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Literary benefits of linguistic and cultural hybridity

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An overview of my Master of Creative Writing exegesis looking at the unique qualities writers from mixed identities bring to prose.

For the complete exegesis see my website:

My flash fiction story "The Onion" is here on SlideShare:

I also have "Pirates" on SlideShare - a small story about classroom bullying; and revenge.

A collection of ten flash stories is on YouTube:

Please see my website if you'd like more info:

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Literary benefits of linguistic and cultural hybridity

  1. 1. Literary Benefits of Linguistic and Cultural Hybridity by Leanne Radojkovich
  2. 2. Writers with two or morelinguistic and cultural identitieshave a wide range of storytellingtechniques.
  3. 3. Unique prose styles result fromexposure to dual: • environments • behavioural norms • languages
  4. 4. Knowing two languages meansknowing two syntaxes - leadingto fresh sentence structures.
  5. 5. Time stops when someone dies. Of course it stopsfor them, maybe, but for the mourners time runsamok. Death comes too soon. It forgets the tides,the days growing longer and shorter, the moon.Lucia Berlin"Wait a Minute"
  6. 6. Rhythms of one languageinvigorate another.
  7. 7. I was popular in certain circles, says Aunt Rose. Iwasnt no thinner then, only more stationary in theflesh, Lillie, dont be surprised – change is a fact ofGod. From this no one is excused.Grace Paley"Goodbye and Good Luck"
  8. 8. "I think the most powerful sounds are...thosechildhood voices... Russian and Yiddish, coming upsmack against the English."Grace Paley
  9. 9. Words from one language canbe reused in another - creatingneologisms.
  10. 10. So I said to Mrs. Z., one oi out of you and itsdivorce.Grace Paley"Zagrowsky Tells"
  11. 11. Translated proverbs andphrases give rise to arrestingnew viewpoints.
  12. 12. "Si, Doña Claudia. Pero, del gozo al pozo!"He said this any time things were going well. Frompleasure you go to the pits, or, from delight to thecess pool.Lucia Berlin"Del Gozo Al Pozo"
  13. 13. Conflicting cultural forcessharpen a writers eye for whatis genuine and real.
  14. 14. "...writers of mixed identity...retain the sites offriction where different racial, sexual, and nationalelements meet, forming sparks and sharp edges."Suzanne Bost
  15. 15. Mixed-identity writers I havestudied use similar storytellingtechniques.
  16. 16. # 1 Direct sensuous details todescribe place and character.
  17. 17. Larks and meadowlarks, redwinged blackbirdsdarted above the ditches by the road; the singingof the birds rose above the sound of the truck.Lucia Berlin"Bluebonnets"
  18. 18. Aunt Martha had blue permanented hair and biground rouge spots on her cheeks. She wore a redflowered muu-muu and she crushed me to her,rocking me, hugging me. I was enfolded into thevast poinsettias on her breasts. In spite of myself Iclung to her, sank into her and her smell ofJergens lotion, Johnsons baby powder.Lucia Berlin"Itinerary"
  19. 19. #2 Living dialogue.
  20. 20. I seen you push me. I feeled you push me. Whoyou think you go around pushin. Bastard.Grace Paley"Gloomy Tune"
  21. 21. #3 Open-ended resolutions.
  22. 22. Goodbye, I said, have a nice day. Goodbye, theysaid once more, and set off in pride on paths whichare not my concern.Grace Paley"The Used-Boy Raisers"
  23. 23. The alertness borne of linguisticand cultural hybridity hasproduced a vivid prose stylewith the candour of memoir.
  24. 24. Read more in my Master of Creative Writing exegesis "The Literary Benefits ofLinguistic and Cultural Hybridity" available on my website.http://www.leanneradojkovich.com/me