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E mail do's and dont's

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E mail do's and dont's

  1. 1. 1UniversidadUniversidadNacionalNacionalde La Pampade La PampaFacultad deFacultad deCiencias HumanasCiencias HumanasEnglish Language I
  2. 2.  … try to think about the messagecontent before you send it out. … make sure that the content is relevantto the recipients. … be polite. … ensure that you have a relevant“Subject” line.2
  3. 3.  … trim any quoted message down asmuch as possible. … try to quote from the original messagewhere relevant. You can break thequoted message down into paragraphsand comment on them individually tomake it clearer. … be patient with inexperienced e-mailusers.3
  4. 4.  … include a brief signature on youre-mail messages to help the recipientunderstand who it is from. … tell your correspondent if you forwarda message to somebody else to dealwith, so they know who to expect a replyfrom.4
  5. 5.  … reply to an e-mail message whenangry, as you may regret it later. Oncethe message has been sent, you will notbe able to recover it. … type in CAPITALS as this is consideredto be SHOUTING. This is one of the rudestthings you can do.5
  6. 6.  … over-use punctuation such asexclamation marks (“!”) as these aremeant to be for emphasis, especially ifyour e-mail is quite formal. Also, over-useof the full-stop (e.g. “....”) can make amessage difficult to read. … send irrelevant messages, especiallyto mailing lists or newsgroups.6
  7. 7.  … send large attachments withoutchecking with the recipient first. … conduct arguments in public, forexample on a mailing list. … send people abusive e-mailmessages. … make personal remarks about thirdparties.7
  8. 8.  … mark things as urgent if they aren’t,because then when you really do havean urgent message it may not betreated in the way it deserves. … post your e-mail address on web sitesand other public parts of the Internetunless you want to be deluged with junk.8
  9. 9. … a list of 32 golden rules of e-mailetiquette at www.emailreplies.comEnglish Language I9
  10. 10. … a list of 32 golden rules of e-mailetiquette at www.emailreplies.comEnglish Language I9