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  1. 1. By: Jayda Martell
  2. 2. Eric Larsen Eric’s birthday is December 8th 1962. He was born in Minneapolis but grew up in Wisconsin. He has a PhD in economics from university of California. Eric didn’t discover anything. He made his own record. Eric spent 48 days in Antarctica. 51 days in the Antarctic, and 45 days climbing Mt. Everest.
  3. 3. Investigation Question How have explorers from history impacted modern day explorers and how will those modern day discoveries impact your future?
  4. 4. My Opinion If there wasn’t the historical explorers then there wouldn’t be anything to improve on. It will impact people because exploration will be advanced and helped by improved technologies, making it possible for people to have more ideas with exploring.
  5. 5. Support Because Eric Larsen made his record of exploring Antarctica in 48 days, 51 days in the Antarctic, and 45 days exploring Mt. Everest. Now people can excel on his record.
  6. 6. More Support When people go and try to beat Eric Larsen they will have and easier job beating because they will have improved technology and will have a better chance at beating it.
  7. 7. Thanks For Watching! :)