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USW CELT Seminar: Student success (slideshare)

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USW CELT Seminar on learning analytics to enhance retention and success

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USW CELT Seminar: Student success (slideshare)

  1. 1. © University of South Wales Managing information: studying engagement through activity monitoring and traffic lights Professor Jo Smedley Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching January 2014 Managing Information 1
  2. 2. © University of South Wales 2 Abstract “The learner journey of every student is important from many perspectives. A USW initiative is enabling greater transparency of data across the University on student engagement as a key element of maximising student success and enhancing retention. Examples of learner journeys will demonstrate activity monitoring from 2012/13 and 2013/14 through various USW technological data sources. Targets for retention will be explained using the “traffic lights” system with reflections on performance.” Managing Information
  3. 3. © University of South Wales Seminar Aims • Raise awareness of the importance of retention • Promote retention and success initiatives in local and global contexts • Demonstrate learning analytics as an enhancement approach 3Managing Information
  4. 4. © University of South Wales Performance Indicators: Retention and Success • % of full time undergraduate degree students retained during year • % of full-time undergraduate degree students progressing with clean passes at first sitting • % of full-time undergraduate entrants returning the following year • % of full-time undergraduate students completing a three year degree in three years Managing Information 4
  5. 5. © University of South Wales Retention and success • Belonging and attachment • UK Higher Education market • Student life cycle • Learning Analytics Managing Information 5
  6. 6. © University of South Wales Learning Analytics Managing Information 6 Target Setting Induction Traffic Lights Data Mining Activity Monitoring Learning Analytics
  7. 7. © University of South Wales Questions • About your course retention targets • About student engagement • About student retention • About induction • About learner analytics • Queries 7Managing Information
  8. 8. © University of South Wales Summary • Retention and success developments • Learning Analytics community of practice • Contributions for development * * * * * Webpage: http://celt.southwales.ac.uk/does/sa/ Email: jo.smedley@southwales.ac.uk 8Managing Information
  9. 9. © University of South Wales 9 Internal data Module surveys x n Student experience surveys x n Big Data • Internal data • Activity monitoring • External data Managing Information
  10. 10. © University of South Wales 10 External data NSS PRES PTES HESA DLHE International Student barometer Big Data • Internal data • Activity monitoring • External data Managing Information
  11. 11. © University of South Wales Big Data • Internal data • Activity monitoring • External data Activity monitoring Blackboard Interactions GlamLife interactions Number of missed QMP Assignments Googlemail Interactions Logons from student area Tier 4 sign-ons Estates info (entry etc) Student Representation Library interactions Managing Information 11 Return
  12. 12. © University of South Wales Activity Monitoring • Technological interactions – BlackBoard, Googlemail, PC login, GlamLife • Predictive equation – Bus./Comp./Music Tech/Drama/Graphics/Acc. – Profiles • Data visualisation 12Managing Information Return
  13. 13. © University of South Wales 2012-2013 Managing Information 13
  14. 14. © University of South Wales 2012-2013 Managing Information 14
  15. 15. © University of South Wales Induction • Activities – Funded new induction activities to strengthen student sense of “belonging” – Goal: improved student achievement, success and retention • Impact 15Managing Information ”Definite bonding between them. And faster than in previous years... “ Geology “The students have bonded particularly well, they have been much more willing to approach staff and confident in how they interact with us” Chemistry “Decrease in student withdrawals attributed to the induction activity” Forensic Science Return
  16. 16. © University of South Wales Student Life Cycle Raising Aspirations Better Preparation First Steps in H.E. Moving Through Student Success Managing Information 16 Student Life Cycle • Are you aware of the main reasons why students withdraw from your programme? • Are you aware of the steps they have to take in order to officially withdraw? • What advice would you give to a student contemplating withdrawal? Reference: http://www.ulster.ac.uk/star/resources/Anagnostopoulou_Parmar.pdf Return
  17. 17. © University of South Wales Learning Analytics: Techniques and Methods • Statistics: hypothesis testing • Business Intelligence: effective reporting • Web analytics: technological interactions • Artificial intelligence/data mining: data patterns • Operational research: statistical methods • Social Network Analysis: online/offline links • Information visualisation: making sense of data Managing Information 17 Return Ref: Cooper, Adam. A Brief History of Analytics A Briefing Paper. CETIS Analytics Series. JISC CETIS, November 2012