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Resurrecting the Content King

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Slides for talk on "Resurrecting the Content King" given by Jenni Taylor on 13 July 2018 at the IWMW 2018 event.

See http://iwmw.org/iwmw2018/talks/resurrecting-the-content-king/

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Resurrecting the Content King

  2. 2. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 Jenni Taylor Content person WHO AM I? ● Deputy Head of Digital Communications, Cardiff University ○ Head of Content - team of content producers ○ Creating content for external website and intranet ○ Team oversees 450 devolved authors ○ Responsible for content governance ● Previously a content producer for Cardiff University, University of Bath, University of South Wales ● 11 years experience in Digital ● Twitter: @jennijuniper
  3. 3. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?
  4. 4. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 4 An industry that extols innovation over customer satisfaction, and prefers algorithm to human judgement. Jeffrey Zeldman, founder ‘A List Apart’ “ CULT OF THE COMPLEX TO BE GOOD IT’S GOT TO BE DIFFICULT http://alistapart.com/article/cult-of-the- complex
  5. 5. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  6. 6. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 6 ELEMENT ONE ELEMENT THREE ELEMENT TWO ELEMENT FOUR THE WHEEL OF ... USING LAYOUT IN PLACE OF CONTENT A thing Another thing Things The final thing
  7. 7. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  8. 8. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 CONTENT STRATEGY WHAT IS IT? The mindset, culture and approach to delivering your customer’s information needs in all the places they are searching for it. MICHAEL BRENNER Marketing Insider Group, Author ‘‘ ’’ Planning for the creation, delivery and governance of useful, usable content KRISTINA HALVORSON Brain Traffic, Author ‘‘ ’’ Publish the right content, to the right people, at the right time, in the right place - using the right words. ME Content person ‘‘ ’’ 8
  9. 9. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 9 PROBLEM IS… RIGHT NOW Content is - ● Created at the wrong time ● Written by the wrong people ● Made with the wrong aims (or no aims) in mind ● Published with no plan of how it will be promoted, managed, maintained… or archived ● Seen as secondary to design or function
  10. 10. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 Time to find some content to fit into the design and functionality. Discussions around how it should work, how it should look, what it will “do” when users land on it, time spent on design and development. VISUAL DESIGN & FUNCTIONALITY CONTENT TESTING, FIXES, LAUNCH Time to test it, get ready for launch, redo aspects of it that don’t meet the stakeholders expectations, do the fixes as the design/functionality doesn’t work with the content. THE CONTENT SQUEEZE TIMESCALE OF A TYPICAL PROJECT 10
  11. 11. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 11
  12. 12. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  13. 13. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 13 Most organizations still reward employees based on how much they produce and how long they spend producing it. We also reward them based on how much they please their managers. When that ‘pleasing’ relates to digital, it often involves the production and publishing of stuff the manager wants published. (Or the manager’s manager.) Gerry McGovern, A Rebel’s Guide for Digital Transformation “ CULT OF PRODUCTION PRODUCE, PRODUCE, PRODUCE http://gerrymcgovern.com/reward-outcomes-not-inputs/
  14. 14. Content is the number 1 reason users visit our websites They want answers and inspiration WHY DOES IT MATTER? WHAT DO USERS WANT? 14 @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  15. 15. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 15 WHAT CAN WE DO? WHAT’S THE ANSWER? We need to win people over… ● Convince them content can solve their problems ● Show them the benefits of good content ● Make it worth working on ● Help them
  16. 16. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 MAKE IT VALUABLE CONTENT AS A COMMODITY
  17. 17. Performance Open Day social media campaign Average click through rate from ads: 0.76% 84% Devices ads were displayed on: 9% 7% 0.35% Average CTR 1.06% Average CTR 0.52% Average CTR 0.48% Average CTR 24 reactions 1 share 8 likes 125 reactions 3 shares 1 like 117 reactions 10 shares 20 likes 42 reactions 1 share 1 like
  18. 18. Performance Open Day social media campaign Cost: £801.67 Cost Facebook £14.86 per conversion Total bookings: 45 Facebook Instagram 6.1% Of people who went to the landing pages converted 3.9% Of people who went to the website converted £22.25 per conversion Instagram
  19. 19. 19 @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  20. 20. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  21. 21. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  22. 22. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 WHAT MAKES WRITING GOOD CONTENT HARD? IT’S JUST WORDS, RIGHT? The content has already been signed off - it has to go up like this ‘‘ ’’ I don’t know where to start ‘‘ ’’ It just needs to be on the website somewhere ‘‘ ’’ 22
  24. 24. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  26. 26. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 USE FAQS TO FIGURE OUT THE PROBLEM
  27. 27. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10@jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  28. 28. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 28 STUDENT FEE ANALYSIS HOW IS IT WORKING NOW? ● We looked at the current usage of tuition fee pages ● Explored the searches related to fees ● Went through the FAQs and compared with live pages
  29. 29. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 29 STUDENT FEE ANALYSIS HOW IS IT WORKING NOW? ● We looked at the current usage of tuition fee pages ● Explored the searches related to fees ● Went through the FAQs and compared with live pages We found: ● Issues could be resolved by better signposting ● Some pages had out of date information ● Could add curations to search to promote fee content
  30. 30. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 TELL STORIES INSPIRE
  31. 31. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  32. 32. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  33. 33. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10
  34. 34. @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10 34 AND FINALLY MAKING IT WORK ● We can’t bend to each others will - it will break us ● Find a new way - sell the benefits ● Don’t just be the guardians of the style guide ● Give more advice than just writing for the web ● People want to know ‘how’ to write ● Make friends with your stakeholders You have to make it work in a crazy culture PETER SLEE Vice-Chancellor, Leeds-Beckett ‘‘
  35. 35. Thank you! Any questions? @jennijuniper #IWMW18 #P10