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Your Speech is Toxic

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Everyone says, "I am a great communicator," but how do we know our communications are effective?

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Your Speech is Toxic

  1. Y o rs ui sp ee ch t o x icFlickr: Strep72 by Chiara Ojeda
  2. Communication is a universal human trait. Flickr: Elsie esq.
  3. Everyone communicates.Flickr: ohhector
  4. Verbally VerballyFlickr: Tayrawr Fortune
  5. Flickr: Shandi-lee non-verbally
  6. Flickr: qthomasbower Visually
  7. MusicallyFlickr: oldschoolrocker
  8. Flickr: star5112 Gustatorily
  9. Kinesthetically Flickr: andriux-uk
  10. Yup. we’ve communicated...Pretty much since the dawn of time. Flickr: The Adventurous Eye
  11. Yet, communication is also one of the most poorly cultivated human traits.Flickr: tanakawho
  12. The single biggest problem in communication...Flickr: j / f / photos
  13. ...is the illusion that it has taken place. (George Bernard Shaw)Flickr: Joaquin Villaverde Photography
  14. s ay s”, y o n e unicator! Ev rreat comm eg “I a maFlickr: Stefan
  15. Flickr: ~Oryctes~ But, take it from me. most of us are not*.
  16. *Note: Unlike the average presenter, clowns are actually great communicators!Flickr: ~Oryctes~
  17. They engage &move others. Flickr: YOGURINHA BOROVA
  18. They areaudience-centered. Flickr: YOGURINHA BOROVA
  19. They ar e risk-t akers. Flickr: Tati Fontes
  20. According to Nancy Duarte,86.1%believe that of executives surveyedstrong communicationdirectly impacts their success. Flickr: the|G|™
  21. Yet, only 25.2% practice for more than2 hoursfor a “high-stakes” presentation. Flickr: the|G|™
  22. We have created a Communication drought.Flickr: foshydog
  23. How do we cultivate great Communication?Photo © 2011 J. Ronald Lee
  24. ALL First, learn that communication is “high stakes”. (Nancy Duarte, slide:ology)Flickr: mike r baker
  25. Communicate as if every Susan NYC kevin dooleyConversation MeetingPresentation Class jurvetson Sterling College is high stakes.
  26. Five tips for` communication growth
  27. tphets Wonderlane1. Understand your audience BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
  28. tphets Wonderlaneadapt to audience feedback. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
  29. tphets Wonderlaneemotion moves audiences to action. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
  30. tphets Wonderlanewithout an audience, there is no resonance. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
  31. tphets WonderlaneBe selfless, not selfish. BenjaminThompson open hardware summit
  32. Flickr: Hryck.2. Vision trumps all other senses Flickr: Angelo González
  33. bullets kill.(So do clip art, Comic Sans, and the fire animation.) Flickr: Hryck.
  34. Pair one image with one clear idea. Flickr: Angelo GonzálezHelp your audience retain more information longer.
  35. Compfight and Flickr Are your friends. Flickr: J D Hanco ckChoose Creative Commons; show attribution.
  36. Brandon Christopher Warren anyones ghost3. prepare and practice
  37. Devote sufficient time to communication.Flickr: Brandon Christopher Warren
  38. 36-90 hours for aanalyze generate ideas & storyboard Designaudience research ideas visuals Donnay Andrea Collet Anant N S WA State Library 1 hour presentation with 30 slides. (Nancy Duarte, Slide:ology)
  39. Don’t wingyour speech.EVER!(Being unprepared leads to presentation anxiety) Flickr: anyones ghost
  40. Practice like TEDsters do. jurvetsonThe shorter the talk, the longer the rehearsal time. (Nancy Duarte, Duarte Blog)
  41. 4. Empathize with your audience. Flickr: Juliana Coutinho Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas. Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas. Flickr: Pink Sherbet Photography Flickr: Sebastiaan ter Burg Flickr: cinnamon_girL
  42. Your audience is a friend, not a rival. Flickr: Juliana Coutinho
  43. [W]e must realize that we are alldifferent in the way we perceive the world Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas.
  44. and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. (Tony Robbins)Flickr: Verano y mil tormentas.
  45. Focus on making a difference for others. Flickr: Pink Sherbet Photography
  46. Sir Ken Robinson, “Schools Kill Creativity” One empathetic talk = 13.4 million viewersFlickr: Sebastiaan ter Burg
  47. Don’t give a presentation you Wouldn’t want to sit through. (Nancy Duarte, Slide:ology)Flickr: cinnamon_girL
  48. 5. continuously grow your skills.Flickr: Zach Klein
  49. pamhule Johan Larsson katerharead subscribe followNote: this is only a small sampling of resources!
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  58. It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives,Flickr: zachstern
  59. but the one most responsive to change. (Charles Darwin)Flickr: zachstern
  60. Flickr: JD HancockTweak yourspeech &change the world.chiara.ojeda@gmail.com@The_Bombadier on Twitterhttp://tweakyourslides.wordpress.com