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Pegasus slide(web)

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Pegasus slide(web)

  2. 2. Pegasus Bullion HQ 1502, 15/F Harcourt House No.39 Gloucester Road Wanchai Hong Kong. Email: enquiries@pegasusbullion.com
  3. 3. We are a subsidiary of our parent company Pegasus Investments specializing in the trading and retailing of physical gold. Over the years, our traders have built up a position in physical gold bullion.Our goal is to give private buyers easy and convenient access to the professional gold bullion markets. We want to give individuals a simple, safe and cost-effective way of buying, storing, and selling gold.Our information technology team is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure our operations run smoothly and efficiently. Pegasus Bullion has all the bases covered when it comes to your investment needs. Our Aim To educate mass consumers on the benefits and importance of Gold To help mass market consumers diversify their investment portfolio To aid mass market consumers in understanding the potential risks involved To provide a platform for mass consumers to easily gain access to Gold, and yet hedge and minimize their risk exposure. COMPANY BACKGROUND
  4. 4. Parent Company
  5. 5. Company Registration
  6. 6. Products
  7. 7. Pegasus Precious Metal Bank (PMB) Account
  8. 8. Welcoming Letter to Pegasus Client
  9. 9. Invoice / Receipt & Certificate
  10. 10. PRECIOUS METAL BANK (PMB) Clients can redeem their Gold at anytime. They can convert their gold to withdraw in cash or choose to take physical delivery. In order to continue receiving Monthly Gains and Bonuses, clients have to maintain a minimum of 20g in their Account Physical Gold Sizes: 20g, 100g, 500g and 1000g
  11. 11. WITHDRAWAL Withdrawal of physical gold •Client may request for withdrawal at any time •Physical gold will be issued to client 30 days after receiving request •Administrative charge of 7% applies Withdrawal of cash : •Client may convert gold to cash based on the withdrawal day price •Minimum withdrawal amount is 500USD, 5% admin charges applies •Withdrawal request can be made any day within these 2 timeframes, payout will be made depending on date of withdrawal: – 1st to 15th Withdraw >> Receive on Last Day of Month – 16th to Last Day of Month >> Receive on 15th Next Month
  12. 12. BENEFITS OF PRECIOUS METAL BANK PROGRAM • Clients can withdraw their Gold at anytime – No Lock in Period • All Commission Bonuses are paid in Gold, allowing clients with the option to convert to cash at anytime. This allow clients to decide on their conversion rates. • All Commission Bonuses are issued directly into their Precious Metal Bank (PMB) Account. • Commission Bonuses are entitled to Monthly Gains • Transparent purchase and selling price to enable clients to easily convert their Gold to Cash. • Monthly Gains are issues 3x a month! • Seamless Package Upgrades, which means clients can accumulate Gold in their PMB Account to upgrade their package
  13. 13. BUSINESS OPPURTUNITIES Pegasus Precious Metal Bank Program (PMB) is a perfect platform for 3 categories of people: 1)Passive Investor • People whom interested only to earn dividends and profit purely from investment. • Basically people whom want to make more money from their money without doing any kind of sales. 1)Sales people • Salesperson • Buy bulk of products and sell it to clients. Gold bullion from Pegasus is cheaper than market price. 1)Networking • Building network empires around the world and make millions out of it • Daily bonuses with huge market worldwide
  14. 14. 777.000 Gram @ USD32,648 Potential Income with Pegasus in a MONTH!
  15. 15. 1978.000 Gram @ USD83,106
  16. 16. THANK YOUTHANK YOU Guangzhou, Tianhe District, 161Lin He Xi Road, Central Plaza Tower A www.pegasusbullion.com OW and you can download a FULL BOW and you can download a FULL Bu FREE Consultation also providedFREE Consultation also provided