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How to create a resume

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Learn how to create a

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How to create a resume

  1. 1. How to Easily Create1 2 3in a few simple slides
  2. 2. Create your headerOpen Microsoft Word. At the top, next to“Home” you will see the “Insert” tab.Click on “Insert” then “Header.” 1 2
  3. 3. Insert your information Stick to Arial or Times New Roman.31. Your name2. Address3. Phone Number4. Email address5. Links to your online presence
  4. 4. Skills, Honors & ClubEducation 4 Education: 5 Skills, Honors & Clubs
  5. 5. Experience 6 Professional Experience: Professional experience is experience that is related to your major or internship/job you are applying for.
  6. 6. Experience Example of Professional Experience  Begins with Action Verb  Since I am presently doing this, I begin with present tense verb  Provide proven results; i.e. numbers & statistics
  7. 7. Experience 7 Other Experience Whether you have worked at a summer camp, or have a part-time job as a waitress, make sure you put that on your resume. The first internship I applied for, the internship coordinator liked that I had worked in the hospitality because I learned soft skills that could help me with that position.
  8. 8. experience level Depending on 8 Optional: Additional Work Have you done freelance work? Written for the school newspaper? Put it on your resume!
  9. 9. experience level9 Optional: Special Projects Depending on Did you raise $1,000 for your Cornerstone class? Do you have a podcast? Tell the hiring manager awesome and unique experiences you have.10 References This part is NOT optional, but whether or not you display this on your one page resume or on a separate Word document depends on how much experience you have. If you still need to fill up the blank space then add three references to the bottom of your resume.
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