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Klaus haasis effectuation grid discover by moving

there are many methods out there for designing the future, effectuation is on which is very powerful, for entrepreneurship and innovation

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Klaus haasis effectuation grid discover by moving

  1. 1. Effectuation for startups - a toolbox to deal with uncertainty. DISCOVER YOUR WAY BY MOVING FORWARD Presentation at Rome 2. october 2014 by klaus haasis
  2. 2. How shall I move forward? This multi-bladed folding knife was made in Germany around 1880. Image: Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History
  3. 3. Methods to design the future Effectuation (Saras Sarasvathy) Scrum (Jeff Sutherland) Pretotyping (Alberto Savoia) Design Thinking (David Kelley ) Lean Startup (Eric Ries) Management 3.0 (Jurgen Appelo) Cynefin (David J. Snowden) Theory U (Otto Scharmer) Business Modell Generation (A. Osterwalder)
  4. 4. Destination unknown - discovering opportunities by moving forward! risk or uncertainty? the turkey illusion cake or fridge? the affordable loss principle the effectuation grid
  5. 5. insecure or uncertain? => risk ?
  6. 6. insecure or uncertain? => risk?
  7. 7. ? insecure or uncertain? => risk ?
  8. 8. "Simple problems can have complex solutions - complex problems need simple solutions." "Under uncertainty we need heuristics - rules of thump."
  10. 10. Uncertainty Goals Information Complexity Change negotiable confusing high disruptive Risk controllable Uncertainty Profiling fixed clear low
  11. 11. Cake or Fridge ?
  12. 12. Invest what you can afford to lose. Don't target a return first and hope of profitability and growth.
  13. 13. EFFECTUATION PRINCIPLES The future is not predictable. The future comes from what people do. Start form your given means. Don't assemble means after a goal is set. Invest what you can afford to lose. Don't target a return first and hope of profitability and growth. Build a network of self-selected stakeholders and get stakeholder commitments. Embrace and leverage surprises.
  14. 14. Means / Resources Purpose Affordable Uncertainty Profiling Loss Partnerships Committ-ments Next Steps/ Leverage surprise EFFECTUATION GRID - Dealing with Uncertainty Innovations Coaching in Business Environments
  15. 15. sometimes always
  16. 16. ... how you see yourself means everything ....
  17. 17. klaus haasis mail@klaushaasis.de, mobile +491706313193 de.linkedin.com/in/klaushaasis de.linkedin.com/in/klaushaasis