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Ma ed 2014

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Ma ed 2014

  1. 1. Education: finding information for your studies Peter Coyne - Information Adviser Falmer Library
  2. 2. 22/09/2014 An Information Services Presentation Finding the right words… “discuss behaviour management of boys, considering some of the key theories involved…”
  3. 3. 22/09/2014 An Information Services Presentation Why use what when??? Type Use Example Books Overview ‘getting boys to behave…’ Journals Up to date info. Look at specific issues ‘Effects of Touch and Verbal Reinforcement on the Classroom Behaviour of Emotionally Disturbed Boys ’ Internet Official info (e.g. government policy, statistics) ‘Pupil Behaviour in Classroom in Schools in England’ - report
  4. 4. 22/09/2014 An Information Services Presentation Support for you… • Student Information Desk (SID) • Online Library • Subject Guides • Helpdesk • Lunchtime workshops
  5. 5. 22/09/2014 An Information Services Presentation Other stuff… • Library Opening Hours • Photocopying / Printing • Group Study Rooms • Silent Zone • 24 hour – Aldrich Library
  6. 6. Top Technology tips (One) 1. Get your devices connected to the uni wifi (eduroam) 2. Get familiar with studentcentral (watch the video on the login page) 3. Download the Blackboard Mobile app to receive alerts from studentcentral 4. Make sure you know how to submit your assignments online (see the Assessment link on your studentcentral modules for help)
  7. 7. Top Technology tips (Two) 1. Make sure you can access your email account (Office 365 includes document storage, a copy of Office, collaboration tools and more) 2. Use an electronic note taking tool (eg. OneNote, Evernote) so that all of your notes are kept in one place and available from anywhere 3. Know who to ask for help when technology fails – servicedesk@brighton.ac.uk or visit the Helpdesk
  8. 8. 22/09/2014 An Information Services Presentation Communication Twitter • FalmerLib_Ed • FalmerLib_TRC • FalmerLib • Online Library – Contact Us

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