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3 Golden Rules for Great Behavior for Toddlers

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After surveying all our moms at Baby Bliss to find out what is their top worry, “Tantrums” came out first.

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3 Golden Rules for Great Behavior for Toddlers

  1. 1. 3 Golden Rules for Great Behavior for Toddlers After surveying all our moms at Baby Bliss to find out what is their top worry, “Tantrums” came out first. Apart from the harrowing experiences of lying down on the mall floor and crying, high pitched shrieks and a cute face full of tears, nothing seems to work more effectively for terrifying mothers than consistent yelling. Why is this behavior so prevalent among little toddlers? What does this have to do with their health? Or is it purely related to their behavior? Something that they are designed to do..Is there anything you can do to make the situation better? Image Courtesy: Babble.com Thought I would share 3 golden rules that is prescribed by many psychologists and child development specialists from Stanford and Berkeley: Stay Calm: Guide your toddler toward better behavior using direct language and an even tone of voice. Little toddlers, those under 6, are still learning how to listen and interpret the meaning behind your words. So focus on making your point clearly. Crouch down to your child’s eye level and use short statements like “Open the book carefully” while showing her how to open the book. Never raise your voice. Set Limits: Having a few basic rules and being prepared to follow through with consequences if one is broken is the way to teach your child how to handle the frustration of not always getting what he wants. Teach him how to take responsibility for his actions. Do so gently and without raising your voice. This will also make them feel loved unconditionally.
  2. 2. Encourage Cooperation: Create an easy going vibe at home. Try not to be very strict about things. Create an environment where rules don’t feel hard for your toddler to follow, can prevent a lot of bad behavior. For example, When your child goes wild around bedtime, ask, ‘Do you want to act really silly for two minutes or three?’ Just recasting a directive as an option creates less resistance, and creates immediate calm. Create room for discussion and questions like “Do you want an apple or banana?” Make them feel in control. Young children always want to feel like their opinion matters. If you anticipate resistance, go for the laugh! If it is becoming hard for child to put the diaper on, put the diaper on your head and create laughter! Make sure you offer lots of positive attention and hugs when your child remembers to pick up his toys, eats food or takes a bath without crying. It’s all about setting your kid up for success, so everybody wins. For More Details about Click here to Contact us Kids Academic Enrichment in Chennai