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Resources for Art History in UCC Library’s Special Collections & Archives

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Presentation at a joint seminar between the Library Association of Ireland's Rare Books Group and the Irish Association of Art Historians, 19 May 2017.

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Resources for Art History in UCC Library’s Special Collections & Archives

  1. 1. Resources for Art History in UCC Library’s Special Collections & Archives Irish Association of Art Historians | 19 May 2017 Elaine Harrington | Special Collections Librarian University College Cork
  2. 2. Schedule Special Collections • About Boole Library’s Special Collections • Collections of interest • Items on a theme • Contact details Archives • About Boole Library’s Archives Service • Collections of interest in the archive • Contact details
  3. 3. Special Collections & Archives Service Special Collections and Archives Service serve as the repositories for primary source material and the secondary sources that support such primary sources. The decisions for acquisition and selection of material are based both on the unique and distinctive format and content of the materials, as well as building and enhancing existing collections. Such material and collections as listed below then facilitate research, teaching and learning by the University College Cork community as well as by the wider community.
  4. 4. Special Collections at UCC Existing formats include: • Early printed books • Literary manuscripts • Collections donated by individuals of note • Books from private presses • Historical pamphlets, • 18th – 20th century newspapers • Theses and maps • Artists’ books Collecting strengths include: • Irish history & Irish language • Irish fiction • Poetry & material related to the Great Book of Ireland and its contributors • Irish Studies • Literary and historical items & collections relating to Munster • Humour Collection • Collections on a theme such as maritime or travel.
  5. 5. Accessing Special Collections Library home page: http://booleweb.ucc.ie/ → Services →Special Collections You’ll find: • What is Special Collections • How to access the service • An overview of our collections • How these collections are used with academic modules The River-side blog gives details of new acquisitions and open collections: http://blogs.ucc.ie/wordpress/theriverside/
  6. 6. People: Elizabeth Friedlander
  7. 7. People: Robert Gibbings
  8. 8. People: Robert Gibbings
  9. 9. People: Tomi Ungerer
  10. 10. People: Tomi Ungerer
  11. 11. Organisation: Coracle Press
  12. 12. Manuscripts – Great Book of Ireland
  13. 13. Manuscripts – William O’Brien Book of Signatures (U2)
  14. 14. Ó Longáin Manuscripts – Irish Language Ls 97 Ls 90
  15. 15. Standúin Manuscripts – Irish Language Ls 199 Ls 202 T.xlix
  16. 16. Irish Language Manuscripts like Printed Books T.i T.lxxiv
  17. 17. Bindings T.xliii
  18. 18. Book as Object Allestree, Richard. The Causes of the Decay of Christian piety… London: Printed by R. Norton for Robert Pawlett, at the sign of the Bible in Fleetstreet, 1675.
  19. 19. Bookplates Friedlander Collection Gibbings Collection
  20. 20. Prints – Hogarth (U330A)
  21. 21. Prints – Hogarth (U330C)
  22. 22. Charts – Map of Kinsale (3M)
  23. 23. Charts – Map of Kinsale (3D)
  24. 24. Contact Special Collections Elaine Harrington, Special Collections Librarian e.harrington@ucc.ie | 021 4903484 | @walkerabroad Special Collections: To request material specialcollections@ucc.ie | 021 4902282 The Riverside: @theriversideUCC http://blogs.ucc.ie/wordpress/theriverside/ http://libguides.ucc.ie/specialcollections
  25. 25. UCC Library Archive Service An actively collecting repository, UCC Library Archives Service strives to provide access for UCC students and external researchers to primary source materials. The archive primarily sources collections with connections to UCC, Cork or Munster in general. The archive collects items in all formats: from photographs to artworks.
  26. 26. UCC Library Archives Service Library home page: http://booleweb.ucc.ie/ → Services →Archives Service You’ll find: • What is UCC Library Archives Service • How to access the service • Links to open archival collections • Links to .pdfs of our descriptive lists The River-side blog gives details of new acquisitions and open collections: http://blogs.ucc.ie/wordpress/theriverside/
  27. 27. Collections of Interest in the Archive • Bantry Estate Collection • Postcards and Ephemera • Jean Sheehy Collection • Elizabeth Friedlander Collection • Woodford Bourne Collection
  28. 28. Bantry Estate Collection BL/EP/B are the estate and family papers generated by the White/Leigh-White/ Shelswell-White family of Bantry House, Bantry, Co. Cork. Items of particular interest in the collection are Architectural plans/drawings of Bantry House & grounds and numerous sketchbooks belonging to Viscount Richard White.
  29. 29. Bantry Estate Collection 1791 Map of Inchiclough Demesne, near the town of Bantry. Ref. 2042
  30. 30. Bantry Estate Collection Sketch of the East Wing of Glengarriff Castle, from notebook Ref. 3304
  31. 31. Bantry Estate Collection Watercolour depicting the Conservatory of Glengarriff Castle. Ref. 3301
  32. 32. Bantry Estate Collection Watercolour depicting Glengarriff Castle. Ref. 3304
  33. 33. Bantry Estate Collection Images from the Sketchbooks of Richard White, early 19th Century. Note the lyrical style and emphasis on delineation indicative of the period.
  34. 34. Images from the Sketchbooks of Richard White, early 19th Century. Note the lyrical style and emphasis on delineation indicative of the period. Bantry Estate Collection
  35. 35. Bantry Estate Collection
  36. 36. Woodford Bourne Collection BL/BC/WB is the business archive of Woodford Bourne & Co. Limited, Cork (wine and tea importers), containing records of the import and sale of exotic and luxury goods. The collection boasts a range of advertising and pictorial materials among its contents.
  37. 37. Woodford Bourne Collection
  38. 38. Woodford Bourne Collection
  39. 39. Jeanne Sheehy Collection – Opening September 2017 BL/PP/AR/JS are the papers of Jeanne Sheehy (1939 – 1999). She was a distinguished art historian, best known for her seminal work The Rediscovery of Ireland's Past: The Celtic Revival 1830-1930. The archive comprised a series of files maintained by Jeanne Sheehy which relate to: • Her studies of the ‘Irish school’ at Antwerp • Documentation relating to her researches on the Celtic Revival and Walter Osbourne.
  40. 40. Elizabeth Friedlander Collection – Opening October 2017 BL/PP/EF are the papers of Elizabeth Friedlander (1903- 1984), a German born designer who later worked in England. She spent her life producing bookwork, calligraphy, and decorative designs from the 1920s until her death. The collection charts her professional career from her early working days in Berlin, through her works for Penguin publishers, and culminating with her retirement to Kinsale, East Cork.
  41. 41. Through CorkPal Crawford College of Art & Design lecturers Bill O’Flynn & Collette Nolan visit Special Collections annually with 1st year Fine Art & 1st year Contemporary Applied Art students. For them: Physical objects have a presence that no reproduction or digitised object can approach. Viewing and interacting with the items informs artistic endeavours. Use in Teaching Activity: CorkPal Visit
  42. 42. Flavio Boggi: 'Viscount Berehaven’s tour of Italy in 1842–3: Collecting articles of taste for Bantry House' Journal of the History of Collections (2016). 'John Hogan's busts for Bantry, and Viscount and Lady Berehaven's tour of Rome in 1842-43'. The Burlington Magazine (2011) 153 (1304):734-737. Use in Professional Activity: Publications
  43. 43. libraryarchives@ucc.ie Emma Horgan Archivist UCC Library Archives Service Contact Archives