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Public Awareness

Public Awareness, Solid Waste Management

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Public Awareness

  1. 1. Did you know that over 4000 Metric Tons ofWaste is generated, collected, transported anddisposed every day in a city like Hyderabad?Unless we reduce waste and recycle more, ourenvironment will deteriorate putting public health atgreater risk.You can do your bit for protection of the environment bysegregating waste at source as an individual, ahousehold, an institution, a shop or establishment andhand it over for collection, transport and environmentallysafe disposal.
  2. 2. Protect the Environment, Save the PlanetDont let the litter spoil the glitter! Put off and discourage people from setting waste on fire! This is not the way to get rid of waste!!! Support Waste Reduction and Recycling, Segregate Waste at Source!!!
  3. 3. Segregating Wet & Dry Waste helps to better Waste ManagementWET AND DRY WASTE:Bio-degradable waste suchas vegetable and fruit peels, driedflowers and leaves, food andkitchen wastes is Wet WastePlastics, paper, glass, metals,tetrapak, aluminum foils etc. arecalled Dry Waste
  4. 4. Why is it necessary to segregate? Most of the materials in waste are recyclable, When waste is not segregated, it isdifficult to pick out these materials for recycling. This leads to a lot of wastage ofvaluable resources
  5. 5. Why is it necessary to segregate?Waste that is not segregated and lying in mixed up form at dumps ,contaminates ground water and releases highly flammable methane an extremelypotent greenhouse gas, over 20 times more effective at trapping heat in theatmosphere than carbon dioxide. Increased methane emissions enhances thegreenhouse effect, trapping of heat within the Earths atmosphere, contributing toglobal warmingWhen waste pickers and collectors handle mixed waste during collection andsorting, they get injured with cuts and abrasions. Segregation of wet and drywaste will reduce risk of injury while collecting and sorting waste.
  6. 6. Segregate and Store Waste properly in SeparateContainers before handing it over to the Door toDoor Waste Collector for Transport and Disposal
  7. 7. Benefits to Society and Environment from Segregation of WasteEnables Easier, Cleaner, Safer and Optimal Resource RecoveryReduces Waste that’s taken for LandfillReduces Time, Energy, Labor and Expense on Resource RecoveryLarger Quantity and Better Quality Resources can be Extracted from WasteLeads to Growth and Modernization of Recycling IndustryFacilitates Conversion of Waste into ResourceReduces Dependence on Extraction of Depleting Natural ResourcesPromotes 3Rs and Environmentally Safe DisposalReduces Costs, Improves Earnings and Promotes SustainabilityHelps in Keeping Our Locality Clean & Green
  8. 8. A Few Facts on RecyclingRecycling of 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of waterRecycling of 1 glass bottle or jar saves enough electricity to light 100 watt bulb for 4 hoursRecycling 1 ton of plastic saves equivalent of 1000-2000 gallons of gasolineMaking new aluminum cans from used cans takes 95 percent less energy and 20 recycledcans can be made with the energy needed to produce one can using virgin ore
  9. 9. for Integrated MunicipalSolid WasteManagement, The MunicipalCorporation will...
  10. 10. promote segregation at source, reuseand recyclingOrganize primary and secondarycollection and transportation of MSWset up and operate processing anddisposal facilities
  11. 11. To improve and build upon the existing Door to Door Waste Collection Service the Municipal Corporation will:Equip and train primary waste collectors to provide reliable,efficient, courteous and professional solid waste collectionservice. We will saturate coverage of services in existingareas and extend service to uncovered areasCarry out timely primary and secondary collection of waste toprevent accumulation and risk to public healthOrganize separate collection, storage and transport of Wetand Dry Waste to facilitate optimal resource recovery
  12. 12. For Waste ReductionWet Waste will be taken up for composting and rejectsfrom composting converted into Refuse Derived Fuel(RDF)Dry Waste will be taken to Materials Recovery Facility(MRF) and recyclable paper, plastic and metal recoveredfor use as raw material by recycling industries and rejectsconverted into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)The residual waste after processing of Dry and Wet Wasteand recovery of useful products such as compost,recyclables and RDF will be stored in a scientific landfillwith safeguards for environmental protection
  13. 13. Together we can make our city a better place to live in Do your bit for protection of the environment by segregating waste that you cannot reuse or recycle by yourself and intend to dispose Store Wet & Dry Waste in separate containers Handover Wet and Dry Waste separately to Primary Waste Collector. Subscribe to Collection Service at a nominal fee, if you aren’t already availing of one We assure you that the segregated waste will be collected from you on time and transported to either Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) or Composting Facility for optimizing recovery of resources and minimizing waste for landfill Together, we can greatly reduce adverse impact on environment through better management and handling of waste and brighten our future For further information, please contact: Integrated MSW Project Phone: E-mail: