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2 leist anja ifa-300512_final

  1. 1. Social Media Use in Older Age – Developing BestPracticesAnja K LeistUniversity of Luxembourg, LuxembourgErasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, NetherlandsKick-off Symposium: ‘Engaging generations...’ at theIFA Global Conference on Ageing, Prague, CzechRepublic, May 30, 2012.
  2. 2. Social Media Use in Older Age1. Effects of Social Media Use2. Facilitating Factors in ICT Use3. Developing Best Practices4. An Example AAL Research Project Providing Access to Social Media for Older Adults
  3. 3. Effects of Social Media Use of OlderAdults1. Social Connectedness/Sense of Belongingness • Alleviating loneliness by connecting with existing and new contacts • Getting support2. “Empowerment” • Self-efficacy, control beliefs
  4. 4. How to Engage Older Adults in SocialMedia Use?• Existing Barriers – Privacy issues – Views towards existing social networking sites – Access: No social contacts facilitating access to ICT, accessibility issues• Facilitating Factors – For ICT use in general: openness to ICT use, ICT experience – For social media use: Disinhibition effect; self-disclosure easier via ICT than in eye-to-eye contact
  5. 5. Developing Best Practices to FacilitateSocial Media Use in Older Age• Show added value  Benefits such as information, support, emotional rewards  Benefits vary according to participation in network!• Transfer between virtual and real world – Use existing real-world social structures – Use existing interests/needs
  6. 6. An Example of an AAL Project ProvidingAccess to Social Media for Older Adults
  7. 7. An Example of an AAL Project Providing Accessto Social Media for Older AdultsV2me (Virtual Coach reaches out to me)• A mobile platform-based friendship enrichment and loneliness prevention program• Virtual Coach acting as mediator and friend• Online Social Networking – Via existing networking sites and online communication channels – Features specifically designed for online social networking: Interest groups/calendar function – Social contacts stored in the system: can be activated by user, can be established pro-actively by the system – Social circles as basis for friendship enrichment program
  8. 8. V2me – The Social Circle
  9. 9. V2me – Initiating Contact with Others
  10. 10. V2me – Proactive System Engages User
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!Research supported by a FLARE 2 postdoctoral grantfunded by the National Research Fund Luxembourg.V2me work presented on behalf of the V2meconsortium funded under the AAL Joint Programme.www.v2me.organja.leist@uni.lu