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How to launch a product with your community

How To Build A Product With
     Your Community
      Loic Le Meur – Seesmic
      @loic (Twitter, Seesmic)
Market research sucks
Advertising sucks

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How to launch a product with your community

  1. How To Build A Product With Your Community Loic Le Meur – Seesmic @loic (Twitter, Seesmic) loiclemeur.com loic@seesmic.com
  2. Market research sucks
  3. Advertising sucks
  4. PR sucks
  5. What your friends say matters.
  6. “1000 real friends could tell 1000 other friends that your product rocks here you go you got 1 million people talking about it” Seth Godin “1,000 True Fans”
  7. Seesmic got 1.2 million users download our products
  8. It starts by sharing and listening to your community • Don’t ask anything to anyone if you did not share first • Never been as easy as today with microblogging and blogging • Your community (or your brand’s) is what should matter the most, not marketing or PR • It’s the same in any industry, word of mouth always wins, it’s just faster in the Internet industry
  9. Identify an exciting space, not too crowded and make it really really narrow Seesmic: help people share, interact and know their community in a new way, human and deep. Started with video, now broader with the Twhirl success
  10. Ship as soon as you can, even if it is far from being perfect
  11. Gather feedback it’s never been that easy
  12. Twitter search one mention of Seesmic and Twhirl every 2 minutes or so
  13. Get Satisfaction
  14. Uservoice feedback.twhirl.org
  15. If nobody talks about your brand it means it is dead
  16. Answer especially if it’s negative
  17. “Seesmic is a pile of ass” - Niall Harbison
  18. I replied…
  19. “This is exactly what every company should do, you really to talk to your customers” - @NiallHarbison
  20. What the new Internet customers look like • They want it all for free • They want no intrusive advertising • If you suck they will tell everyone • They will switch immediately to your competitor the minute he beats you on anything • They will tell everyone they switched
  21. The good news • It’s the same for all your competitors • You have a chance to turn people who feel like enemies into real friends, just talk to them • You will always have some real and loyalfriends, it’s all about finding them and get closer to them
  22. Get closer to your real friends • Launched Team Seesmic as an experiment to get help from our real friends • We give them the previews of our products first • We reply to every single email • Expected 500 members, we have 6,500 and growing
  23. What I learnt • Your community is your most important asset after your family • Get your product out as soon as possible • Get your “public roadmap” out as soon as possible • Execute as fast as you can
  24. Listen to your users
  25. Don’t worry often they love you too and they tell all their friends
  26. “A Porsche would be a Volvo if they let their buyers decide on features” – Robert Scoble
  27. “When you listen to your users, you get Vanilla. Feature creep. Boring. It takes a dictator to create the iPhone and change the course of an entire industry. Imagine if Steve Jobs let other people add features to that device.” “Making users happy is a suckers game” – Michael Arrington
  28. The truth is in between build your product in the open, listen to the users and keep some innovations secret to surprise them
  29. Thank you. Loic Le Meur @loic Loiclemeur.com loic@seesmic.com