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New Tools New Curriculum New Opportunities

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My presentation on 10th October 2008 at the SSAT Annual Languages Conference

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New Tools New Curriculum New Opportunities

  1. 1. New tools, new curriculum, new opportunities www.joedale.typepad.com [email_address]
  2. 2. The New KS3 Curriculum is an invitation to be bold (Kathy Wicksteed April 2008)
  3. 3. The networked teacher
  4. 4. What is RSS?
  5. 5. Digital photo sharing
  6. 6. Social bookmarking
  7. 7. Online communities
  8. 8. Twitter
  9. 9. YouTube
  10. 10. Skype
  11. 11. Videoconferencing
  12. 12. Wikis
  13. 13. Two Stars and a Wish Purpose, audience and content one-click publishing Real communication Assessment for learning Secure environment Promote global citizenship Pupil voice Celebrate your pupils’ work Feedback Comments
  14. 14. Audio Moblogging 2, 200 hits in one weekend!
  15. 15. The educational value of podcasting <ul><li>pupils or staff can listen when and where they want, at their own pace, in a relaxed environment </li></ul><ul><li>the process of recording and editing can deepen pupils' understanding of key concepts </li></ul><ul><li>pupils can listen as many times as is necessary for them to embed ideas </li></ul><ul><li>pupils can have opportunities for pupil voice, peer assessment and collaborative work </li></ul><ul><li>scripting and producing can facilitate pupils’ accessing higher order thinking skills </li></ul>
  16. 16. ICT in Action – CILT video case studies
  17. 17. Nodehill French Grammar Podcasts on iTunes I have just listened to the preposition podcast, fantastic!  What a great idea.  I am currently working with my students on writing &quot;The Perfect Tense for Dummies&quot;  and this is another idea to use... Well done to Yasmine and Eleanor, tell them they will be famous in Suffolk this afternoon for a Year 6 French lesson (prep school).
  18. 18. Peer assessment and distance learning
  19. 19. Global citizenship and cultural awareness
  20. 20. Morph your voice in Audacity
  21. 21. Cool tools for school
  22. 22. Further reading http://joedale.typepad.com/integrating_ict_into_the_/podcasting/index.html http://joedale.typepad.com/integrating_ict_into_the_/blogging/index.html http://joedale.typepad.com/integrating_ict_into_the_/moblogging/index.html http://joedale.typepad.com/integrating_ict_into_the_/mobile_telephones/index.html
  23. 23. And finally …