post which could be a picture, video or any other format of post which is available. money.asp
  15. INSTAGRAM – LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES Looking at Instagram, they have several legal and ethical issues that are there to make sure people follow them so that certain things are prevented and regulated in a some way. Intellectual property is defined as having the correct type ‘intellectual property’ protection in order to prevent others from stealing or copying your work. This can be applied to the names of certain products or brands. When getting an IP this can mean that you will be able to get a patent a this prevents anyone from using your information without permission. Some examples are: You must be at least 13 years of age. Certain posts are not prohibited such as violence, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the service. You are responsible for any activity that occurs through your account and you agree you will not sell, transfer, license or assign your account, followers, username, or any account rights. With the exception of people or businesses that are expressly authorized to create accounts on behalf of their employers or clients, Instagram prohibits the creation of and you agree that you will not create an account for anyone other than yourself. You also represent that all information you provide or provided to Instagram upon registration and at all other times will be true, accurate, current and complete and you agree to update your information as necessary to maintain its truth and accuracy.
  16. SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS - ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES Advantages Disadvantages Snapchat • Instantaneously connect with users worldwide • Have a number of filters which enhance the face-to- face aspect of the application • Users are able to share media to be visibly seen by other users publically. • Number of creative features enabling the user produce content as they desire. A recent update has enabled users to be able to see where one is in the world. Even though you can choose to have this on, real-time tracking is taking place and people are able to see where you constantly are. With users choosing how long a message can be viewed for, multiple times could find that they may miss it. Facebook • Its reach enables users to keep in touch with those you otherwise wouldn't see. It also enabled you to find long lost friends. • The ability to share with others is quick and easy. • Facebook is a great way to be used as a journal. You can update users of what you get up to throughout your life. • Facebook is full of fake profiles, meaning catfishing is very high. Profiles can be created by almost anyone. Many people fall to this and believe ones profile is real when it maybe isn’t. • Facebook has many features which provides entertainment for users on the service. Facebook is said to be a very time-consuming social media platform. Why so many people deactivate their accounts. Instagram • Seamless convergence with Facebook, you can easily share an image from one service to the other. • Privacy settings allows the user to have control who sees their media. • Instagram provides a variety of filters which enhances images. This means users do not need a separate app for editing their media. • Have introduced stories which has been critically acclaimed on Snapchat before. People consider this update to be an rip-off/older demo to Snapchat’s service. • Instagram is a service designed for mobile devices. It has very limited functionality on desktop computers. • You need to consistently upload content otherwise your audience wont interact with you.
  17. SOCIAL EFFECTS – NOAM CHOMSKY This is relating to something that a lot of people have looked into of how social media changes certain peoples attitudes when they are in public whereas they will be a different person over the internet with other people. Further to this, this can go to the point where people feel that there is a barrier so large that they have the power and capability to be one to exchange hurtful comments with others which can lead to bullying and many psychological problems for younger users such as depression. For me, I believe that social media has ruined the way people are meant to coordinate with others and it has given people a place to be cruel to others which is not good for society.
  18. PRIMARY RESEARCH For my primary research I will be asking questions and receiving answer from a selected audience. The purpose of this survey is to get a rough idea of the social effects of social media. I will be linking this to the social effects by Noam Chomsky “erodes normal social behavior”.
  19. SOCIAL EFFECTS SURVEY FEEDBACK The mode age for the people who had answered my questions is under 18. whereas, for gender I had 12 females and 9 males. I asked these questions as they go together very well when finding out demographics.
  20. SOCIAL EFFECTS SURVEY FEEDBACK Looking at my answers for these questions, it was reasonably spread out but Instagram was the most popular social media. When I asked people why their choice was their favorite most of the answers were based on communication with their friends and how easy this platform was to use.
  21. SOCIAL EFFECTS SURVEY FEEDBACK For my final question I asked “What do you think is the danger of your chosen social media?”. This gave people the chance to share their opinion on the severe possible dangers of social media that are still happening everyday and are gradually increasing. The most popular response was social media pressures; I believe that the reason I had this for my most popular answer is due to the choice of Instagram being the more favored social media, this is because as a whole it can be very pressuring for people when they are posting a picture as they will overthink peoples opinions on the photo which will lead to thoughts which could lead to depression and high levels of stress.
  22. SECONDARY RESEARCH For this research I will be gathering information that will be about the social medias I have researched prior to this. Hopefully it will go with my primary research.
  23. SNAPCHAT REVIEW Looking at the reviews placed on this slide, you can easily see that this application is very popular and successful with the majority of their users. This is due to their easy access and the fact that it is very easy and simple when it comes to going through the app. Further to this, a lot of the reviews were based on advertising businesses and their events as they are able to use snapchat to create their own personal lens where people in a certain area will be able to see that there is a local event near them.
  24. INSTAGRAM APP STORE REVIEW For Instagram their reviews were very one sided as a lot of people were complaining about the high level of advertisements on the application which has grown to be quite annoying for some. Further to this, another serious and popular problem with Instagram is the fact that they are getting hacked and Instagram isn't doing anything about it which is leading to people saying their customer service is very weak and the level of security there is on the app is terrible.
  25. FACEBOOK REVIEW Looking over the reviews of Facebook I can see several positives and negatives to using this social media platform. Firstly, over the years there have been more than incident where their users private information of just things on their account that they didn’t want public were then stolen from unidentified people; this has lead to a lot of legal action with Marc Zuckerberg costing him an unimaginable amount of money. On other hand, looking at the positive reviews, besides their problems with their users safety they run a solid website/app with a very good layout and also a lot of things to do.
  26. TECHNOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE LADbible is a great example of synergy across social media. They are one of the most popular accounts on Instagram for the service that they provide which is based on videos that can be funny etc., they also post ‘memes’ which are funny but also sometimes mocking videos on current trends and news and they also post interest stories which gives some people a chance to speak out on what they have done whether it is fun and happy or it is them overcoming a massive hurdle in their life. Even though they are both on Instagram and Facebook the content they post on either platform differs massively. The reason for this is because of the different audiences that are on the two social media platforms. For example Instagram has a much younger audience so the account on Instagram is mostly videos of comedy rather than serious and potentially upsetting.
  27. VIRAL MARKETING This is a marketing technique which makes users who come across the ad or message to share what they have seen. In doing this, it will mean that the advert or message will be quickly shared on a viral scale as there would be a domino effect continuously due to people sharing it with their own users. On Instagram this can happen very easily as there are several accounts with millions of followers and this will make it a lot easier for something spread and go viral due to the amount of people that will be able to see through the amount of people reposting it and sharing it. An example of this is “The_world_record_egg”, this was first seen around the time late 2018 where an account known as “Worldstar” first shared this in order or to steal the thrown from Kylie Jenner which had the most liked post of over 18 million likes; currently the account of the world record egg has millions of followers with their original post slowly reaching the 60 million mark.
  28. ADVERTISING There aren’t as many ways to advertise on snapchat. However, the most popular ways to advertise on the app is through geo-filters, video content to augmented reality posts. The price of doing this can range from around £10 to over £400k. With reaching around 200 million users on daily basis that are spending around 30 minutes each day using their app makes advertisements extremely successful. Looking at the image with the red outline is an example of their new technique in advertising on Snapchat which is within the discover section if you are going through this part of snapchat you will eventually get an advert of around 5 seconds that cant be skipped unless you leave the app itself. This makes it a lot easier for the companies that are having their product advertised because they are making people look at what they are trying to sell and within the video they will give details that will help. /05/snapchat-fad-goldmine/
  29. ADVERTISING This social media platform is one of the popular choice when it comes to advertising. The reason for this being the most successful online advertising technique is all due to it huge amount of daily users which is by far the biggest across all social media platforms with over a billion daily users. Looking over all of the other ways to advertise across the other platforms such as Snapchat, the price can go up to unbelievable costs of nearly £500,000. However, on Facebook you can pay less than £5 and you will be able to reach 1,000 users with this. An example of how successful Facebook advertising can be is that a company had paid £500 to have their product advertised on the website had then generated over £1500 back after the their advertising slot had come to an end. /blog/facebook-advertising- benefits/
  30. ADVERTISING With this apps wide range of users, getting millions of people across the globe using this on a daily basis, this makes this one of the best and most effective places to advertise any product on. With how far Instagram has been developed, people with a larger following are now sponsoring companies in short videos where they will have the companies “@” either tagged within the video or in the description below. This is one of the most effective ways to advertise on this app because it is a much easier process instead of having to go and search them up, they only have to press the links given.