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Natural Language Processing

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Natural Language Processing

  1. 1. Natur al Language Processing Jaganadh G Process expert (NLP, ir & ie) r&d Division 365media inc. Coimbatore, India California , usa Jaganadhg@365media.in www.365media.com04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  2. 2. outline ➢Introduction ➢History ➢Areas in NLP ➢Future of NLP ➢References04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  3. 3. Question ? ➢Have you ever used any NLP products/ NLP Powered tools ? ➢ ➢ ➢04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  4. 4. Natural Language Processing ➢A sub-field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ➢An inter disciplinary subject ➢Aim: ➢To build intelligent computers that can interact with human being like a human being !!04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  5. 5. Natural Language ? ➢ Natural Language? ➢Refers to the language spoken by people, e.g. English, Japanese, Swahili, as opposed to artificial languages, like C++, Java, etc.04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  6. 6. Definition Natural Language Processing is a theoretically motivated range of computational techniques for analyzing and representing naturally occurring texts/speech at one or more levels of linguistic analysis for the purpose of achieving human-like language processing for a range of tasks or applications.04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  7. 7. History ●Second World War !!! ●Started with Machine Translation Research ● Now: ●The most promising technology solutions ●Labs --> Industry --> Layman04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  8. 8. Why NLP ➢Huge amounts of data Internet = at least 20 billions pages Text data – web sites, blog, tweets ....... Audio data – speech ....... ➢Applications for processing large amounts of texts require NLP expertise04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  9. 9. Why nlp? News: AN EARTHQUAKE struck Indonesia today - a strapping 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck early today off the northern coast of the island of Sumatra. It caused minor damage and there are no reports of any deaths, although electricity was interrupted in several places. Location : Indonesia Magnitude: 7.7 Region: Sumatra (Northern Cost) Deaths: Nil Damage: Minor Tweet @nokia announces release of new PDA phones see is.gd/iuTuY Who: Nokia What: Product announcement04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  10. 10. Is NLP really hard to achieve04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  11. 11. MAJOR Areas of Research & Development ➢Text Processing ➢Morph Analyzer ➢POS Tagging ➢Parsing ➢Machine Translation ......... ➢Speech Processing ➢Text to Speech (TTS) ➢Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) ➢Speech to Speech Translation04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  12. 12. Text processing ● Processing raw text ● Morphological Analysis ● Running --> run + ing ● POS Tagging ● Ram/NNP goes/VB to/TO school/NNP .. ● Stemming ● running --> run ● Parsing ● Identifying sentence structure ● S --> NP + VP .Govt. Eng. College04-06-2010 painav
  13. 13. Text processing Machine Translation Translating content in one natural language to another natural language Example : Translating and English Sentence to Malaylam with the help of a software.04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  14. 14. Speech processing ➢Text to speech Converting electronic text to digital speech ➢Automatic Speech Recognition Automatic transcription of spoken content to electronic text ➢Speech to speech translation Translating spoken content from one language to another in real time or offline.04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  15. 15. MAJOR Areas of Research & Development industrial Applications ➢ Search Engines ➢Advanced Text Editors ➢Commercial Machine Translation Systems ➢Information Extraction ➢Collaborative filtering ➢Translation Memories ➢Computational Advertising ➢Fraud Detection ➢Sentiment Analysis ➢Opinion Mining ......... Govt. Eng. College04-06-2010 painav
  16. 16. Some examples Document classification ?? Sports Document Arts History Science ??04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  17. 17. Information extraction Who did what ? Document When ? Where? Barrack Obama Person: Barrack Obama ->Who elected as president Position: President -> What Of US Event: elected -> What04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  18. 18. Sentiment analysis #2012 in very good !!?? bleh :-( Toby Segrams Programming Collective intelligence is a nice book. It gives a detailed and simple view on ......04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  19. 19. Collaborative filtering The art /technology to make recommendations based on user behavior04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  20. 20. Search engines04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  21. 21. Semantic web/search04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  22. 22. Future of Nlp ➢Semantic Web/Search ➢Sentiment Analysis / Opinion Mining ➢Machine Translation ➢Advanced Speech Processing Application ➢Social Network Analysis ➢Collective Intelligence04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  23. 23. NLP in other Domains ➢ Bio-Medical ➢Forensic Science ➢Advertisement ➢Education ➢Politics ➢E-governance ➢Business Development ➢Marketing ➢and where ever we use language !!!04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  24. 24. Nlp in India IIT Kanpur IIT Kharagpur IIT Delhi IIIT Hydrabad AU-KBC Chennai C-DAC Microsoft Yahoo AOL 365MEEDIA Taazaa Reuters India .....04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  25. 25. Discussion time Questions ?04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  26. 26. About 365media Real time information services Started in 1998 – with 10 staff at California India operations started in 2005 @ coimbatore Now 300 employees , 20 + clients04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav
  27. 27. thanks Jaganadh G Email Business -Jaganadhg@365media.in Personal -jaganadhg@gmail.com http://jaganadhg.freeflux.net/blog04-06-2010 Govt. Eng. College painav