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Master's Report Presentation to Committee



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Master's Report Presentation to Committee

  1. 1. x   Building community in student unions By Lacey Solheid Photo Credit: http://www.workshoparchitects.com/_work/uwmad.html
  2. 2. Overview History of the student union Overview of literature Elements of a good community
  3. 3. History of the college union Photo Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houston_Hall_(University_of_Pennsylvania)
  4. 4. History of the College Union •  Debating Societies •  Need for physical space •  Ever changing student population – Military Affiliated students – Women and minority students •  Millennial Generation
  5. 5. Summary of Literature Photo Credit: http://www.talkandroid.com/guides/best-android-apps-for-reading-books-and-syncing-between-devices-november-2013/
  6. 6. Theoretical Model •  Strange & Banning (2000) •  Parallel to Maslow’s Theory •  Hierarchy –  Safety & Inclusion –  Involvement –  Community
  7. 7. third Place •  First & Second Places •  “Variety of public places that host the regular, voluntary, informal and happily anticipated gatherings of individuals beyond the realms of home and work” – Oldenburg, 1999, p. 16 •  Union as a Living Room
  8. 8. Elements of Community Photo Credit: https://bridge.wp.d.umn.edu/2014/02/kirby-renovation/
  9. 9. Elements of Community •  Driven By Conversation •  Hearthstone & Warmth •  Accessibility & Transparency •  Dining & Food Service •  Place of Information Gathering
  10. 10. Kirby Student Center
  11. 11. References As%n,  A.W.  (1984).  Student  involvement:  A  developmental  theory  for  higher  educa%on.  Journal    of  College  Student  Development,  40(5),  518-­‐529.     BuHs,  P.,  Beltramini,  E.,  Bourassa,  M.,  Meyer,  R.,  Mitchell,  S.,  Smith,  J.,  &  Willis,  T.J.  (2012).  The    college  union  idea  (2nd  ed.).  Stanford,  CA:  The  Associa%on  of  College  Unions  Interna%onal.     Cohen,  A.M.  &  Kisker,  C.B.  (2010).  The  shaping  of  American  higher  educa:on:  Emergence  and    growth  of  the  contemporary  system.  (2nd  ed.).  San  Francisco:  Jossey-­‐Bass.   HaHon,  D.,  Farley,  C.,  &  Costas,  C.  (2013).  Timeless  elements  of  union  design.  The  Bulle:n.  81(1).    Retrieved  from:  hHps://www.acui.org/publica%ons/bulle%n/ar%cle.aspx?  issue=41795&id=20072   Maslow,  A.  H.  (1943).  A  theory  of  human  mo%va%on.  Psychological  Review,  50(4),  370-­‐396.   Oldenburg,  R.  (1999).  The  great  good  place:  Cafes,  coffee  shops,  bookstores,  bars,  hair  salons,    and  other  hangouts  at  the  heart  of  a  community  (2nd  ed.).  New  York:  Marlow  &  Company.   Rickes,  P.  (2009).  Make  way  for  millenials!  How  today’s  students  are  shaping  higher  educa%on    space.  Planning  for  Higher  Educa:on.  37(2).  7-­‐17.   Role  of  the  college  union  (1996).  Bloomington,  IN:  ACUI  Accessed  online:  www.acui.org   Rullman,  L.,  Van  den  Kieboom,  J.,  &  Van  Jura,  M.  (2012).  Physical  place  on  campus:  A  summit  on    building  community.  Bloomington,  IN:  ACUI.   Strange,  C.  C.,  &  Banning,  J.  H.  (2001).  Educa:ng  by  design:  Crea:ng  campus  learning    environments  that  work.  San  Francisco:  Jossey-­‐Bass.