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Using technology for collaboration #LW2018 - Lisa Stevens

  1. Using technology for collaboration. Lisa Stevens @lisibo
  2. Image by Orin Zebest Under CC license
  3. Ideas for… oIn class collaboration oNational and international cooperation oSharing with the wider world oEngaging parents oProfessional collaboration oStorage oChoices oAssessment
  4. Popplet
  5. W2018 20 ways to use TodaysMeet
  6. Padlet
  7. Tweeting in education? ✖Is there a place for it? ✖What is that place? ✖How can we manage it?
  8. Twitter in the classroom
  9. #mfltwitterati ✖ask questions ✖share work ✖celebrate what’s going on ✖get feedback from outside ✖talk to the other side of the world
  10. Languages in Primary Schools LiPS
  11. FUTURELEARN RadioLinguaNetwork
  12. ClassTools Tools for Educators
  13. Making links
  14. Skype/Google Hangouts ✖Vikki Bruff - “eTwinning toute l’année”
  15. eTwinning Tree ✖
  16. 1256865704509441
  17. Morfo Booth + AurasmaHP Reveal
  18. https://www.g odles
  19. PicCollage PicCollage
  20. ¿Qué me gusta? Hay 10 cosas.WORDIFICATOR
  21. http://recordmp3online.comEmbed sound! Voice Record Pro
  22. Tellagami YakitKids SockPuppets Puppet Pals My Talking Avatar Chatterpix kids
  23. Morfo Sock puppets
  24. Morfo
  25. My Talking Avatar
  26. Adobe Spark Video
  27. Book Creator https://bookcreator. com/2017/08/book- creator-chrome- goes-live/ Now you can read them online too!
  29. Make a movie using greenscreen Use PicCollage to make a poster Use Sock Puppets or MorfoBooth to practice speaking Tell a story using AdobeVoice Collate in Book Creator
  30. QR Codes
  31. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 129
  32. Accompanies activities from Lightbulb Languages
  33. QR Codes
  34. Creating QR codes: with image Using QR codes
  35. Student driven digital portfolios “an appropriate Facebook for kids” Learn More A paperless classroom. Sharing documents, collecting work, managing your class.
  37. Classtools DecideNow
  38. Duolingo Memrise 13+ only
  39. ✖Storybird
  40. Twitter - @lisibo Lisa Stevens Ltd
  41. More ideas -

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. why who when why
  2. Rosie Kolster Socrative because each child has to answer and you can keep a record of answers, whereas without iPads only one child at a time could answer verbally and with mini whiteboards there's no way to check up later who got what (AfL).Several apps which give pupils the choice of how to show their learning in both text and verbal form: Adobe Voice working brilliantly for Ys 4-6, Book Creator popular, Explain Everything, Sock Puppets...Nearpod great for spelling - use Draw-it function and they have to write the word with their fingers which is good for the spelling/muscle memory.Class Kick for mini verb check-ups: Kids love that I can communicate directly onto their screen to make any corrections; I love that I can pre-prepare feedback phrases and just mark/fee back with one tap.Showbie for collecting all that creative work from pupils from Book Creator e-books to videos to Adobe Voice videos - everything in one file so I can share their work with parents at consultation sessions (haven't done so yet but I had only just begun with iPads then...)Sure there's lots I still haven't discovered but these are transforming my classroom at the mo!
  3. start at 1.30
  5. Schwyzerdutsch Simple language quiz
  6. EUROPEAN SCHOOLNET AND Cambridge research stats the impact of eTwinning projects   Students:   Increased motivation, as students have an audience for their work. Literacy and communication skills increase as students collaborate with students from other countries.   Teachers:   Professional development opportunities are vast – they can take place online or on 2-3 workshops in a different country. Teachers up-skill, using new tools and learning from their colleagues in over 40 countries across Europe and further afield.   Schools:   Lots of accreditation opportunities, including a foundation level International School Award as soon as you register an eTwinning project. You can use the platform to find partners interested in starting a funded Erasmus+ project.
  7. 325-335 book online
  8. Using Google Doodles as a way to collaborate – idea for etwinning
  9. Alpacas Chocolate Viajar Cantar Libros Papelería Fútbol música correr pasteles
  10. Vocaroo – short term solution to QR code NB only stored for short period. iPadio – app to make QR codes
  11. Jag är en älg. De är ankor.
  14. Reyes Fiesta nacional Pulpo San Valentin San Juan San fermin todos los santos semana santa San jose trabajo navidad asuncion
  15. QR code treasure hunt QR code finding out things
  16. sharing and storing
  17. non fiction texts v impt - boys particularly love them and not enough in school look at planets book; technology book - short texts, familiar subjects