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Agile Retrospectives

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Slides from PM workshops by Magdalena Sitarek, PM at @netguru

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Agile Retrospectives

  1. 1. agile retrospectives Magdalena Sitarek
  2. 2. why retrospect? the team sets aside a brief, dedicated period at the end of each sprint to deliberately reflect on how they are doing and to find ways to improve.
  3. 3. to-do ● step back ● reflect ● emphasize ● examine ● analyse ● identify wins ● identify issues
  4. 4. remember ! you want to create an atmosphere where people can focus, open up, get to the root cause of their issues, give feedback
  5. 5. a retrospective is not... ● a time to blame people Regardless of what we discover, we understand and truly believe that everyone did the best job they could, given what they knew at the time, their skills and abilities, the resources available, and the situation at hand ● a forum for fixing everything ○ retro often, and make small, incremental changes each time
  6. 6. preparation time for conducting team focus time for review and implementation
  7. 7. Outcome start - stop - continue
  8. 8. grouping voting / paying attention reviewing
  9. 9. Issues ? ● too many retrospectives fail to deliver value ● too often are boring, painful, senseless ● lack of focus and real participation
  10. 10. how to make it better ? ○ What is the safety level? ○ How experienced are they in giving feedback? ○ What sort of issues do you expect to hear about? ○ Do they need to dig deep into an 1 obvious issue, or do they need to brainstorm and mix things up? ○ Is an outside facilitator more appropriate?
  11. 11. set the focus of a retrospective(s) make sure we focus only on 1 thing covered and everybody understand it gather data give voice brainstorm set other concerns aside document follow up discussion → action
  12. 12. technicalities ● Generate insights ○ Team members write down on post-its and put them up on the board ○ Moderator takes a few min to "aggregate" the issues and mentally sort through them ● Plan of action ○ Team discusses the post-its ○ Comes up with action items, if needed ○ (don't have to have an action item for every point--sometimes the discussion is enough) ● Close ○ Moderator reviews action items
  13. 13. Quadrant 1: Frown face for aspects you disliked, should be changed Quadrant 2: Smiley face for aspects you liked, should be repeated Quadrant 3: Light bulb for new ideas to try Quadrant 4: Bouquet for people you appreciated
  14. 14. more: https://www.thekua.com/rant/2006/03/the-retrospective-starfish/
  15. 15. https://www.thekua.com/rant/2006/03/a-retrospective-timeline/
  16. 16. big picture - sailboat things that slow it down (anchors) things that propel it forward (wind) things to look out for (iceberg)
  17. 17. Questions? Comments? Ideas? Thanks