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Senior project powerpoint

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Senior project powerpoint

  1. 1. Servin’ Up Love Olivia Reed
  2. 2. •8 years old•helping people•medical field after school
  3. 3. Assistantcoach, Kat!
  4. 4. •The name “Servin’ Up Love”came from a yahoo questionspage.
  5. 5. •Players could either choose from a coolwater bottle or a t-shirt when they signed in!
  6. 6. •Here are some examples of the drills Idid with the kids!
  7. 7. The kids in linewith AssisstantCoach Katwaiting to playthe “Jail”game!
  8. 8. We played agame called“Queen of theCourt” but inteams of two.The winnersof all thegames gotcandy!
  9. 9. There weremore womenthan men, sothe womenchose to playdoubles whilethe men stuckto singles.
  10. 10. Tina Mr.Schultz Brentand YoungTeresaBrown
  11. 11. Problems Encountered• Style of play• Less expensive t-shirts• Not enough games for the kids
  12. 12. Jason Hubbard•Creekview’s own math and criminaljustice teacher•Avid tennis player•Coach of the tennis team since itsopening•Very organized
  13. 13. Research Paper• Thankful and blessed• Not much help
  14. 14. Senior Project Taught Me.. Future Career?• Humbleness • Realizations of future• How to work with adults medical career and children• How to make a difference in someone else’s life who My Thoughts on Senior needs it Project: •Preparing seniors for college •“Junior Project”